I hate but like this. Is that possible? I like it because the pack is my family and they have always cared for me, no matter what. But I hate it because I can't show the pack who I really am in case they kick me out of the pack and I really don't want that. I am Snowfire and I can't help it if I wasn't born in the pack, from the pack. The rest of the pack are not my true family like they are to each other. I am different. But not just in that way.

I am a true hunter. Not fighter. The winter pack (as they call themselves is consisted of one big family of fighters:

Cloud (the alpha - female)

Velvela (the female BETA wolf)

Mophium (male)

Evgeni (male)

Then there are the younger members:

Sunset (female)

Heather (female)

Leona (female)

Denali (male)

Buck (male)

And then there's me (that WASNT in order of rank). I cannot take it any more I will speak to Cloud and if she doesn't accept me for who I am than I'll just have to make do on my own I guess.