Welcome, dear readers, to my second Legend of Spyro adaptation. A new adventure awaits Spyro and his friends, Troy and Astral. If you don't know what this is all about, please read my first story or look at my recap.

Disclaimer: This story has nothing to do with Eragon, How To Train Your Dragon, Dragon Booster or any other stories involving humans riding dragons. Also, I only own my OC's and nothing else.

So now let the sequel begin!

Prologue: The Legend So Far

Thousands of years ago, humans and dragons lived together in perfect harmony. Many human soldiers formed a unique alliance with some of the dragons, becoming Dragon Riders. But then darkness fell over the land as the Dark Master sent his armies out into the Realms. The Riders rose up to fight against the Apes, gaining an advantage in the air. But just as the Riders were turning the tides of war… the Dark Lord came to power. He gave the Dark Master a secret plan to gain the upper hand – giving the Apes steeds of their own; not dragons but Dreadwings.

With these deadly beasts, the Dark Master turned the battle to his own favour. The human population was decimated and the Riders' steeds were slaughtered. Then, the greatest of the Riders, Trafalgar, faced the Dark Lord in single combat. The battle was long and hard, but at last, the Dark Lord was defeated. Trafalgar captured the Lord's spirit and locked him in a prison deep inside a portal in Convexity, decreeing that only the blood of a Rider's dragon can open it. Soon, the Dark Master was also vanquished and he was also trapped in the portal. But the damage had already been done: humanity had been greatly reduced to a few handfuls.

In an attempt to save what remained of his kind, Trafalgar led his people across the sea to the distant Broken Isles, promising the dragons they would return once the population was restored. But sadly, shortly after the humans landed on the Isles, Trafalgar and the other Riders passed away. In time, the humans forgot their promise to the dragons and their history soon passed into legend. But the dragons never forgot the humans… and they prophesied the return of the humans through the brave journey of a young Rider who would join forces with the purple dragon and change the world…

Many years later, the Dark Armies invaded the Dragon Temple in an attempt to prevent the prophecies from coming true. But the Fire Guardian, Ignitus, was able to save the purple dragon's egg and sent it down the Silver River. He also sent the young dragon's sister, Astral into hiding until the day she found her partner. For twelve years, the Guardians led the dragons into battle against the Dark Armies. But just as they were gaining a foothold in the war, the Apes unleashed their secret weapon; the black dragon, Cynder.

With merciless intent, Cynder defeated the dragon armies and captured the Guardians for her next plan: to harness their powers to unlock the portal and release the Dark Master. Only the Fire Guardian, Ignitus, managed to escape. He went into hiding in the swamps behind the Temple, where a few months later, he had two meetings with someone he never hoped to see again: the purple dragon, Spyro, and his apprentice, Astral, with her Rider, Troy.

Troy had left his home on the Broken Isles, desperate to find his family who had been captured by Cynder and the Apes. When he arrived at the mainland, he met Astral and discovered their uniquely intertwined destinies. Together with Spyro, they journeyed across the Realms, rescuing the Guardians and freeing the humans and young dragons.

Soon, however, Cynder caught up with them and managed to capture Astral and Ignitus. Troy and Spyro chased her back to her lair and faced her in combat, but she escaped with Ignitus' powers and Astral's blood. Ignitus then revealed the truth about Cynder; that she had been taken from the Temple as an egg and corrupted by the Dark Master's evil powers.

Filled with new determination, Spyro, Astral and Troy set off after Cynder into the realm of Convexity, but they were too late to stop her opening the portal. They managed to free her from the darkness and escaped Convexity, but they were all aware that the danger was not over yet… that the Dark Master and the Dark Lord were still out there…

That should explain the situation to new readers.

Next chapter: the story really begins.

So until then…