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It was a typical private funeral, only a few people were notified. Tsuna's parents were not among the eleven people, and neither Sasagawa Kyouko nor Haru were notified either. Only the seven Vongola Guardians, Byakuran Gesso, Reborn, Uni Giglio Nero, and Kozart Enma were present.

The funeral was hosted inside the Vongola HQ, somewhere secret, somewhere nobody knows about until today: it was hosted inside the room beside Vongola Decimo's office, a room that was supposed to be the Vongola Boss's hideout when an enemy family suddenly attacks Vongola. But now...

The coffin was exactly the same as the one Gokudera and Sawada Tsunayoshi saw in the future five years ago. It was just put on the ground in the middle of the room. The coffin lid was not closed, the peaceful face of their dead boss was showed.

Everyone was silent, there wasn't even the sound of crying. It was so solemn that the air seemed to freeze. Nobody moved, all of their gazes were focused on the man lying inside the dark coffin, as if their gazes can wake him up.

Hibari was fidgeting with a new box he got. The box was just created yesterday evening, about sixteen hours ago. It was specially designed for him. Out of so many people who can open a box weapon in the world, only he can open this box. But if he ever wants to open this cloud attribute box, he would have to use up around 3/4 of his full power. But that would probably never happen, he would never open up this box. Without making a noise, he put this small box into his shirt pocket: the pocket closed to heart.

Gokudera saw Hibari's silent movements. Slowly, he turned his head away. He knew what was inside the box, and he fully understands why Hibari put the box there. Yesterday, when they were discussing who to take care of the box, the guardians didn't fight at all, they all pointed at Hiabri.

Because only the strongest you can take care of something even dearer than out lives.

Because inside the box stored the Sky attribute Vongola Gear and Vongola Box.

Silently, the eleven people exited the room one by one. Non of them turned their head, because if they did, they would be unable to move and burst into tears. The coffin will be buried seven hours later, inside the Vongola graveyard where the past Vongola bosses were buried.

Byakuran was the last to exit. Couldn't control his anxiety, he turned his head and focused his attention on the pale young man resting inside the coffin. Sighing, he prepared to turn his head and shut the secret door. But then he stopped abruptly, his eyes were quickly filled with extreme happiness.

Byakuran thought he saw Tsuna's eyelids fluttered.

Quickly he summoned the guardians and told them what he saw. Even though all of the guardians thought Byakuran mis-saw the movement, but they all agreed to put Tsuna's body back onto his bed in the Vongola Office and wait for seveen days. If in seven days Tsuna is still...still dead, they would just bury him off.

If there's even 0.0001% of chance that he is still alive, the guardians would wait.

Non of them entered the room in the first six days because they were all afraid that they would be wrong, their sky would be still dead, and they would have to face that deep sadness once again. They walked pass the door many times, but they all stopped and turned away.

But on the seventh day, non of them can wait anymore. They came to the door together. Gokudera's hand reached for the handle. But as soon as his finger touched it, he stopped. Finally, taking a deep breathe, Gokudera turned the handle.

It wasn't a large room, but it was fairly tidy. The wooden twin bed, the clean work table with files untouched for months, and an opened window.

But non of them caught the guardians' eyes. All they cared, was the person standing beside the window looking outside at the sky.

The brownish hair, the black jacket, the white shirt, and that familiar back.

That person seemed to hear the sound of the steps, turning his head to look at the new comers.

When their gazes met, that moment turned into eternity.

Tears dropped down the pale cheek without making a single sound, but the two hands refused to wipe them away.

Storm, rain, sun; mist, thunder, cloud. The sky included all of them with full forgiveness, and that was what made the sky 'sky'.

Without noticing, already forgotten.

Who's whose savour in the darkness?

Who's whose hunt in the light?


Zero Degrees Vongola by Kumiko Kunagisa

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Tsuna was betrayed and then killed by his own guardians during a battle. One year later,when the guardians visited Japan for the grave of their sky, they met an interesting 20-years-old man called Zero Salvo. Could he possibly be their dead sky? But how can he be so cold and emotionless...? And he's already killed by them with their own hands...But anyways, a new saga of bad luck definitely starts here.