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Natsu's POV

'Annoyed' was a good way to express me right now.

I mean, HOW I NOT could be annoyed when I'm …




…And stuck in a cave with GRAY FULLBUSTER?

Want to know how I ended up with the dumbass here? Well…


"Natsu, you go with Gray and try to find food. I and Lucy will go find water. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?"

"Y-Yes, Erza!"

*End Flashback*

Needless to say, I got us lost. We tried to find shelter and found this cave instead. So, I'm stuck in a cave with Gray and the temperature is I80 degrees below and I AM FREEZING. The fact that I fell in a lake earlier does not help.

"You cold, Natsu?"

Gray's voice made me jump. I half-glared at him.

"W-Why w-w-would you ask t-that?"

"One, you're stuttering. Two, your face is slightly red. And three, you're a fire mage, which means you can't stand the cold."

"Just sh-shut up and go away."

"Hmph. Whatever.'

"W-what is this feeling? NO, I shouldn't be feeling this way! Maybe I should go to sleep. That'll clear my head.." Natsu thought.

To Be Continued...?