Ho! Mina-san! This is Kunagisa Kumiko! Well, this is the second KHR fanfiction I published on this site. For your convenience, I suggest you read the below carefully. Well, just some notes before the great adventure starts!

1) This story does not have any romance! Pure adventure! Main theme: FRIENDSHIP!

2) This story can be read alone, it can also be considered a sequel to 'Burning Fire Frozen Ice'. You can find it in this site. Search!

3) Well, if you didn't read 'Burning Fire Frozen Ice', it's alright! There's just a fews points that are great to know incase mina-san get confused by the plot... Well, here's the three points!

- Tsuna is the top candidate of Sky Arcobaleno in his world, he holds 1/2 of the power of a true sky Arcobaleno.

- In his previous fight, all his guardians died giving their lives to Tsuna. In HIS world. But they did not truly die. They were revived after Tsuna was sent to another parallel world.

- Tsuna was sent to this parallel world because he was gonna die along with his enemy.

Now let's begin the adventure!


Sawada Tsunayoshi tried to open his eyes, but he could not. He felt his face being squashed by all the pressure above him. He was unable to breathe properly, he mouth was gulping down water at high speed. His arms and legs hurt like they were going to explode. And in addition to all of that, his mind was a blur, he wasn't even sure that he himself was truly conscious.

I am going to drown. He told himself. In the ice I created by my self.

Out of instincts, he moved his legs. As he was trying to pull himself up from the very bottom of a small lake, his mind was playing a look back of what happened before this.

He was trying to freeze his enemy eternally inside his more reinforced version of Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition, But when the enemy was half frozen inside, he triggered a cloud ring to action which cause the result of Tsuna being froze inside the ice along with him. Dragging your enemy with you to hell, smart move, my dear enemy. Tsuna thought bitterly.

So I am dead right now? Tsuna wondered. Is the life after death in a pool of freaking water?

Then he remembered the second before he was fully frozen, Byakuran appeared and slapped the back of his head. After a blinding light, he appeared under this lake.

How did he knew it was a lake, not a river? He didn't know. It just felt extremely familiar, like he was here before. Not underwater like this right now, but near this very same spot.

Then a smiling face of Byakuran appeared inside his brain, scaring every single oxygen cell out of him.

"Tsu-chan!" Byakuran cried in happiness. "Sorry to scare you like this. You are currently in another parallel world right now, I sent you here before you freeze your soul with our dear enemy. The you of this world just drowned and is dead on his way to Namimori University. Since nobody noticed yet, I replaced your soul and exchanged it the dead soul of the you in this world. Live a good life here for now until you find a way to return to our world. The me in this world will help you, I think. Now, please get outta of the water and rush to your university classes. I left you the memories of the you in this world so you know what was going on. Have a good day! See ya if we have the chance."

Then the face of Byakuran disappeared, living Tsuna alone in the water trying to get out.

When he finally reached the surface, he hold tightly onto the side of the small lake, breathing hard. And that was when he had time to examine the memories the he of this world have left him.

The typical life of dame-Tsuna. Going to university locally at Namimori with a group of old classmates from Middle School and High School. He recognised several familiar faces inside this memory, but they were just simple passer-bys in his life. Gokudera Hayato, Yamamoto Takeshi, Hibari Kyoya, and the rest of the guardians. They all seemed to disappear after the second year of Middle School, with this person that did not exist in his original world.

The story of that person seemed familiar, and that was when Tsuna realised the pained truth.

Just being the passer-by in your lives is not enough, I want to be your comrade, I want to be your friend.