AN: So... yes, a James/Lily fic... rather short chapter, just getting a feel for it... I'm role-playing as James Potter on several Facebook pages and loving it... so I thought I'd try my hand at a fanfic... hope you enjoy!

Not Everything Is As It Seems

Chapter 1

"Evans! HEY! EVANS!" James Potter jogged determinedly after Lily Evans through the hallways full of students rushing to get outside to enjoy the gloriously warm weather. Instead of turning around at his cries, she moved faster, luckily he was able to keep her bobbing red head in sight.

"EVANS!" he yelled after her again and darted through a gap between two chattering second year Ravenclaws and managed to get close enough to touch her had Marlene McKinnon, one of Sirius' old girlfriend's and Lily's best friend besides Alice Prewett, turned around from her place beside Lily to growl "Potter! What part of "I never want to see you again you arrogant toe-rag" was not made perfectly clear to you mere minutes ago?"

He answered her with a cheerful "Not a lot, which is why I need to talk to Evans," keeping one eye on Lily's reaction. Lily had started at her friend's mention of his name and now turned around herself, eyes blazing.

"Mar, let me deal with Potter, you go ahead... we're blocking the hallway." This was indeed true as students were bunching up behind them and starting to mutter angrily about the delay. Marlene shrugged and continued down the hall as Lily yanked James into an empty classroom by his tie. Smirking, he let himself be dragged out of the flow of people.

Lily quickly Charmed the door shut before turning around and finding James leaning against the wall, looking relaxed and unruffled. She planned to change that. She smiled at him, her eyes darkening, not with anger but with lust and watched his lazy grin become a confident smirk. She moved toward him before stopping about a metre away, hating that even from that angle she had to crane her neck to look him in the eyes. James made as if to push away from the wall, but she was having none of it. With a boldness that shocked her, she threw herself at him, reaching up to twine her arms around his neck and pulled his head down so she could kiss him.

He responded eagerly, running a hand down her back, the other tangling in her long red hair, pulling her even closer, if that was at all possible. He had to pull away to breathe, which, right now, he considered an unfortunate necessity of life.