"This is the Enforcers!" Feral said "Come out with your hands up!"

"Ya, or we'll have no choice but to use force!" Steele said

"Man I forgot how annoying that Steele guy was," Molly thought

"You'll never take us alive copper!" Past Mac, Molly, and the rest of their gang said firing at the Enforcers

"C'mon Molly," Mac said "We got to make sure we don't get caught,"

"I know that," Molly said

Mac and Molly jumped out and began to fight the Enforcers

"What the heck are those things!" Steele said freaking out

"Who cares," Feral said just shoot them,"

Of course this was useless, bullets couldn't stop the Metalikats

"Take this Feral! Mac said shooting back "Ya big chinned freak!" (Seriously that chin of his is freaky big)

"Mac what the heck are those robot things?" Past Molly said watching their future selves fight outside

"I don't know but right now they're are guardian angels," Past Mac said "C'mon Molly, we got to get to the car and scram,"

"Just let me get the loot first," Molly said grabbing a bag of the goods,"

Back outside the Enforcers contiuned to battle the Metalikats

"It's no use Feral these robot freaks just wn't go down," Steele said

Yet just then a certain black jet was flying towards the battle

"The Swat Kats?" Mac said "This didn't happen when we got caught!"

Little did they know, Callie was driving home when she saw this battle going on. And of course she called the Sawt Kats to help.

"Whoa Razor," T-Bone said "What are those Robot things?"

"I don't know," Razor said "But lets see if they like a hydro bomb

With that Razor pressed a button and the Turbokat unleased a little ball the sprayed out a bunch of water on everyone

Sadly the Metalikats werewaterproof

"No good," T-Bone said "Try the cement blaster,"

"Will do," Razor said as he unleased the the crazy cement shooting gun, which then trapped the Metalikats in quick drying cement

"Ah!" Molly said "We're stuck!"

"So much for stopping ourselves from..."

Just then Mac and Molly vanished.

"What the?" Everyone said confussed

Thanks to the the confussion the Metalikats caused. Their past selves had managed to escape and were now already drivning out of the city.

So since Mac and Molly were neve caught, they never went to jail, never tried to escape and never became the Metalikats

Back in the present now

Mac and Mollly had used the money they got from selling the drugs to leave the contry ad start a new life in Italy

"Gosh I missed my old hair," Molly said stroking her finger through it

"And I missed drinking," Mac said popping some bubbly "To the return of aree fresh and bone!"

"Inde..." Moly suddenly threw up just ten

"Molly you alright?" Mac asked

"I fee sick," Molly said

"Lets get you to a doctor," Mac said

A short doctor trip later, Mac and Molly discovered that Molly was pregnant.

"Oh Mac," Molly said "Everything is better than ever now Molly said filled with joy,"

"And then some," Mac said rubbing Moly's belly

And they all lived happily ever after

The end