What Ever It Takes…

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Chapter 1

A knock came on the front of the condo's door. Akihiko got up from working on his latest BL novel and went down stairs to see who it could be. 'Who the hell could be knocking at my door at this hour?' Akihiko thought. Opening the door, Akihiko saw it was none other than Takahiro.

"Oh, Takahiro, what brings you here at this late hour?" Akihiko questioned as he let his friend in. Takahiro remained silent. He just walked in and sat down.

"Well Usagi, I know about you and Misaki," as Takahiro said that, Akihiko's eyes widened with shock.

"I want you to stop with this nonsense, just stay away from him," Akihiko was still in shock, not being able to say a word.

Akihiko then let out a sigh, "But Takahiro, I love Misaki, and he loves me. I don't see what the big deal is here," then, everything went silent.

"Usagi, I know about how you had feelings for me before then," he paused, "and I know Misaki is probably just being used as a substitute for me. I don't want him to get hurt." Takahiro had finished letting out what he had been feeling.

Akihiko bolted up out of his seat, "no, that's not true! Misaki is not a substitute! I love him, and no one else but him." Akihiko was furious with his friend. "Yes, I may have loved you for ten years prior, but I fell for Misaki. I love him, not you." Akihiko was now breathing heavily, the cause from shouting so much.

Takahiro got out off his seat and walked over to his friend. He placed his hands on Akihiko's face. Takahiro's lips crashing onto Akihiko's, the novelist in shock, yet also eager, Akihiko passionately deepened the kiss.

Misaki's eyes forcefully opened. "AHHHHH!" he screamed, falling out of his bed. He rubbed his head. 'That could never happen, could it? I mean, Usagi-san loves me, right? I don't know what to do...' Misaki curled up and hugged his knees. He started to lightly cry, tear after tear coming out of his eyes.

The writer heard Misaki sobbing and woke up, "Misaki," he called out, but Misaki didn't even look over to him. Akihiko then got up, got off the bed, and walked over to where Misaki had fallen off.

"Misaki, what's the matter?"Akihiko asked.

Misaki, still sobbing, looked up at his lover with water flowing out of his eyes. "It's n-nothing. I'm alright..."

Akihiko wiped his lover's tears away. Holding onto the boy's face, Akihiko looked into Misaki's luscious, green eyes.

"Misaki, what has gotten you this upset?" The writer was very worried for his lover. He never liked seeing him so upset like this.

Misaki pushed Akihiko away, "Shut up. I said nothing's wrong."

Akihiko looked at the boy, eyes wide, "Misaki, you know that isn't true. If it was, you wouldn't be crying like this."

Misaki, knowing he was right, wrapped his arms around his lover and continued to cry. He knew that he did not want to ever let go, nor did he want to tell Akihiko what was wrong.

The writer embraced his lover, patting his back affectionately, "shhh, It will be okay. Just tell me what's wrong, Misaki."

Misaki gazed up at Akihiko, tears sparkling in his eyes, "I….I.…had a nightmare…." he confessed. Misaki did not want to tell Akihiko what had happened throughout the course of his nightmare, but he knew he would end up having to.

"Misaki, it's alright. Just tell me what it was about." Akihiko looked at his lovers eyes, knowing that whatever his little Misaki had dreamt of must have scared him a lot.

Misaki wiped the tears from his eyes, "Well…Nii-chan came over. Somehow, he knew about us and wanted us to split up, because he said I was just a substitute to you," as more tears flowed through his eyes, Misaki bravely continued. "You were trying to tell him it wasn't true….Then...Then..." Misaki wasn't able to say it.

The writer touched Misaki's cheek with his cool hand, "Misaki, just tell me."

Tears still coming out of his evergreen eyes like crazy, Misaki concluded, "Then, he kissed you…and you didn't stop him," Misaki began to cry so much that he felt like it was impossible to stop holding onto his lover.

Akihiko ruffled the boy's hair, "Misaki, it's alright. That would never happen. You know why? It's because you're the one I love, not Takahiro. I love my little Misaki."

The boy looked up at his lover with tear-stained eyes, a smile of joy on his face. 'So, Usagi-san really does love me...' Misaki looked at Akihiko. Realizing just how much he loved this man, Misaki could feel his face heat up. Akihiko gave Misaki the same old smile that he always gave him. He held his face with his cool hands as he pressed his cold lips onto Misaki's small, warm ones. This time, Misaki didn't push his lover away. Instead, he embraced it more. Letting his lover know he could have entrance to his mouth, Akihiko slid his tongue in his lover's warm cavern. They remained in their heated and passionate kiss stayed until they both needed air.

Later, Misaki was down stairs in the kitchen, Cooking. While Akihiko was finishing up his manuscript, Misaki finished setting the table.

"Usagi-san, breakfast is ready!" he yelled out to the writer.

After ten minutes had past, Akihiko came walking down the stairs, Suzuki-san in hand. They both sat down at the table.

Eating their breakfast without saying a word, Akihiko found himself breaking the silence.

"Misaki, do you have any classes today?" Questioned the writer.

Misaki looked up at his lover, "Just one, then I'll be home the rest of the day. Why do you ask?" He looked a little bit confused.

"I thinks it's best that we invite Takahiro over today. After I pick you up, that is," Akihiko finished his breakfast.

Misaki was still confused. "Why should we invite Nii-chan over here?"

Akihiko let out a sigh, "I think we should tell him about us. I know that nightmare scared you but I really think we should tell him."

'What? I cant do that. There's no way he would except us...or would he? I don't know. I think I will be fine as long as I'm with Usagi-san...' Misaki thought to himself.

"Um…Usagi-san? Are you sure that's such a good idea…? I mean its just…"

Akihiko got up and went by Misaki's side. Ruffling his hair, Akihiko said, "It will be alright. I love you and I will always protect you. Like I said to you before, I am not giving you up. Not to anyone...not even Takahiro."

Misaki's eyes widened. He had a huge smile across his face. He also had a fitting blush that brushed across his face. He felt nervous. Misaki hated how no matter how much he loved this man, he still didn't have the guts to say it, and Misaki knew full well that it hurt Akihiko deeply.

Akihiko leaned in a planted his lips onto Misaki's. They were both yearning for this form of connection. Akihiko deepened their tender kiss by using his other hand to go underneath Misaki's shirt. His lover stiffened up.

"U-Usagi-san, it's too early for this. I have classes to go to..." Nonetheless, he let out small moans of pleasure.

Finally, Misaki was able to push Akihiko away, "Stupid Usagi!" he shouted, just as he normally did, while trying to get away from his lover's hands.

Akihiko sighed and started to walk up to his room, "I have to go and do some more work," was all he said before he started up stairs.

Misaki knew that he has probably hurt Akihiko's feelings. 'He can't just do whatever the hell he wants! Maybe I should have been gentler...' These thoughts ran through his mind over and over.

Misaki cleaned off the table and did all the dishes before leaving for University. Still, before he left, Misaki made a lunch for Akihiko. He left it in the microwave so that he would have no trouble preparing it.

"Usagi-san, I'm leaving now! Your lunch is in the microwave. Just warm it up!" No reply coming back to him, Misaki ended up just leaving for school, 'I hurt him...I hurt the only one that really loves me. I hurt the person that I love...' These were the thoughts that dwindled in his mind throughout the day, throughout his classes.

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