Snowfire came to see me today. I had just gone to see the younger cubs and was a bit worn out when she came so I wasn't really paying attention at first. She soon said something that made my ears prick and my tail twitch. She isn't one of us. She isn't a fighter! She is a hunter instead. I cannot believe it! I can't do anything about it except break the truth to her gently.

She can't stay with us, and so will have to leave the pack. It will be hard for all of us as she grew up as one of the family but she was always different. Right from the start she was different. Yes. I knew she was different but I never would have thought that she was a hunter. Never thought she was that different. But I guess you can't help what is and is to be. There is nothing I can do.

I had better go find her now and see if there is any way I can break it to her gently and calmly. I will have to get her on her own of course, otherwise the rest of the pack will overhear. I know! I will ask her to come with me on a hunt. We don't have any bear left any way. It will only make sense, and I can see her hunting skills for myself. It will hopefully be a treat to see her skills. I wonder if she will find another pack or go as a lone wolf. Good thing she is old enough to fend for herself!