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Rachel idly drummed the fluffy end of her pink glitter pen on the side of her desk, paying little mind to the teacher lecturing at the front of the room. Okay, so that was a lie—she was paying no attention. Under normal circumstances, she wouldn't let her attention stray so far (a high GPA would only serve to buff up her application to NYADA, after all), but she had an emergency on her hands that simply couldn't wait. The future of glee club was at stake.

I need a song for Regionals and I need it soon. I know Mr. Schuester enjoys switching up our setlist even up to five minutes until we step on stage—which, while it's no hindrance to me, I have a variety of numbers polished to perfection in my repertoire, is rather unsettling for my teammates—this time I'd like to be prepared. So I'm going to blow everyone away…when I finally write something.

Ugh, there's nothing to write! They say 'write what you know' and my life is a 'suckfest of boring,' to quote Santana. Still…Finn was right. If I can write a fantastic song and present to everyone—without admitting that I wrote it, of course; I can't risk turning them off to it before they even hear it—it'll prove that original songs are the only way to win against the Warblers. They have Kurt, for crying out loud. Really, our club should know better than to underestimate them - especially with him in their arsenal. I won't risk losing Regionals this year.

So I need a song.

Quinn is wearing a blue headband today, how cute. I prefer the red or black in her hair for purposes of contrast, and yellow is actually quite complimentary to her coloring—hair, not skin; pastels are often too light for the pallor of her skin—but baby blue suits her quite nicely as well. I wonder how many she has. I only have a few for emergencies when my hair is - oh, my God! Quinn Fabray, you're a genius!