"Beedrill: The poison bee pokemon. It has three poisonous stingers on its forelegs and its tail. They are used to jab its enemy repeatedly. It can take down any opponent with its powerful poison stingers. It sometimes attacks in swarms."

"You forgot to mention that they're huge, Mr. Pokedex."

"Average height: 3' 3"

Average weight: 65 lbs"

"Right, so how do I stop them?"

Neither Cirno nor Mokou were having a good day. One Beedrill is terrifying to a person who thinks of bees as inch long bugs that gather honey, but is not much threat. Although a dozen Beedrill will send most trainers running.

The two were being chased by hundreds.

"Weaknesses: Fire, psychic, rock"

"You forgot Flying," Cirno interrupted

"Flying type attacks have normal effectiveness on flying targets. However, bird type pokemon have an advantage over bug types," the pokedex continued.

"Isn't flying and bird the same thing? Hey Mokou, I think…"

Mokou was no longer running with Cirno. She is a strong believer in the fine art of killing things with fire, and hearing that these bees were weak to fire was all she needed. She had taken Charmander out, and prepared to teach Charmander a lesson about flamethrowing.

"Charmander – shoot as much fire out as you can."

Streams of flame erupted from Mokou's hands. Charmander managed to throw some embers about. Lots of Beedrill fell, but some got through the fiery barrage, and the pair was getting stung pretty badly.

"Butterfree, use confusion!"

The Beedrill stopped attacking Mokou and started wandering about, some even attacking eachother.

"Thank you. I'm Mokou. And you are…"

"Bug catcher Abner. I take it you're a firebreather."


"Mokou, trainers are classified into types here. This is a bug catcher – they know all about bug pokemon."

"Yep. Caught my very first pokemon in this net. You can't be from around here if you've never used trainer classes. And even a firebreather should know better than to anger Beedrill. You have to be more careful."

"Most people wait to give me an insulting nickname until after I've left."

"No Mokou, he's declaring your trainer class to be firebreather."

"So what are they like?"

"Usually they're fat guys dressed up like clowns." Cirno answered.

"I am not dressed like a clown."

"Well, you have the odd colored hair going for you, and you have the clown pair of oversized pants with suspenders. All that's left is a bit of makeup and you too could be a thing of nightmares for small children and grown men."

"Cirno, there are many times when it is better for your health if you don't say anything at all. This is one of those times."

"But I like clowns. They're funny."

"Take these," the bug catcher interrupted before Mokou could prepare a suitable response, which would have most likely burnt the forest down as well. Abner passed two antidotes. "You and your Charmander got stung pretty badly. If left untreated, Beedrill venom is lethal. Fortunately, antidotes are cheap."

Administering the antidotes, Mokou began "Abner, I've been wondering, you don't look like you could be more than twelve. Where I come from, any twelve year old out in the woods fighting killer monster bees would be presumed dead. Does having your Butterfree really make the difference between safe and dangerous?"

"If you can't make it through the Viridian forest without pokemon, you really shouldn't be in Viridian forest. Many of us bug catchers aren't even old enough to own pokemon – we wander into the woods, use our nets to catch a pokemon like Caterpie, train it, and battle with it."

"And if you run into a Beedrill swarm?"

"Most bug catchers that don't have a good butterfree run. Some of the older ones will take on a swarm using just their net. Warding off a swarm without using any pokemon is a big deal here; it's how you tell the pros from the kids."

"Impressive. Thanks for the antidote."

"Good luck on your travels!"

As Mokou and Cirno parted ways with Abner, Cirno stared at the ground with her finger to her head.

"Mokou, that trainer made bug catchers seem really tough and experienced. But in the games, bug catchers are the lowest level trainers. Then, if the bug catchers are the weakest… does that mean everyone else we meet will be stronger?"