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I hope you enjoy my first attempt at a serious Star Trek romance!

"Captain, you may want to be wary of this planet. It is Class M, but the gravitational field seems unusually..."

From First Commander Spock, this was the only warning that the U.S.S. Enterprise got before it began hurtling toward said planet.

The lights dimmed, then went completely out, leaving the crew in darkness. Someone shouted that their computers were all going haywire, as was the radar system. There was screaming from the women among the crew and yelling from the men, and someone began to wail in a most blood-curdling way. The wailing died down and was replaced by a cry of, "боже мой! My head, golovu, my head!" before the person, obviously Ensign Pavel Chekov, began to groan in agony.

Captain Jim Kirk fell out of his chair, as he was sure most of the bridge crew did as well. He ran into somebody who he quickly identified as one of his Yeomen, and pushed himself up. "Spock! Sulu! Anybody, I want a reading on this planet! And for God's sake, why the hell are we plummeting towards it?"

"It's the gravitational field!" came a voice that he recognized as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. "It's too strong, it's pulling us in!"

"I attempted to warn you," came Spock's explanation, then what sounded like a strangled gasp in his voice.

"Spock! Talk to me, man!"

"I am... fine... I momentarily lost my balance but it has been regain..." Another grunt. "... Please disregard everything that I began to say after the word 'balance'. None of it is applicable now."

"Damn it!" Kirk struggled to his feet and immediately fell back down again. "I want somebody to take control of my damn ship and land us!"

"We're already landing," Sulu called out. "And it's not going to be a smooth one either!"

Kirk grabbed onto the leg of a table. "Everyone, brace yourselves!"

With that, the Enterprise collided with the planet's surface; it wasn't quite as hard a crash as Kirk had anticipated, but it certainly wasn't the most pleasant thing in the world. Everybody was probably bounced around a little, but no one yelled out of any further injuries. The lights flickered back on for two seconds, allowing Kirk to see Pavel Chekov lying on the floor, clutching his head, beside a Yeoman, and Spock sitting against a counter with a hand over his abdomen, but then the darkness took over again.

When Kirk regained his bearings, he shuffled to his feet and looked around the pitch black ship. "Computer, access back-up generator power."



"The computers are all offline," Sulu spoke up breathlessly, and Kirk could see the man's shadow climbing back into a chair. "Something about the planet threw them off. Nothing is working."

"Golovu," Chekov sobbed again. "Help me, help me, please."

"We're gonna get you some help," Kirk assured him, stepping over people to get to the doors. "Somebody try to stop the bleeding."

"Yes sir," spoke up the Yeoman who'd been lying beside him, and he could see her shape pushing up and pressing something to the boy's head with her hand. "Sir, it's... it's pretty bad. He needs medical attention."

"Without power there isn't much Bones can do - I don't even know if I can reach him or if he can get out of his quarters with nothing working. Hold on, son, just hold on." Kirk clapped. "Spock, Sulu! You two are coming with me, see if we can find out if anyone lives on this God-forsaken planet. We've gotta get the boy some help."

"Understood, Captain," Spock answered, getting to his feet.

"C-Coming, sir," Sulu added.

Kirk decided one shot couldn't hurt, and pressed the button on the turbo doors. Nothing happened. "God damn it all... why do we even have back-up generators if they're going to be useless every time we crash land on some weird planet?"

"Because we do not crash land on a regular basis," Spock answered, joining the captain at the doors. "And there is something different about this planet from others - something about it is interfering with our technology."

"They're useful otherwise," Sulu put in. "When we don't crash land on some weird planet."

"Sulu, when have we ever not crash landed on some weird planet?"

"I... guess you have a point there, sir."

Out of nowhere the doors whooshed open. Kirk raised an eyebrow. "The power came back on...? Then why aren't the lights...?"

"I believe," Spock commented, with an odd hint of apprehension in his normally stoic voice, "that the doors are the only thing functioning."

Sulu gulped. "S-Sir, I don't think we're alone on this planet. Something is out there."

"I concur," Spock agreed. "There must be someone or something manipulating the power."

Kirk jerked his head towards the doors. "Alright, men. Let's move out and if necessary, kick some ass."

"This is not the appearance of a Class M planet," Spock commented as the trio stepped off the ship. "It looks similar to Vulcan, but...not as... arid."

"Definitely watery enough." Kirk lifted his now-damp foot out of a puddle. "But how come there aren't any plants?"

"There should be animals too," Sulu continued. "If there are people here, what do they eat?"

"I'na'shau nash-veh odular. Wa'na'shau, Vuhlkanasu."

The three spun around to face a woman who looked the same age as Spock, about mid-twenties. Probably much older though, as Spock was. Her long, light red hair flowed behind her, almost like a wedding train; her eyes were shockingly... white, and surrounded by jutting black make-up. A lavender dress clung to her frame, wide straps settling over her shoulders and the bottom of it trailing the ground.

Spock narrowed his eyes as he realized that the woman had spoke Vulcan, and she had been speaking directly to him - as he was the only Vulcan, Vuhlkanasu, here. He slowly raised his phaser, pointing it at her. Did she understand anything but Vulcan? Better safe than sorry, at least he knew the language. "Sanu - shasutan-tor ovu."

She raised her hands, almost in surrender. "Vuhlkanasu, mura fisahr. La'pudor-tor olashan."

Spock gripped his phaser tighter. Why should he listen to her? It was not logical to listen to someone he had just met, on a planet that had interfered with the ship's technology; he had no idea if she was doing it on purpose. "Sanu - n'Oham," he repeated, the tension now obvious in his voice.

She blinked at him a few times, looking surprised. She dropped her hands and smiled, her eyes still wide. "Forgive me, I just wanted to find out how long I could get you to play along with me."

He lowered his phaser just a little, but he was still alert should she try anything to hurt them. "So you are able to speak something besides Vulcan. It was illogical to only speak that, as my comrades cannot understand you."

"Oh, I'm sorry, my friend. We have not had company in a long time, we are... very lonely. Vulcans are the ones we trust most."

"'We'?" Kirk asked.

"I asked you who you were," Spock added, bringing his phaser to his side. He could get to it quickly, if the need arose.

She cocked her head, and her eyes had never left him and never narrowed. "My name is Thirza, if that is what you want to know, dear Vulcan. And might I be so presumptuous as to ask your name?"

This was where Kirk stepped up and took control. "Captain Jim Kirk, of the starship Enterprise. This is my First Commander Spock, and Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu. Kindly tell us what you did to disable our technology and then put some of it back online, Miss Thirza."

She looked mildly confused for a moment, then smiled. "Oh yes, I'm so sorry about that, Spock."

"Hey now, I'm the one who addressed you," Kirk spoke up.

Thirza's eyes flickered to him for half a second, then locked back on the only Vulcan. "I will only share conversation with Spock. He is the only one I trust at the moment, Captain."

Kirk sighed. "Spock, please talk to her."

"As was my intention, Captain." Spock returned his attention to Thirza. "Please enlighten us as to how you disrupted the workings of our ship."

"Our gravitational field does that instantly."

"And then how were you able to only return power to parts of the ship, to allow us to get off?"

She shrugged. "We wanted to meet you."

"If there are any more inhabitants of this planet, please call them out now."

Thirza nodded, put two fingers in her mouth, and whistled. Two women, similar in appearance with silver eyes (although one had black hair and the other had light blonde) materialized, rather in the appearance of a transport. Thirza spread her arms out, as they were on either side of her. "These are my attendants." She gestured to the blonde one. "Chai, our best scientist." Another gesture, this time to the black-haired woman. "Leva, our best doctor." She looked at the girls. "Ladies, this is Jim Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, and... Mr. Spock."

"You say you're a doctor." Kirk motioned to the black-haired girl. "Thanks to your planet's gravity, one of my men has gone down. He's injured very badly - his head's bleeding quite a bit."

"Dear me." Leva blinked rapidly, and the tips of her fingers turned blue. "That... wasn't intentional, I can assure you."

All at once, the three crewmen were mildly surprised as all the women began to cry almost noiselessly, pressing her wrists to their eyes. The three looked at each other, then at the women.

"W-We didn't mean to hurt anyone," Thirza spoke up, taking a step toward them. "All we wanted was some company."

"Please forgive us," Chai added, as she and Leva took a step as well.

Once again, the three men looked at each other. What in the world was going on here? If they spoke Vulcan, they should be emotionless, but... at the moment, neither of the men knew what to do. Obviously these women weren't natively Vulcan, but why would they speak the language if not? "Ladies," Kirk spoke up, trying to calm them down.

Thirza held her hand up, nodding. "Please... take us to him. We will help."

Russian Translations (yay for Pavvy Chekov!)

боже мой = oh my God

golovu = my head

Vulcan Translations

I'na'shau nash-veh odular = I greet you (Thirza is using this in the sense that she considers their arrival a special event) (also, "odular" is the plural, so technically she IS addressing all of them)

Wa'na'shau = I greet you eagerly (here she is reiterating what she just said, but now only directing it to Spock) (is very rarely used in Vulcan society because of the emotional connotation that the speaker is very happy to see this person)

Vuhlkanasu = Vulcan

Sanu - shasutan-tor ovu = Please identify yourself

mura fisahr = drop your phaser

La'pudor-tor olashan = Your auspicious arrival is honored here (Thirza is being a touch dramatic, but she and the rest of the planet's inhabitants believe a spacecraft landing on their planet is a good thing because it usually means company)

Sanu - n'Oham = Your name, please (ooh, Spock means BUSINESS! wahahaha...)

And now for a quick explanation of their names. Rather than inventing Vulcan names (because technically they're not Vulcan), I decided to scour the internet for exotic-sounding names. So... Thirza means "delightful", "acceptance", or "pleasantness" in Hebrew. Chai means "alive and animated", also in Hebrew. And Leva means "to live" in Swedish.

Well! I know I'm just starting out, but I hope to make this better. If you can offer any helpful tips, that would be great.

Reviews are not only welcomed, they are loved and given a good home!

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(Edit: Thanks to Mrs E - I fixed the Russian error! I suppose that's what I get for using an online translator! ^^)