Author's note: Thanks for sticking with me on this. I normally don't drag things out this long, but life has a funny way of getting in the way of my writting; especially now my children are getting older! Thanks for reading. I'm working on a new Flashpoint Fic that has been bouncing around in my head since last year. It has demanded that I write.


Sindy tapped her fingers nervously against the wheel as she maneuvered the cruiser through the traffic. The rainy weather from the last several days had returned and some drivers were going slower; over cautious in case the roadway was slick.

"Sindy, do you want me to drive?" Sergeant Getraer questioned. "I would be happy to if you like."

"I'm all right Sergeant. I guess I'm just a little anxious to see Barry."

"I understand, but we don't want to end up at the hospital ourselves."

Taking the thinly veiled hint, Sindy eased off the accelerator and tried to ignore her desire to speed up and pass the cars in front of her. "Sorry. I didn't realize that I had been going so fast."

"Like I said, I understand. More importantly, so will Barry."

"I certainly hope so."

The two resumed their trip in silence with only the radio providing a break from the quiet.


He downed another shot and slammed the glass on the bar. The god-damned cop had been found alive. With the amount of dirt and rock that had come down over that area, there should have been no way that anyone would find the cop. He had even driven back out to the area and had looked around. He had found the spot and had seen the tons of dirt that had covered the roadway and the surrounding ravines. "I thought it would be weeks before they could move enough dirt to discover anything."

Thinking through his options, he pushed himself away from the bar and headed for the door.

"Where you going honey?" The red-head slurred.

"I've got a friend to visit in the hospital."


Barry felt like he had been thoroughly poked, prodded and photographed. His x-rays had come back showing no breaks, but a specialist was going to come in and look at his ankle in the morning. The decision had already been made that Barry would be spending the night under observation. First there was the concern about possible head trauma and compounding the concern was dehydration. The iv was working on bringing his fluid level back up to normal levels.

He had been told they would be moving him upstairs soon as they had a room ready for him. Shifting on the examination table, Barry searched for a comfortable position. The leg cramps were continuing to hit, so he tried to avoid stretching too far.

A knock on the door was followed by the rushed entry of the older nurse who had been taking care of him. The noise level outside the room seemed louder than previously.

"How are you feeling? Any better?" She as in a warm, but brisk manner.

"I'm doing fine. Do you know how much longer until I can move to a room?"

"I don't know. I'm not going to be in for a while. We've just had the victims from a major pile-up come in and until we get everything settled down. Just push your call button if you need anything."

"Will do. Go." Barry knew she was needed elsewhere. "I'm good."

She hurried back out, the sounds of emergency room muffled as the door closed.

Barry closed his eyes and tried to find a comfortable position. He might have started to doze because he felt his eyes open when he heard a faint scraping sound. Turning his head he saw Sindy moving a chair closer to his bed.

She turned to sit and then noticed Barry's eyes were open. "I'm sorry. I woke you up didn't I?"

"It's all right. I don't think I could sleep too much with this bed. It's not very comfortable." He shifted up slightly. "It is better than the backseat of a Hornet."

They both sat quietly for a moment.



They both began to speak.

"Sorry," Barry replied. "Sindy, I."

Cutting him off, Sindy took his hand. "Barry, I need to ask you to forgive me. I was so worried about you that when we finally found you I didn't know what to say. I should have told you that, but instead I walked away. I know that hurt you, but it wasn't that I don't want to be with you. It was just that I couldn't trust myself not to say everything I felt like saying."

"It's ok Sindy, I understand."

"I don't know if you do. I don't want you to ever think that I don't love you, because I do." Tears welled up in her eyes. "I was so worried that I would never have the chance to tell you that."

"Hey." He squeezed her hand gently. "It's all right. I should have told you too. I wanted to but I was worried that you weren't ready to hear it. I know you want to take things slow and I respect that. But I love you and just can't stop myself from seeing us together forever."

Sindy stood up and kissed him gently. "Barry Baricza, I love you so much."

"Then kiss me again." He pulled her into another kiss. "I could really get used to that."

"I'll do my best to give you that opportunity." Sindy looked towards the door. "Sounds like they are really slammed out there."

"Multi-car pile-up was coming in. They aren't even sure when they will move me upstairs to a room. I'm staying overnight."

"Joe is out in the waiting room. Why don't I go and let him know what's going on. That way he can let the others know. They all want to come and see you." Sindy moved to the door. "I'll be right back."

"I'll be here." He watched her shut the door behind her. He smiled tiredly, content that this world was back on track. Closing his eyes he leaned back against the inclined bed.

The door opened again and he smiled and opened his eyes. "That was fast." The smile on his face disappeared as he took in the sight of a man standing just inside the room; a gun in his hand. Barry glanced to the side, looking for a clear path to move.

"Don't try it pig!"

"Listen, why don't you put the gun down? You don't want anyone to get hurt."

"I'm not planning on this being between anyone but you and me."

Confusion crossed Barry's face. "Us? Do I know you?"

"You don't remember me?" The gunman's face contorted. "Great, just fucking great. I'm worried about you fingering me and you don't even recognize me." He waved the gun back and forth as he spoke, his tone slightly slurred with drink.

"I think that would make putting down the gun and walking away a good idea." Barry swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

"Don't move!" He ran his hand across his face. "I've got to think."

"Take your time. I'm not going to go anywhere." Barry held out his hands in a placating manner. "Why don' you just lower your gun."

Before the man could reply, the door opened and Sindy walked into the room. The gunman turned, his gun coming around to bear on the female officer.

With the gunman's attention on Sindy, Barry slid from the bed and lunged for the man.

The man spun back around only to be tackled by Barry. The two men went down in a clatter as they knocked into a rolling cabinet of supplies. Barry had the advantage and worked hard to pry the gun from the man's hand.

The gunman pushed upward, throwing Barry slightly off balance. Using his momentum, he tried to maneuver out from under Barry, but Barry pushed back; flattening the man.

The sound of the gun discharging was followed by the sound of flesh striking flesh. Barry slowly rose from the prone form beneath him.

The door to the room flew open as Sergeant Getraer entered with his gun drawn. "What's going on?"

"Barry, you're bleeding!" Sindy exclaimed as she moved closer, searching for the source of bleeding.

"It's from my IV. I'm fine." He reached down and picked up the gun. "I hope that round didn't hit anyone."

"Who is this guy?" Getraer moved to kneel by the gunman, who was beginning to stir.

"That's the damnedest thing Sarge. I don't know." Barry looked down at the man. "He said he was worried about me identifying him."

Sindy took the gun from Barry and gave him a towel to staunch the blood from his IV site. The worry on her face was evident.

Joe hauled the man to his feet and pulled out his handcuffs.

Suddenly recognition dawned and Barry took a good look at the subdued man. "I just figured it out. This is the bank robber who stole the car Jeffrey was in."

Mike shook his head as if clearing his mind. "You should have stayed buried. There is no way anyone could have found that car. I went back myself and checked."

"Somebody knew. We got a call to tip us off to the location." Joe took the man's arm. "I need to let you know that you have the right to remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in a court of law."

"Yeah, yeah. I've heard it before. The last thing I'm going to say before I see my lawyer is the other guy you are looking for is Rod Larson. Do me a favor, when you pick him up, make sure you put him in my cell."

"We'll be sure to give you both your own suite." Joe maneuvered the man towards the door. "I'll transport this gentleman to the station. I'll come back after that to pick you up Sindy."

The nurse who had been checking on Barry stuck her head in. "What's going on? Do I need to alert security?"

"It's under control." Joe smiled and nodded towards Barry. "I think your patient could use a new IV though."

The nurse nodded and left to get the supplies needed.

"Sarge, you don't need to worry about coming back for me. I can ride with you now or I can catch a cab."

"I wouldn't think of it Sindy. Besides, I'm sure you want some more time with Barry."

"Hey, Sarge. Someone did contact my folks didn't they? I don't want them to worry any more than they have so far."

"Don't worry. I had Turner call them once we knew you were safe." Joe exited the room, propelling the criminal forward. "Let's go, shall we?"

The door closed, only to open again as the nurse returned. "Let get that new IV in should we?" She motioned Barry back to the examination table. "I think we better put it in the other arm. Then we can get you upstairs to your room."

Sindy had moved to the other side of the bed, holding his hand.

"Sounds great." Barry smiled over at Sindy. "I could use a little privacy."

The nurse caught the look between the two and laughed. "I think you better hold off on that privacy; at least until you get your electrolyte levels up."

Barry reddened slightly, "I didn't mean I needed that kind of privacy."

"Don't worry. I'm just teasing. Besides, your girlfriend looks like she could use a sit down also. It must have been a rough couple of days for both of you."

"You can say that again." Sindy replied.

Ten minutes later they made their way to the elevator that transported them to the fifth floor and the room that was waiting for him. Stepping back, Sindy let the nurse push Barry's wheelchair out of the elevator. The nurse transferred over care to the floor nurse and bid them good luck and good bye.

A quick check of Barry's vitals and the floor nurse left them with instructions to ring if they needed anything.

Sindy pulled up a chair to the edge of the bed. Before sitting down, she leaned over and kissed Barry. "I love you Barry."

"Love you too."

Sindy sat down and reached for his hand. "Try to get some sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."

"I'm counting on it."