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Chapter 1: Wolves Descend

The moon—our natural protector from the dark. Shining its mysterious glow over the many lands, the planet spread its light, its beauty, its influence.

"RUN!" shrieked a voice. It was one of those screams you didn't question, the sheer panic and terror cracking in it made you take flight. Everywhere people screamed, they ran in all directions, panicking like a deer when it spots its predator. Stampedes formed, roads trashed, houses broke—tonight the peaceful village of Malbee was a war zone.

Beasts ran among the flailing humans, catching a worthy target and taking them down. Some men fought the wolf-like beasts, serving only to enrage the demons.

Pulling away from its gurgling kill, one of the beasts rose up, and stood to its full height on its hind feet, and turned slowly to the gleaming moon, and after a pause, it howled. The drawn out sound echoed throughout the village and towards the forests, sounding almost sad, and soon its brothers joined and a chorus of howls followed, directed to the accursed moon. To the scrambling humans this was a sign of their impending death.

Inside a small house like all the others, a small family was panicking.

"Yugi! Stay inside there!" cried an old man as he cocked his large shot gun.

"Come with me then, please!" begged his grandson. The crying boy pulled on the man's arm, his amethyst coloured-eyes red and brimming with tears.

"Yugi, go into the basement now!" the man yelled, his brave mask slipping with each second as he struggled to keep his grandson hidden—soon the beasts would reach their house.

"Grampa! I-" the boy was cut off by the crashing of glass in a nearby room. Both heads spun in the direction of the sound, fear shooting up their spines and gnawing into their nerves like a deadly poison.

"Run!" the old man screamed, grabbing Yugi's collar and pulling him in the opposite direction. Yugi was utterly terrified, his body felt completely alert which made it harder to think and rationalize as his mind took in everything. He ran along side his only living relative, running for their lives through their small house.

They ducked from the hallway of the basement, past a couple rooms, through the livingroom and into the kitchen. Their heavy breathing and frantic heartbeats were unusually loud, as if trying to get them caught by the werewolves.

Rooting the humans on the spot, a loud growl rattled throughout the house accompanied by heavy footsteps. Clutching his gun, the man looked towards his grandson. He'd do anything to protect him; he practically brought him up as the boy had no parents. Yugi was staring at the wall to the livingroom but felt his grandfather's stare, so he looked to him, and almost whimpered at the love and care he saw on his guardian's face.

Yugi was shaking like a leaf, he didn't want to die, nor for his grandfather to die, especially not by being torn apart by werewolves! His eyes filled with fresh tears. The suspense was tormenting as the thudding drew nearer, and nearer, and nearer...

"My boy, I love you, run when you can..." the man whispered with a small smile, his own amethyst orbs shining with unshed tears.

"I-I l-love you, grampa!" Yugi managed to crack out just before his voice broke. This couldn't be the end, and he couldn't leave his grampa-!

The pain was clear on Yugi's face, so the man turned away to escape it, his attention now on the nearby beast. He aimed his gun to the archway that lead to the livingroom and waited for the monster, his courage and bravery as strong as ever after seeing his grandson's face.

Suddenly the growls grew quiet. Sensing finality, Yugi bolted from his spot to his grandfather, latching onto his arm, but the man shook him off. "Run! Don't-" his warning was cut off by the sudden appearance of the werewolf.

It stood in the archway, its black eyes seething and penetrating, its shoulders hunched showing no neck, claws extended, sharp red stained teeth bared. Before Yugi could scream at it the man fired a shot, hitting the shoulder square on. Yugi winced as it roared in pain, falling back a few steps and the blood seeped down its dark grey fur. Yugi knew these were still people inside, they didn't mean to do this, to cause harm or death, it was a curse.

Suddenly his shirt collar was grabbed and he was steered to the kitchen door. The old man kicked the door open and threw Yugi out in the chaotic night.

"Grampa!" Yugi cried as he regained his balance, but the door was now closed, and to his horror, locked.

"NO!" the young boy screeched as he banged on the door, but he was drowned out by gun shots.

'No, no, no, no please!' He mentally chanted, his voice lost.

He had always been a good person, he helped anyone in need, always putting others before himself, so why was this happening? He didn't deserve it, no one did! He needed his grandfather, this just couldn't be happening-!

Yugi fumbled feebly with the door handle, his shaking hands losing their grip, his eyes staring at the wood. He didn't even know if he was breathing or not. For the moment, his self preservation did not exist, it was his grandfather that was trapped behind the wood with a werewolf.


Vaguely aware that his name was being called from behind him, Yugi jumped as two more gunshots fired. A cry of pain from inside was heard and a thud followed. Yugi let out an angry wail at the door as someone grabbed his arms. He was about to scream when a familiar voice filled his ears.

"Yugi! We need t' go!" the person yelled over the noise of screams, gunshots and growls.

"J-Joey, let me go! I-I have to help grampa!" Yugi cried as his friend began pulling him away, "Let go!" he struggled.

"He's inside?" Joey asked, his blond-hair messed and his face dirty.

"Yes! We have to-" Yugi's breath caught when the door was pulled inwards on its hinges, both boys stumbling back as the grey werewolf glared at them, its muzzle dripping blood. Yugi felt his heart wrench like never before as he watched, almost as if in slow motion, as the blood dripped to the ground a few feet in front of them.

'Grampa…' Yugi thought, having no will to speak as he stared at his grampa's blood.

"Get down!" Yugi heard a voice cry out, but it sounded miles away, he could only hear his own heartbeat as it thudded erratically from shock. His vision suddenly blurred and he felt himself go down as a shot was fired. A scream left his mouth nevertheless and he saw Joey over him, shielding him from danger.

The man who told them to get down shot again, without mercy and hit a bulls-eye between the wolf's eyes. Yugi saw the shot from his position on the ground and gasped—death spared no one. The pressure of Joey's weight disappeared and his head began to clear again. He saw the lifeless wolf a few feet away and then looked up to the house; he had to get to grampa. Without caring if the wolf suddenly awoke he began crawling past it as fast as he could with his body in shock.

"Take him and run Joey! Don't stop running!" the man ordered, patting Joey's shoulder, giving a small nod and a smile, then took off to help the others.

"I will dad…" Joey whispered as he watched his father run off. His father wasn't the best of dads, he drank all day and was as lazy as hell, but right now he was fighting for his village, his son, it showed Joey he did care.

Borrowing his dad's courage Joey turned to grab his little friend, only to grab thin air. For a second he cringe in fear thinking something had gotten Yugi, but caught sight of his small friend crawling to the back door of his house.

"No!" Joey called, and rushed up to Yugi. Said male heard him coming and crawled faster. Managing to grab Yugi's leg, Joey pulled him back, making Yugi cry out in anger and claw at the dirt. "I need to get to grampa!" he cried as Joey confusingly put his hand over his eyes and one around his waist.

"He's dead Yugi! We need t' go!" Joey yelled as he pulled Yugi away from his house, his life, his grandfather.

The truth hit him hard, but he did not want to believed it. No one would. "He needs me! Let go!" Yugi screamed, desperately trying to pry Joey's hands off of him, but his own hands shook too much, his vision obstructed with tears.

"Ya don't wanna see him like that!" Joey shouted angrily at a struggling Yugi but it was laced with heavy sadness. He loved grampa Solomon as well, he too felt the pain.

Of course Yugi knew Joey was right, if he saw his grampa all mangled and dead he'd be scarred for life. He couldn't release Joey's grip and he couldn't go back, so he did what he could—he cried. Joey felt the body go limp and cringed at the heart sore cry his friend let out. With tears brimming Joey held it together, picked up his buddy and hung him a little over his shoulder, and began running.

Yugi let Joey do what he wanted, he didn't care, he wanted to die too, and so, not caring anymore, he just held onto Joey and cried his heart out, oblivious to the screams and cries outside his own broken world. Joey knew he'd probably never see his father again, as Yugi wouldn't see his grandfather. He knew he would see anyone. Dodging people and monsters, Joey managed to disappear from view behind the houses into the trees. He needed to save his best buddy if not himself.

Doing what his father ordered and his instincts told him, Joey put his long legs to use and ran into the forest. The growls and screams slowly died away with every minute but the gunshots rang through their ears each time, the number of shots lessening with time.

Eventually Joey felt the weight of the situation hit him in the silent forest and couldn't hold back his own tears, but he didn't make a sound as they ran along with him. Yugi had stopped crying, only whimpers and uncontrollable sounds left his lips as he bounced on Joey's shoulder. He wanted to tell Joey to just put him down, if he died he died, maybe Joey could run away faster without him hanging on, but he had no will left to do anything.

His grampa was dead, the man he knew all his life, the guardian who always loved and cared for him, the one who was just brutally killed a few minutes ago was gone, never coming back… why was life so cruel? Yugi held no anger at the beasts but at how cruel and evil life could be to let things like this happen.

After what seemed like hours of dreadful silence and continuous running they came to a stop. As he was set on the ground, Yugi wondered how Joey. The moment Yugi was on his feet Joey collapsed to the ground, alarming Yugi. Forgetting his present suicidal thoughts, Yugi dived after Joey, holding his hands.

"J-Joey? Wake up Joey, please!" Yugi whispered to his blond friend, his face blank and his eyes closed. He could've passed for dead if it weren't for his gasping breathes.

Realizing his friend just needed a rest, Yugi laid down too, cuddling into Joey's arm as the cold air weighed down on them. Joey didn't open his eyes but felt Yugi's approach and using his last energy he squeezed Yugi closer, praying silently nothing would find them seeing as they were extremely vulnerable at the moment. He had run quite a distance; he wouldn't let his body break down until he actually felt faint.

Yugi laid quietly, grateful for Joey's effort and feeling bad about his negative thoughts. He could almost feel the way Joey's body ached, so he put an arm around his chest. He squeezed him once, and let out a small hum in thanks. Joey managed to smile softly before falling asleep.

Before long Joey's snores echoed through the area. Yugi panicked slightly, he didn't want it to attract anything, he couldn't defend to save his life and with Joey asleep they'd be crushed. Deciding he'd rather let his friend get his deserved sleep, Yugi tried for sleep himself, snuggling into his friend. Promising to himself, Yugi vowed to stay with Joey and care and protect him as best as possible. He loved his friend like a big brother, and wasn't prepared to lose him too.

Sleep took Yugi before he knew it and both boys slept deeply, their bodies and minds exhausted. To their luck nothing found them, Joey had covered quite a distance from the village. The full moon shone all night in a cloudless sky which they would never see as beautiful again.


In the morning the sun shone brightly, no clouds present, nothing ominous. It was as if last night had never happened. From the tall treetops the rays hit the two sleeping boys. Yugi tossed and turned a bit, the light in his eyes wouldn't go away. Whining in annoyance, Yugi scrunched up his eyes, 'Damn light…light?' Clicking, Yugi bolted straight up and opened his eyes to gape and the forest. They were alive, they survived!

Leaning on his left hand Yugi looked around the trees from his spot, rubbing the sleep hurriedly from his eyes. 'We survived! We're alive! But… the town…' Yugi's almost smile faded before it even came, his poor village, his grampa…

Before his head could clog with new suicidal and depressing thoughts, Joey stirred next to him. Getting on his hands and knees Yugi crawled to his head and sat back on his legs, leaning over Joey.

"Joey? Are you okay?"

"Are we…are we in heaven?" Joey asked softly as he scrunched up his eyes and turned on his side, "It's so bright,"

"We're alive." Yugi smiled gently, petting Joey's yellow mane. The taller male opened his eyes and sat up slowly, wincing as his muscles pulled. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, looking around.

"Where are we?"

"I- er… somewhere. In a forest I expect. How are you feeling?" Yugi asked, feeling guilty.

"Just a bit sore… And you bud? Are you… okay?" Joey asked in a whisper. Yugi knew he didn't mean physically, he was talking about his grampa.

"I…I w-wish he w-was alive too…" Yugi mumbled to the grass.

"I'm sure up in heaven he's smilin' down, glad ya made it, he'd tell ya t' be strong an' carry on. Can ya be strong for him?" Joey asked as he rubbed Yugi's arm comfortingly. Yugi knew he was right. He looked up to the sky and smiled lightly for his grampa. Sighing deeply, Yugi gave Joey a nod and a mental promise to carry on for his grampa. And Joey.

"C'mere buddy," Joey sighed, and pulled Yugi into a hug, wiping his cheeks, "It'll be okay Yug'."

Yugi took in a sharp breath and realized he'd been holding it in, tears now running freely. It felt good being held and comforted, he needed it badly. Realizing Joey was also part of the tragedy, Yugi hugged him back warmly, hoping to sooth him too.

"A-are y-you okay…about…-"

"Dad and I said our goodbyes, it was hard but… he'll always be with me in my heart…" Joey whispered back before letting go. Yugi frowned in thought; that was true, grampa had said things like that, he could always remember his grandfather in memories and pray to him.

"Th-thanks for saving me last night." Yugi said as he hugged Joey again.

Joey ruffled Yugi's hair, "I couldn't leave my best bud could I? So…er…let's find a way out…or t' a village an' people." Joey said as he stood and pulled Yugi up, rubbing his sore legs.

"We're…not going back to the village?" Yugi asked. The thought of permanently leaving scared him.

"We shouldn't, Yug'." Joey said with a sad expression. Yugi didn't want to leave home but it would be wrong to go back… Pushing away childish and panicked thoughts, he tried to be brave like Joey. The village was dead, bloody bodies and destroyed houses were still fresh from that night, there was nothing left for them there…

"I'm going to miss it…" Yugi mumbled to nowhere in particular.

"Ya can say that again. Maybe we can go back, someday. For now bud, let's get out of here." Joey suggested and took off walking to their right.

"What direction is this?" Yugi asked as he followed.

"No idea." Joey shrugged. The trees were spaced quite far apart, there was enough light to prevent Yugi from becoming afraid. He didn't like the dark; anything could be hiding in it. They walked in a straight line for a long time through the forest, not changing course. Yugi was afraid of getting lost but…they already were.

After what seemed like hours Joey spoke, "Man I'm hungry," and he put a hand on his stomach. Hunger was Joey's huge weakness.

"I'm sure we'll reach a village soon, Joey." Yugi comforted, looking around hopefully.

"We better or else I'll starve to death. Then eat myself." Joey added, glancing to see if he made his buddy smile. Faking a smile, Yugi pushed on, noticing the sun had moved and dimmed greatly, and that his own stomach was growling.

- A Few Miles Away-

"Finally! I thought the damned sun would never leave!" grunted a tall brunette, his cold blue-eyes shining from the darkness of the cave. Two crimson orbs appeared besides him, searching the heavily clouded purple sky, and when finding he agreed, he nodded and both men stepped out from the dark cave and into the mountain air.

"Shall we head home, Yami?" the brunette asked, glancing Yami's way. Yami was a lot shorter than his companion. He was somewhat tanned, had sharp lean features with crimson eyes. His black hair came up into three spikes tinted red with many golden bangs across his forehead along with three lightening bolts facing upwards. Both men were leaned and muscled, clad in black clothes. Yami though, had on no shirt but leather pants.

"Let's go, we were away long enough, Kaiba." Yami said staring at the sky suspiciously, hoping the damn sun would just die and not return.

Nodding, Kaiba took off running at an inhumane speed, Yami a second behind sporting a smile. Yami loved super speed running, it was one of the best perks of being a vampire. Yes, Yami and Kaiba were vampires, typical vampires too, and like the majority of vampires they were snobbish and thought they were superior beings.

Although being who they were you'd assume they lived in a mansion as powerful lords, but they didn't. By choice they both chose to live in a plain wooden house, in the middle of nowhere in a dark dangerous forest. They liked their privacy.

"I still think we should fix up the house." Yami commented as they ran across an open field.

"Again with this…" Kaiba muttered with a sigh.

"A man's home as his castle, our house looks like a shack. Let's renovate, paint, get new furniture, maybe a new coffin each-" Yami rambled.

"I'm not cleaning Yami, I'm no woman."

"Not cleaning! Renooooovating! We can move out the basement, there's like five rooms upstairs just sitting and gathering dust. And maybe a pet too, no bats though, damn flyers…" Yami mumbled darkly, he was jealous that bats could fly while he couldn't.

Kaiba gritted his teeth and let Yami ramble on, he'd do none of it so he blocked out his voice, concentrating on not hitting into the trees of the forest they ran through now.

After realizing Kaiba wasn't listening Yami shut his mouth, his regular bad mood returning and his happy emotions dying away. By nightfall they'd reached their house. It was big but extremely neglected. The wood was old and chipped, nature claiming some of the house as moss and ferns grew. The windows had all been boarded up in each room to prevent any sunlight from entering the house. Inside the old quaint furniture from the previous owners sat gathering dust and termites as neither vampires ever used them, the whole house was unused, except for the coffins they put into the basement.

"There'd better not be a stray wolf in there like last time," Yami growled.

Kaiba opened the door and they stepped into the dark house. Kaiba sniffed the air before stepping further, Yami doing the same. After shutting the door they stood silent as the grave, using their heightened hearing to listen for anything odd.

After hearing nothing they relaxed and went straight to the basement, where they spent most their time if not outside. In the middle of the room were two coffins, one dark red in colour, the other in deep royal blue, both lined and decorated with gold frames. A few bookcases and cobwebs lined the brick walls and a single light hung from the ceiling, which was unused as they could both see fine in the dark.

In the basement Kaiba shrugged off his black shirt which as lightly stained with blood from his last kill, a reason Yami hardly wore shirts.

"I need new pants," Yami frowned, seeing the new tears.

"Maybe if you acted more civilly when hunting your clothes would survive." Kaiba raised a brow, sitting on his coffin.

"The whole point of hunting is to let go, embrace our instincts and feed, not put on a napkin and act like it's a five star meal." Yami retorted.


"And I'm higher than you in the food chain."

"Keep dreaming." Kaiba scoffed, and swiftly got into his coffin, not in the mood to argue with his cousin.

Yami silently mimed Kaiba's last words with a smirk and jumped into his own, needing a long rest from their two day journey, unaware of what was heading their way…


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