OK finally the very very last chapter of Extermination. It's been really fun but I have another story which... I hope I can actually take somewhere. More on this at the bottom. Enjoy the final chapter of Extermination: Fugitive.

"Take our son and go!" echoed her husband's voice, and Po's mother picked up little Po, running away from the fighting and following the other pandas. She heard the wolves and Po's father talking, followed by the sounds of battle. Soon however, the blizzard blocked out sound, only an orange light visible where their village once was.

Keeping her child close, she only heard the snarling of a wolf behind her. He came dangerously close, and the panda turned around with fear in her eyes at the sharp teeth. A moment later, the heavy hammer that had been her husband's slammed into his body. Po's mother covered her son's ears so he wouldn't hear the awful crack of bone, and rushed into the snow, silently thanking his father.

Trudging through the thick white powder, the trees around Po's mother were ominously marked with red symbols. Around her, the wolves were planning to close her in, one on either side. They lunged suddenly, and she ducked, both animals hitting each other above her head.

If she wasn't running for dear life, the female panda might have found it funny. Instead, she thanked providence, and continued through the snow. A third wolf came snarling out of the snow, teeth bared. However, she dodged to the side, and then maneuvered quickly through the snow.

No doubt the vicious beasts were surprised at her agility. However, if they had a shred of empathy, they would know how hard it was taking care of a child. Rushing about after it, cooking meals to feed her son (Panda children were known for eating a lot more than others), and trying to keep up with everything. She had found herself becoming more fit as the years went by.

Weaving through the trees, she saw the wolves had now lost her. This wasn't great however, as the reason for that was the snow around them. The blizzard was becoming stronger, almost blinding the female panda and fearing for both of them. Looking around for anything to help, she saw a cart of vegetables just lying there in the snow.

Seeing no other option, Po's mother ran down the hill quickly, and emptied a box of vegetables. Tenderly, she put her son in the empty box, and saw how it began to cry. Removing the solemn look on her face, Po's mother smiled and hushed her baby to sleep. As he smiled up at his mother, the female panda felt her heart break. With one final kiss on her child's forehead, she kept on smiling, then moved away.

She came back up the mountain with a mix of crawling and running, and saw the wolves come closer. They couldn't get her child. Waving her arms wildly, she attracted their attention and ran deeper into the forest. Behind her came two wolves and the peacock, who she now realised as being Lord Shen.

Picking up a heavy branch, she ran as the snow got fiercer. Behind her, the peacock had dropped back, vanishing into the snow. The growls of wolves told her that they were still in the snow, but she was ready now. Swinging the branch around, she hit the first wolf that came at her. Violently, she thrust it at the second wolf, who she saw now was bleeding profusely.

Startled by the state, she was almost prey to the first animal. Instead, the branch came up again, and then she threw it away, using the snow to hide herself. Faint shouting came through the snow, but Po's mother was finally overcome with exhaustion, falling into a white powder wasteland. "Please..." she whispered into the white flakes, rolling onto her side. "Just let my son be alright" asked the female panda to whatever was listening.

Soon, the snow covered her entire body, a small mound of white among the powder. The bloodied and limping wolf walked through the snow, fearing Shen's wrath, but not knowing what he could do. The snow was everywhere, hiding her scent, covering tracks. Bits of blood turned the snow crimson, and then he saw it. A tiny bit of fabric sticking out of the snow.

Wiping away snow off the mound, he saw the beginnings of a panda, black and white body covered in a green textured cloth. He looked down, and although his first instinct was to tear out her throat, he thought to Shen beating him with metal claws instead. The wolf hesitated at the prone form of the panda, and then made his decision.

And that's the end of Extermination. From three chapters it went to 6. Fun stuff. Yes, I know I left her death ambiguos, but well I just couldn't decide who should kill her. So, it's up to you to decide what happened..

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