You don't get it



What just happened I thought as I went back to the couch and sat down. I thought I was being the mature one not to fight karlee for Ricky. I never meant he wasn't good enough to fight over I didn't mean it that way. He didn't even give me a chance to explain, he just storms out I thought we made a promise never to walk out on each other, and for that I'm leaving.

I got up and went to johns crib picked him up and picked up his diaper bag and put him in the car I grabbed my purse and left.

Once I got in the car headed to my parents' house I dialed his number.

"Yea what" came Ricky's snappy greeting

I let out a frustrated breath "you wanna know what here's what, since you broke the promise of never walking out on each other whenever we argue, when you finally calm down and you let out all of the built up anger in you and go back home, don't worry I won't be there"

"Ames where are you going, go back home I'll be there in about 20 minutes, we can talk then"

"Ooh no we can't talk then we could've talked when you first came in, goodbye Ricky" I told him and hung up the phone as I turned into my parents drive way.

"Mommmm, Dadddddd" I called out into the house. I threw my keys onto the counter and walked towards the living room.

"Ames, what are you doing here haven't seen much of you" my mom said running towards me and embracing me into a hug.

"Hi mom, I actually need somewhere to stay for a few nights" I said as my mom reached into the car seat and got John

"What happened Ames, did you and Ricky break up or something"

"No we just had a major argument as far as I know we are still together he broke a major promise and I just couldn't stay there"

"What was the promise, and how did he break it"

As I sat there and explained everything that was happening to my mom, my phone kept vibrating.

"Ames answer it, you can't avoid him"

"Mom I know I can't avoid but what I can do is ignore, I'm going upstairs to go to sleep, love you, where's dad"

"he went out with the guys tonight, love you too Ames"

As I went upstairs to get me and John ready for bed my mind drifted to Ricky, it took everything in me not to call him and run back home to him, but I wasn't going to do it, he believed everything karlee told him and didn't even let me explain and for that I'm not going to forgive him that easily.


"Benny" I called up the stairs to his room he was laying on his bed I ran and jumped in the middle.

"Hey Adrian, you seem excited or something what's going on"

"Oh I am, have you talked to Dylan" I asked him grinning a big grin

"No why, what did you do Adrian" Ben asked me sitting up in the bed

"I didn't do anything, but to make a long long story short, Dylan gave you all rights to the baby once it's born and she told me she would love me to take over the roll as mother isn't that great news"

"Uh and I hope you told her you wouldn't do it"

What wait I thought he would be happy, how he could not be happy I thought I was during the right thing by saying yea.

"Um Ben I told her i would be honored to do this why aren't you happy, she wasn't ready to be a mother"

"Adrian you don't get it, you should have to suffer for something me and her did, she should be learning everything and anything on how to care and be prepared for a baby, not you"

"no Benny I don't think you get it, I'm leaving, if Dylan isn't ready for a child you or no one else should force her and anyway it goes she's giving you full rights, so either you let me take over the role as mother and we raise this baby together or you live the rest of your life as a single father, so see you don't get it, I'm leaving"

"Wait Adrian, wait don't leave, If this is what you and Dylan really want than ok ok fine, I'm ok with it"

"Yay, we're going to be parents" I told him bouncing up an down in bed.

He pulled me into his arms, "yea we're going to cool parents" he said and I just laughed


I was having a peaceful sleep when I heard a banging on my door that was followed by his voice

"Come on Amy unlock the door" Ricky pleaded from the other side.

I got out of bed put my robe on and unlocked the door

"How did you know I was here, no no why are you here" I asked him as I climbed back into bed and pulled my legs up to my chest

"Amy I need to explain -"

"Ricky you know what, let's just forget about it. It was just mid communications, you took what I told karlee the wrong way, but I didn't mean it that why I meant it as I knew you weren't going to leave me for her, that's why I said I wasn't going to fight her, let's go to sleep ok"

"Ames let me just say is that this is the final time that we will ever walk out on each it other it's not healthy. Oh and I promised that I'm going to talk to Karlee, we don't need her showing up in our lives, she's a thing of the past, not now nor the future, now that off my chest let's get some sleep because first thing tomorrow we are going back home, I feel grossed out having certain thoughts about you in your parents' house" He said with a chuckle as we laid in bed and cuddled and waited till the morning

Hey I know I said I wasn't going to forgive him but he made the effort to come find me that's good enough for me.