Let me tell you why I love MLP: FiM:

Good animation, good voice acting, funny plots, and even funnier fanfics! It seems to actually be presentable, neigh, even loved by boys (or bronies, to be correct), something people don't expect from a My Little Pony cartoon.

Now let me tell you why I love Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy:

Funny characters, hilarious plots, and dialogue that will make you laugh six ways to Sunday! This cartoon was basically my childhood!

Of course, what do you get when you combine Eddy's wisecracking ways with Twilight's (somewhat short) sense of humor? When you stack Double D's neat freakiness with Rarity's need to fix every detail? And just what will happen when you merge Ed's disregard for the fourth wall and the laws of physics alongside Pinkie Pie's?


(Also, I don't think I need to tell you that MLP nor EEnE is mine. If they were, this crossover would be animated already.)

We start our story as most people do: with a couple of letters forming words. But, anyway, let us get to a main character, shall we? We shall start at the pony side, with the one who started it: Twilight Sprinkle- I mean, Sparkle.

It was simply a beautiful day in sun was shining, the birds where chirping in the air, and not a cloud was in sight, due to the Pegasus ponies clearing out the skies. And where was Twilight of all places? Inside the Library, cooped up in the basement.

Ah, that little bookworm, her.

And she could be spotted as a bookworm, too. Just look at how deep her face is in the book! How she cuts off anything that isn't in the manuscript, glancing, steeling her eyes on them. Her attention focused on it completely, her ears noting only the drip drop of water droplets. Like she was in a whole other world, consumed with the paper filled object in front of her. Her brain soaking up all the knowledge it offered. The book's ever interesting topic reeling her in like a fi

"Hey Twilight, how's it going?"

The surprise of the miniature purple and green dragon's appearance caused Twilight to jump multiple feet in the air, hitting her head on the ceiling and coming back down. As her pe- er, assistant dragon helped her up, Twilight gave him a wicked glance.

"Spike! What are you doing here! Shouldn't you be organizing the Library books… again?"

Spike waved his hand in dismissal. "Already got it done. You've been down here longer than you thought. Speaking of which, what's that book you got there? Huh? Huh?" he quizzed her, trying to get a sneak peek at what lay on the book's papers.

Twilight hugged the book close to her chest. "If you must know, Spike, I'm researching a higher level magic of teleportation. It seems that if you are talented enough, you can teleport other ponies to places, and even bring them to you, granted they want to, of course."

"Coooooooooool!" exclaimed Spike. However, he detected an inkling of sadness in Twilight's voice. "…but what's the catch?"

"The catch is, even I don't think I can pull this off!" Twilight said, using her magic to open the book to a set of pages with complicated diagrams. "One small mistake, and off goes an appendage! I just need somepony to test this on, that's all…" Spike let out a sigh of relief. That 'somepony' word meant that he, a dragon, would not be used for testing…today.

As Twilight pondered which friend she would ask/beg to help with her spell, the universe already chose for her. Out of nowhere, a large pink object flew at Twilight Sparkle at high speeds, crashing into her and pinning her to the ground. Twilight knew this pink object as Pinkie Pie.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooooooooh! Can I do it? Can I? Can I? Can I?" pleaded Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie Pie! How in Celestia's mane did you get in here?" asked Twilight, who was still pinned under her.

"Well, since I didn't see you outside I'd thought I'd go see where you'd gone, or, considering where you're at, haven't gone. So getting in here I sneaked passed Spike and tiptoed down here, to the basement, where I watched you read that book until Spike came and I jumped out, which is right now!"

At times like these, Twilight half wondered if her party loving friend had ADHD. The other half wondered if she was just sugar high on all the cupcakes she made. Either way, Pinkie Pie being here could turn out to be a boon.

"Well, if you can get off me, I'm sure I can start doing the spell instantly." At this, Pinkie Pie let out a joyful cry and jumped off Twilight. Getting up, Twilight saw that Pinkie Pie was prancing around like the floor was made of hot coals, abet with a smile on her face.

"Okay…let's get started," Twilight said, feeling slightly anxious. She opened the book to the corresponding pages. Glancing down at them, she began to recite the spell in ancient tongues; ones not used for many a millennia.

As she spoke, she saw a blue tall portal stand in the middle of the room. She was so excited about this she accidently skipped an important passage in the book, one that told you how to pick your destination. Without it, the portal would just pick on its own. They didn't know that, however, so she kept on reading.

Pinkie Pie, showing a great interest in the portal, steeped up to it. However, as she neared it, she suddenly stopped and turned to face Twilight, smile still on her face.

"Hey, look! It seems like they're coming to us!" Twilight looked up to see three silhouetted figures standing in the portal. However, as she had stopped reading, the portal began to destabilize, becoming wilder by the second. Twilight tried to get back on track, but it was too late. The portal exploded, flinging Spike, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie into the wall. Almost immediately, they fell unconscious.

It was a pretty normal day for the Eds. They were on their way to scam the kids out of their well earned cash-ola (did I mention that this takes place AFTER BIG PICTURE SHOW? Just wanted to let you know.) The scam was Ed, the Wildest Horse that Ever Lived! Suckers would come all around to try to ride Ed, coughing up quarters for each turn! It was perfect! All they needed was to get to Ed's house to get his horse costume.

All the Eds were running wildly, each with their own distinctive mark: Double D ran with his arms tucked in, Eddy ran like he was reaching for his unobtainable future of wealth and cha-ching, and Ed ran like some person who upper half didn't work, trailing behind him like a flag.

Double D looked back to see how Ed was doing, and then noticed something wrong.

"Um, Eddy? We're short one Ed." The now duo slid to a halt, looking back to confirm that Ed was no longer with them.

"What's with that lump? Why I outta…" he left that threat unfinished as that backtracked to find Ed. Eventually, they found him in an alleyway, along with something that looked like it did not belong there.

It looked like a rounded oval of blue energy, standing above all the Eds. However, the most concerning part was not the object, but rather that Ed was walking slowly towards it.

"So cool…" said Ed softly, stretching out his hands to it, drawn to it like a moth to flame.

"NO ED, DON"T!" his friends called out to him, trying to get him to turn back. Their plea fell on deaf ears, however, as Ed advanced towards it ever so slowly. Seeing no other way, the smaller two Eds tackled Ed, trying to push him to the ground. However, they had too much umph in it, instead knocking them all into the portal. They felt at their bodies were changed, twisted by what seemed like magic into new forms. They didn't get to see these new forms, however, for when they arrived at their new destination, they immediately blacked out.

Little did they know what awaited them when they woke up…

Well, I say this is a good intro. Might be a little too quick, but it sets the story. And I think you can guess what the Eds will be when they wake up…

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