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A/N: This is the only thing in which I will acknowledge the Lucy storyline as anything more than fake. It's just a scene I thought should've happened.

Want and Choice

"There's something I don't get."

Quinn glanced up from her algebra notes, allowing her gaze to flicker over her boyfriend only briefly before her attention strayed back down. It was all she needed to figure out what he was feeling, as it was usually written plain as day on his face. Confusion. How…unusual.

"Hmm?" she hummed disinterestedly, and she heard him shift across from her.

"Well, I know you're still sorta sensitive about this and stuff, but…you know, after everything you went through…." Her eyebrow arched as her eyes latched back onto him, effectively silencing him with its harshness. He squirmed, cheeks flushing before he managed to blurt, "Why did you want Rachel to get a nose job? I mean, I know you like yours, but you get that you're totally pretty without it, too, now, right? And—"

"I never said I wanted her to get a nose job," Quinn said evenly.

Finn paused, mouth forming an 'o' as his head tilted in thought. "But…you like went with her to—"

"She wanted me to."

She attempted to return her attention to her homework, finished with the discussion, but the silence across from her, punctuated only by the sound of nails scraping short, wiry hairs, led her gaze abruptly back up. She dropped her pencil and huffed.

"Look, I don't think Rachel needs a nose job. She's fine the way she is, she doesn't need to change a thing, but it's not my decision. It's her body, her face, her choice. If she's not happy with the way she looks and she wants to change it, it is not my place to tell her no. And if that change will really make her happy in the end, then she should do what she wants. Even if we don't agree with it, if it makes her happy, then…isn't that what we should be pushing her to do? Be happy? That's what I wanted."

Quinn shook her head with a sigh as she finished, plucking up her pencil as she—yet again—returned her concentration to where it belonged, failing to notice both Finn's surprised yet contemplative expression and the brunette girl peeking through the stacks beyond him, eyes wide and glistening.