Sorry for the delay, it's been busy around here. It might be a little rushed, but I hope you guys like it :)

The wind whips around her, and she can barely feel Wally next to her, she's so cold. But that isn't what's bothering her. No, it's the ledge she's standing on. The crumbling, sixty story ledge that she is currently sharing with Wally.

Normally, this wouldn't be too bad.

No. Actually, this is actually pretty fucking bad.

"If I can lift myself—"

"No," Artemis snaps, but her voice is nearly lost in the wind. "That is a very stupid not smart idea Wall-man."

Wally looks at her, and she turns her head slightly. "I'm serious."

"Yeah," she replies. "You normally are when stupid shit comes out of your mouth."

Wally glares at her, but it doesn't do much more than piss her off. She presses against the wall, nearly shrieking when the ledge crumbles a bit.

"We gotta get outta here," Wally tells her, and why isn't he afraid!

"Oh yeah?" Artemis says sarcastically. "Well when Megan's fucking amazing flying not crumbling bioship comes to pick us up, then we can get off this ledge. Until then, stand there and shut up."


She turns to yell at him then, but she misjudged how much room was left on the ledge, and she suddenly finds herself dangling, Wally's gloved hand clutching hers. She spends a few minutes shrieking every swear she knows.

When she finishes, she can barely hear Wally over the blood rushing in her ears or the way her heart beats frantically in her chest. Looking up (because you're not supposed to look down though everyone does anyway) Artemis sees that Wally's in a rather uncomfortable situation.

He's squatting, hand reaching between his knees, clasping hers tightly. He looks like he's holding up the fucking sky and she's not that heavy for God's sake. But she's happy he caught her.

"I need you to call one of them and tell them it's an emergency!" He's yelling, wind whistling past them. Artemis shakes her head at him, and she can feel her hand slipping slowly. She wonders how long he can hold her.

"I can't," she yells back, squeezing her eyes shut. "I'll fall!"

"No," he's saying, green eyes squinting down at her. "No I've got you! Just call Megan!"

"Wally I can't—"

"Yes you can!" He yells, tightening his grip. "Hurry," he calls out.

It takes a few seconds, but Artemis raises her hand to her ear slowly, pressing the hidden comm-link in her cowl. She's also mentally screaming, so hopefully Megan picks up on that…


"Wally and I need to be picked up right now before I fucking fall and die and you need to come right fucking now or so help me God I'll shove my foot so far up your Atlantean a—"

"Megan will be right there, Artemis…"

He tries talking to Artemis, tries to calm her down, but Artemis blocks it out. Wally's hand is slipping more now, and she's almost one hundred percent sure he's holding her up by just her fingers.


"I need you to let go!" He yells down to her, and Artemis is about to rip him a new one, but the sound of Megan's bioship below her makes her pause.

Artemis? I've opened a hole in the roof, you'll need to fall into it. Superboy will catch you.

"No, no, no, no, no," she yells, but she's slipping, and Wally can only hold her up for so much longer—

She doesn't mean to, but she looks down, and there he is, tall dark and broody, waiting for her to fall onto him, but there's also the ground down there. The hard, unforgiving, dark pavement.

"Arty you have to let go!" Wally yells down at her. Rocks crumble past her, fall into her shirt, and Artemis chokes back a sob.

"Wally I can't, please don't make me—"

"I'll jump too!" He yells back, green eyes meeting hers. "I will. But you have to trust me, okay? I need you to let go, you won't get hurt."

Trust him? Artemis isn't exactly good at trusting, and Wally isn't high up on that list anyway. But the way he's looking at her…

"Okay," she whispers, and maybe Wally hears her, maybe he doesn't, but she nods anyway, and Wally exhales. "All right, I'm letting you go. I'll be right behind you."

Nodding again (or maybe she didn't stop), Artemis waits for Wally to let go.

When he does, she screams.

But then he's right there next to her, eyes bright, grin on his face. He yells something to her, but she's flailing and screaming, so she doesn't really pay attention.

She and Wally land on top of Superboy and Artemis bets Robin later twenty bucks that she has a shoulder-sized bruise on her back.

When they roll off Superboy, Artemis is on her hands and knees, breathing in and out slowly. She pretends Wally isn't watching her.

Back at Mount Justice, after all falling onto the couches in the rec room, they all fall asleep. Except Wally and Artemis, who're both squishes by Robin (who is lying quite comfortably on Wally's lap, if she does say so herself) and Kaldur, who has an arm over the back of the couch, and leans slightly against the archer.

Artemis glances at Wally, who looks up too.

"Thank you," she murmurs, shifting her legs where they are across his lap. Robin mumbles and knocks his forehead against her shins lightly.

Wally nods his head against the back of the couch. His hand reaches for Artemis', lacing their fingers together. "Anytime, beautiful."