Redemption Out Take 2

The Change of Michael and Michele.

Michael's POV

As we started to plan the trip up to Canada, so we could be changed. Jasper asked us how we would want to wear the Whitlock crest. I told him I wanted to wear it on a wristband where as Michele said she wants hers made into a choker. I was looking forward to the day I would receive my crest. Growing up without a family really does take a toll on you mentally and physically.

From the first time, I saw Jasper, and later us becoming like him, was the first day I felt like I belonged anywhere. As we slowly met the rest of the family, I started to see what the meaning of a true family was. I had never looked forward to anything in my life, but now I was so looking forward to Peter biting me. I knew Michele felt the same.

Peter is a riot and made us laugh most of the way up to the house just outside Old Crow on the Porcupine River. The area was mostly unpopulated being so far north, but close enough to a small town, which at times Carlisle has worked in the clinic there from what I have been told.

Michele and I have told them our wishes of wanted to be on the veggie diet, and that is why this place was chosen. We got to the house, and it was much nicer than I thought it would be. It ran off of a generator being so far out, but I knew that was only for looks and for the locals to think they are human.

Peter fired up the generator as it would be needed until we were changed to heat the place. Peter wanted to give us one last evening as humans and would bite us first thing in the morning. Peter asked Michele and I to see if the change goes well and if there were any problems afterwards.

I grabbed Michele's hand, and we went into our vision. Like so many of them lately there were blanks spots, but I did see us hunting with Emmett and Carlisle, so I knew they would be coming up sooner than we all thought. We tried to see when Jasper would be joining us with Bella, but it was blank. Anything to do with Bella was blank.

Carlisle thought it was the wolves who caused the blank spots, but I think it's more than just them. When we came out of our vision, we told Peter and Char what we saw and about the blank spots still being there. He said that it could still have something to do with the wolves.

We sat around and watched movies, Michele and I eating popcorn that Char cooked in the fireplace of all places. I have to say it was some of the best I have ever eaten, and it would be the last I eat.

Sometime during the third movie we both fell asleep. I woke early the next morning in the room that had been chosen for our change.

I heard Michele stir on the other side of the room. I greeted her and asked if she was ready for what was to come. She had just got done telling me that she was ready to start our new life when Char and Peter entered the room.

"So, I hear you two are ready to burn," Peter said trying to lighten the mood in the room.

"I will gladly burn if that means I get to bug you for all of eternity," Michele said making us all laugh.

"Well do you two want to do this now or do you want to eat first?" Peter asked.

"Now is fine with us," We both answered at the same time.

Peter went on to explain just where he would place on the bites pushing in as much venom each time. He also told us to go ahead and yell as much as we needed as the burning was not easy.

It was decided that he would bite Michele first so I could hold her hand along with Char hopefully keeping her calm. I reminded Peter that if I held her hand, we would go into a vision so it was decided that I would just caress her arm letting her know I was there.

I watched as Peter first bit her pulse point on the right side than at the junction of the elbow, wrist and then ankle before moving and doing the same on her left. I could see her face riddled with pain, but she did not yell or scream.

Now it was my turn, so I walked over to my bed and laid down. I was soon burning, but like Michele, I did not cry out. I knew this is what I wanted, and thus I will endure the pain that comes with becoming a Whitlock for all eternity.

As the burning grew it surpassed anything I'd ever felt before. I felt the pulse behind the fire raging in me now, realizing that it had found my heart. The fire blazed hotter and hotter yet I could not allow myself to scream as I had asked for this.

I lost all concepts of time as I concentrated on the sound of Michele's beating heart along with the breathing that was closer to me. I could not tell if it was Peter or Char, but I knew that one of them was close to me, and the other was close to Michele.

As time went on my hearing increased as the fire started to retreat first from my toes, feet, ankles and upwards all retreating inwards towards my heart. I knew that if this was happening to me, it was also happening to my sister. I was pleased at how strong she was for not screaming.

When the fire started to retreat from my fingers, wrists and arms, I just knew that it was almost over. I could smell a variety of things that I had not smelt before. Honey, lemon, mint and leather. What were the causes of these smells? I guess I will figure out when it's over.

I wanted it to be over; I was not sure how much more of this, I could take. When all the fire gathered at my heart, I almost screamed from the intensity of the pain. I felt my body jerk when my heart started pounding faster than it had ever done before, and then it stopped. I could no longer hear Michele's, either so I knew her change was over as was mine. I could not bring myself to open my eyes. As I heard two sets of feet climbing the stairs along with new smells, lilac, cinnamon, hyacinth, pine, vanilla.

It was not until I heard Peter speak that I opened my eyes, but still did not open my mouth. The light was thousands times brighter than ever before, I could see the dust balls flying around in the air.

"Michael, Michele everything is alright," I heard the soft-spoken voice of Esme.

With that I looked around to see that my family or at least part of them, were all standings in the doorway. Peter and Char standing in front of Esme and Carlisle. I could tell that they were standing in a very protective posture. I knew it was because we are newborns.

I sat up looked towards Michele to see that she was sitting up also. I could clearly see all the bite marks on Peter and Char; if I had not been told about them before had I would be scared shitless right now.

"Are you two ready to hunt?" Char asked.

I could feel the burning in my throat strengthen at her words. I nodded still not wanting to open my mouth.

"Carlisle and Esme will take you, but we will follow close behind," Peter said and explained the reason behind this.

Michele's POV

We all jumped out the window for a reason I don't know maybe to show us how to do it. I loved how fast I could run, the feel of the air whipping around me. I could smell all the different flowers and trees in the area. I could smell the differences in the soil. The only thing I could think was, wow this is awesome.

I came to a stop when I smelt something funny, needing to find out what it was. All too soon I was being held by Char and looked to see that Peter was now holding Michael.

"Don't breathe either of you," came out in a very urgent tone from Peter.

I stopped breathing and watched as Carlisle and Esme disappeared.

"All clear," Carlisle said as they came back into view.

"What do you mean all clear?" Michael asked.

We got funny looks from the four vampires around us.

"What, you did not smell the humans that were out trapping?" Carlisle asked looking at us with amusement.

"I smelt something funny and stopped so I could ask, that was when Char grabbed me," I said.

"Funny how?" Came the question from all four.

"It smelt off. Not good, but not bad," I explained.

"Michael how did it smell to you?" Peter asked.

"It smelt like dinner; I had venom pooling in my mouth when Peter grabbed me," he explained.

We talked for a while longer then took off running farther into the forest. I caught a scent that made my venom pool in my mouth and went after it and taking it down not caring what it was. It was not until I had finished it off that I looked to see I had just taken down a Moose. I could not smell the others nearby so I sat down under one of the big pines that lined the forest.

I smelt him long before I saw him as Michael came and joined me under my tree.

"Caribou taste nasty, but I guess it's something I'll have to get used to," he said as I turned towards him.

"My Moose was quite good," I told him causing him to laugh.

"So, how do you feel?" He asked me.

"I feel great. I love the speed. I love all the different smells. I know that Char and Peter are nearby letting us have some time to ourselves. Carlisle and Esme are still hunting."

"I don't like the smell of the animals, and I hated that taste. I think I might just take up Peter and Char's diet," he said causing both Peter and Char to growl, which caused me to laugh.

"Now why are you laughing at me?" He said.

"Because brother dear, you promised the family you would take up the veggie diet, and you will learn to stick with it. It will please them all if we can," I told him.

"I never heard you make a sound during the change. Why?" He asked me.

"I felt like screaming a bunch of times but stopped myself each time telling myself that this was my choice, and I can't go back on it now," I said.

"I felt the same way about screaming; it would have been wrong since it was my choice, and like you said the speed is awesome."

We talked for a while longer when the other four finally joined us.

Peter said he understands now why, in the vision we had the night before he bit us; we had seen Carlisle and Esme hunting with us. My brother dear will be, needing the extra help to stay on our chosen diet.

The run back to the house was even more fun than going for our first hunt as I got to let loose and fly as fast as I could. I made it back long before any of the others. When they walked through the door, I had already showered, changed clothes and was sitting on the couch.