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The doors opened as all three women's eyes glowed a more iridescent silver. The six walked through, the men taking the lead. Their boots clicked on the tile, while the women's bare feet made little noise.

"Right in here," Kirk announced, waving to his men to move aside. "I don't think it'll be hard to find which one's him."

Pavel was still lying on the floor, the Yeoman pressing a cloth to his head. "Help me, please," he moaned, and he hadn't stopped crying. "Ze Russian machine is broken... my head... fix it... it hurts..."

"Oh my God." Leva covered her mouth, as did the others, and their eyes got damp again. "We... T'sai Thirza, we did this..."

"I know, I know, Leva." Thirza leaned against the wall, as did Chai. "Go... go help him, please."

"I'll see what I can do." Leva walked over, wiping her eyes, and knelt down, lightly touching the Yeoman on the shoulder. "I'll take over."

The Yeoman nodded and moved out of the way.

Leva gently transferred Pavel's head to her lap. "Don't worry, darling, I'm going to help you. Let me check out how deep your injury goes first, alright?" She placed the tips of her fingers on the wound, at which time he flinched. "This is going to hurt a little, I'm sorry, but it's only going to take a minute, okay?"

"л-ладно," he agreed, reaching up to rub at his eyes.

"Rom sa-kan," she murmured, and her fingers glowed blue, like before. Pavel winced, biting back a cry. "I know, petakov-veh, I know. It'll be over soon, I promise. So, what's your name?"

"P-Pavel Chekov," he managed in a whispery voice, extending his hand and trying to place it over the one that Leva was using to support herself. "I am ze Russian machine... is so embarrassing, to need somevone else to fix me."

"Pavel." She smiled, curling her fingers around him and squeezing them reassuringly. "I believe that I like that name very much. Would you like to know my name?"

"Zat vould be nice, I think."

"Alright. I'm Leva, and I'm a doctor. You're in good hands."


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she shushed, clutching his hand tighter. "I'm almost done, Pavel, I promise. Hold on, just a little longer, petakov-veh."

He was taking deep breaths, trying to calm down. "Hey... hey, vhat... vhat does zat mean, anyvay?"

"What, 'petakov-veh'?"

"Da, zat. Can't pronounce it."

"It means 'cutie'." She giggled softly when her reply elicited a deep blush from her patient. "It's true. I like your eyes, Pavel - you really are adorable." She withdrew her fingers, and accepted the cloth from the Yeoman to wipe the blood off, though there wasn't much white left on the cloth. She didn't look up at anyone as she spoke. "Well, it's a bit deep. Whatever you hit your head on, petakov-veh, you got it pretty good."

"Can you heal it?" Thirza asked, never leaving her spot on the wall beside Chai.

"Ah... probably." She shook her head, blowing out a breath. "I can't believe we did this. I'm... going to need a lot of water. It would help greatly."

"Chai, water," Thirza ordered.

"Yes, T'sai." The blonde hurried outside.

"Water, T'sai Thirza?" Spock asked, quirking an already arched eyebrow.

"Mm... yes, Osu Spock. As a healer, Leva's abilities are..." Thirza shrugged, as if she didn't know how to explain what she wanted to say. "She can only do so much. Water tends to help whatever it is we do - in Leva's case, it channels her abilities so that she is better able to help her patient. Improves the success rate."

"Ah... I believe I understand." His hand had returned to his stomach, where the wound he'd received was.

It didn't go unnoticed by Thirza. She reached over and took his hand. "Spock... what's the matter?" She carefully took the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, revealing an angry green bruise, though it wasn't bleeding externally. "Oh! You're hurt too..."

"It is nothing major, T'sai Thirza. It does not require medical attention, and it would be most illogical for you to become upset over it. It does not endanger my well-being."

"Here, let me..." She placed the palm of her free hand over the bruise lightly, her fingers glowing a reddish color. She pulled her hand away, and when she did the bruise seemed a little less severe. "There. How does it feel now?"

"The... same, I believe." He quickly pulled his shirt down. "Why did you do that?"

Her face flushed a light black-grayish color. "Well, I'm no healer, but it's a calming touch at least. It settled the bleeding under the skin, making the bruise fade. It's not completely gone, but..."

Spock furrowed his brow. "T'sai Thirza, why has your skin adopted a black shade? It does not look at all healthy, are you well?"

"Huh? Oh... ha. Yes, I'm fine. Just the black blood, you could say." She gestured to the wall. "Our planet is called Catharsis, and all of us have blood that is zinc-based. As I'm sure you're aware, zinc turns black when oxidized. So then, the explanation for this, now, would be...?" She looked at him expectantly, offering a slight smile.

"... You are... blushing...?" He raised an eyebrow in confusion. "Why? Have I caused you embarrassment?"

"Correct, 'blushing' is correct, ashal-veh! And oh, where is Chai with the water?"

Spock blinked a few times, staring at her now, as she had ducked her head out of the room, glancing out the doors. "T'sai Thirza, did you just refer to me as-"

As if on cue, and not giving Spock a chance to finish his sentence, the blonde raced back into the room, and a wave of water was following her motions. "Does anyone have a container I can put this in?"

"Uh..." Remembering a flower pot by his station, Sulu grabbed it and quickly handed it to Chai. "Here, use this."

"Much thanks." She swept her hand over the pot, and the water filled it. She picked it up and set it down beside Leva, who was trying to keep Pavel calm with quiet reassurances. "Here, Leva. Do what you do."

"Alright, now I can really help you." Leva picked up the pot and hovered over Pavel with it for a few seconds, then bit her lip. "Oh, forgive me for this..."

Through his haze, Pavel could obviously see her doing this. "Vait, vait, vhat are you going to-"

A light shower of water being dumped over his head effectively silenced his actual speech, reducing him to spluttering and coughing. "Vh... Vhat in ze hell did you do zat for?" he wailed, beginning to cry again. "My head still hurts and now I am cold!"

"I asked you to forgive me. I'm sorry, my abilities work better with the water."

Pavel exaggerated a cough, shooting her a pout. "Da, hope I don't catch my death from zat."

She chuckled. "Well, if you do, which I highly doubt, I'll be sure to nurse you back to health personally, petakov-t'nash-veh."

"Aww, zat is so nice. I think I like you, Doctor."

This comment caused a blush from Leva, her cheeks momentarily tinging a light black. "Oh, Pavel. Really, you must stop embarrassing me like this. Now! I have to fix the Russian machine... nyet, petakov-veh?"

Pavel gave her a pained grin, carefully folding his hands over his stomach. "Da, pet-kava."

Leva giggled, leaning over to dip her hands into the pot, coating them with water. "Well, your pronunciation needs a little work, but it's a start." She looked up. "Could I have a few people here, to hold him down?"

"Hold me down?" Pavel repeated, his eyes flying wildly to each of the three people who came to do the job: Chai, Sulu, and Uhura. "Vhy? Vhy do you need to do zat?"

"Because I'm afraid this is going to hurt pretty bad. But you can't move, okay? Otherwise it won't work as well, and I don't want you ending up with a hole in your head because of me."

"I... I try to sit still. I try wery hard."

"Rom sa-kan." She looked up, meeting the eyes of each of the others in turn, then blew out a breath as she placed her hands on each side of Pavel's head. "Well, just hold him. I'm going to do it." She leaned down and placed her lips right by Pavel's ear, biting back a round of tears. "I'm sorry about this, petakov-veh."

Russian Translations

Da = yes/yeah

л-ладно = okay

nyet = no

Vulcan Translations

T'sai = Lady (polite title for a woman, you'll find out why they call her that later)

rom sa-kan = good boy

petakov-veh = cute one (since it's used in reference to a person I guess it can mean "cutie", like Leva said... look at me, manipulating the Vulcan language like it's MINE! mwahaha...)

Osu = Sir (polite title for a man)

ashal-veh = darling one/beloved one (ha-ha, take that, Spock! She confused you with emotions...)

petakov-t'nash-veh = my cutie/my cute one (I THINK that would be how you arrange that, cuz "t'nash-veh" means my/mine...)

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