It was when the mirror cracked that I knew I was doomed.

I couldn't believe it. A month ago… maybe even a week ago I wouldn't have even considered risking my life like this. But my life had changed a lot since the year began. I'd made new friends. Such special friends. And my boyfriend...

My boyfriend stepped up next to me and squeezed my hand. I smiled at him, as he slipped a ring on my finger. He was so sure of himself, and so was I. We've only been together for so long, and he's on the wrong side of the law... but I've never felt this way before. I promised him I'd come back, and immediately put a sleeping charm on him. There was no way I was letting him come with me, no matter how romantic he was.

I wasn't sure wether I would come back.

I stepped out into the rain. I was alone. My brother was circling above me in his special ship. He didn't even know I was out here, he was just trying to save the world.

He was going to fail. I might win, or at least slow him down.

I grip my wand tightly. The rain is coming down so hard that I'm already soaking, and I need to keep a steady hand for this. I can still hear him laughing.


My name is Alex. I am the last Witch.

And this is the part of the story where my life flashes in front of my eyes…

"So tell me again why Max isn't Maxine anymore?"

"It's because I'm too manly." Max said, grunting under the weight of Alex's bags as he tried to pry them from the van. He was indeed manlier than most boys his age, sporting a large wax mustache.

Alex rolled her eyes. "The original spell that turned him into a girl also made him younger. We were just trying to undo the girl thing, but we didn't think of undoing the age thing as well. So the spells we cast to undo it waited until he was old enough, and then turned him back to Max. And gave him a mustache for some reason."

"Yeah. Now everybody wants to know where Maxine is, and why I disappeared for a couple of years and came back with a fake mustache." Max looked at his mom. "It doesn't look fake, does it?"

"Oh no sweety." She said. "Just because it's so waxed it broke all of our shavers when we tried to get rid of it. It doesn't look fake at all."

"Yeah, and it didn't look fake when Snidely Wiplash did it first either." Alex and Harper chukled.

Justin ahem. "Cute. However, this year our university is hosting world renowned superheroine Kim Possible, and I don't want you making me look bad."

"Kim Possible?" Harper squealed. "She's coming here?"

"I know!" Justin exclaimed. "It's almost like Calico Woman was attending my school! The real one, not the doll you brought to life. Alex."

"Oh will you get over that?" She snapped. "I was like in high school. Don't worry, you can pretend Kim Possible notices you all you want. I'm going to spend my time here being as far away from you as possible."

"this is going to be a fun year." Justin smiled. "Mom, Dad, how on earth did Alex…" He made a wild gesture towards her. "Get into this school without a Scholarship?"

"It's her special university saving." Mom said.

"Really?" Alex asked. "I thought you used most of it up by now?"

Thankfully, before their family fued started up to full swing, the building manager walked up to them. "Ah! You must be Alex Russo." He smiled. "I remember you, you were on the Tipton pleasure cruise for a while. I'm Marian Moseby, and I'll be your dorm supervisor."

"Mr. Moseby." Justin shook his hand with a smile. "This is my sister."

"The one with the weasels and the motorcar?" Moseby asked, and expression of horror on his face.

"And the frogs." Justin beamed.

"I was in High School." Alex muttered in her defense.

Moseby gave her a sheet. "These are the rules. I trust there will be no shenanigans from you young lady." He gave her another sheet. "You'll be in room 304. Maybe your roommate's inclinations against hooliganism will rub off on you."

Alex looked at the sheet. Everybody was assigned rooming with four people. On her list of rommates was 'Ingrid Third', 'Penny Brown', and… oh… this was going to be fun.

She began to laugh. "Oh this is going to be a fun year. Don't worry Justin, I can get you an autograph."

He snatched her rooming sheet from her and began to twitch in that funny way he did. "You… bu… who… wha... Alex!"

She would be rooming with Kim Possible.

A/N: This is a 'sequel' of sorts to other Disney story, the Lost Tales of Fantasia. This will be consideranly less grim, although there will still be more secrets unveilled. But this fic will focus more on events at school rather than the world at large. While my other fic tends to focus on epic lore, this fic will focus on all of the new wave of Disney stories, and all the stories that focus on mundane things like High School.