Chapter 3


When Kathy told me that Eli was inside the car at the bottom of the lake, I ran off the bridge and down to the edge of the lake to see if I could see anything.

What the hell is taking the rescue team so long to set up; out in the middle of the lake I saw something moving closer towards the surface, and not long after Olivia came up with Eli, she swam to the edge, I sat down on my knees and when she got over to me, she gave me Eli.

I picked him up and he gasped for air when he started to cry; I looked back down and Olivia were gone "Olivia…OLIVIA" I yelled but I didn't get an answer, I gave Eli to the paramedics and jumped in to the lake to get Olivia.

When I first hit the water I got the chills but the longer down I swam I didn't really notice the cold; the longer I swam this more worried I got for Olivia; how far could she have gotten in such a short time.

I saw something in front of me it couldn't be more than a couple of meters; when I swam closer towards it, it looked more and more like Olivia's hair; I reached out to take a hold right where her shoulders should be and I pulled her upwards.

I got Olivia pulled up so I was looking right at her face her beautiful brown eyes were closed, I took her in my arms and swam up towards the surface.

I swam to the edge and pushed her up on land and pulled myself up afterwards; I rolled her over on her back and leaned down to feel if she were breathing, she wasn't so I started to breathe in to her mouth before pushing down on her chest "Come on Liv, breath" I yelled at her before giving her another couple of breath's.

She started to cough up water; I roll her over on her side saw the water wouldn't go back down and in to her lungs, after coughing the rest of the water up she sat up with her bowed down "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" I yelled at her.

"What: saving your son or believing Kathy?" she asked me; what the hell.

"What do you mean by believing Kathy?" I asked her and sat down beside her.

"She came to the office with Eli crying; she said he had a doctor's appointment and asked me to go with her" she told me; for the first time since talking to Kathy did I think about what she had said, something didn't make any since.

"Eli were at the Doctor's last week" I more said to myself when her; she started to look around her like she were looking for something.

"Where is Eli?" she asked and looked at me for the first time since she opened her eyes.

"With Kathy and the Paramedics" I said, before I could even finish my sentence she had gotten to her feet and had started to walk but she didn't get very far before she started to fall; I ran up to her and got a hold on her, I put my arm around her back and together we walked back up the hill towards the bridge.

"Liv slow down you are hurt" I said as I was trying to get her to slow down, I don't get how she can walk saw fast with what looks like a wound on her leg.

"El don't you get it she is alone with him, and she just tried to kill him" she said, I didn't really want to believe that Kathy would try to kill our son, it just didn't make any sense but one thing I do know for sure is that Olivia would never lie to me.

"Take it easy the paramedic's are with him too, so he is safe for now" I can't believe I just said that, I never in my life thought that anyone would try to kill any of my kids let alone their own mother.

"I just have to make sure that he is going to be fine" she said and she laid her head on my shoulder and that made her slow down a little, we were almost back up on the bridge and the paramedic's walked over to us to give me a hand in getting Olivia the rest of the way up the hill.

One of the paramedics took a hold around her other shoulder and we almost lifted her the rest of the way up the hill and over to the ambulance were we put her down on the gurney "I don't need to go to the hospital" Liv said and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes.

"Liv you have to you almost drowned and it looks like you have a big cut on your leg, and when we get to the hospital we have to find Eli" I said that seemed to work because she laid down on the gurney and we got inside the ambulance and drove towards the hospital.


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