Mac and Molly Mange, a.k.a The Metalikats.

Once two regular cat people in Megakat City who lived a life of crime.

Sadly their life of crime caught up to them and they were in turn sent to Alkatraz. Megakat Cities maximum security jail. They did have a chance for parole, yet in went up in smoke thanks to deputy mayor Briggs.

This married couple of crime attempted to escape the prison, yet this ended in utter disaster when the little boat they were escaping in got hit by a big boat.

Luckly their bodies, destrioed beyond repair washed up on the sore of the old scientist, Professor Hackle who put their minds into the bodies of his two robots he had.

Thus the Metalikats were born. They were stornger, faster, almost invisable with their new robot bodies.

Yet being super powerful robots did have its flaws.

They could no longer eat their favorite meals, no longer enjoy a fun day at the beach, plus more love making.

The last one hurt Molly the most believe it or not. Deep down she had secretly wanted kids. Her original plan was for she and Mac to scrore some huge bucks out of a big job, leave Megakat city and settle down in some fancy forgein country. Like in those old crime/romance movies.

Of when your a living hunk of metal with no reproductive orgains, it's totally impossible.

Or is it? Is their a way that Mac and Molly could return to ther old, flesh and bone selves?

Apparently their was. This is the story of how the Metalikats went back to being just kats.

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