What Ever It Takes…

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Meanwhile, Takahiro had finally returned from a long business trip and had received the news about Misaki's condition. He rushed over to Akihiko's apartment, without a second thought. Barging through the door, Takahiro could immediately see Misaki on the couch, curled up childishly with Suzuki-san. He also pinpointed Akihiko in the kitchen fetching Misaki some water. "I'm back now, so I will be taking Misaki back with me, so that I can take care of him." Akihiko was in a blank shock, at the sight of his college friend. All Misaki could do was grasp a tighter hold onto Suzuki-san, hoping to never leave his lover's side again.

Takahiro gave the two of them a stern look. Even though Misaki could not see it, he was well aware of its presence from his brother's tone. It was quiet and no one said a word. No one even moved.

Suddenly, Takahiro walked up to Misaki, grabbing a hold of him while doing so. Misaki started to automatically defend himself, punching and screaming, clear tears streaming down his ashen face.

Akihiko, driven by his instinct, rushed over to Misaki and took a hold of him. Embracing him firmly but gently, Akihiko cooed, "Shhh...Misaki, it's okay. You're safe in my arms, remember?" Akihiko concluded his words with a soft peck to Misaki's forehead. The writer's complexion turned stern as he faced Takahiro. "I think it would best if you left."

Again, there was silence. "Usagi, it's best if Misaki comes with me. He needs a family."

Akihiko instantly protested this comment. "No, he doesn't need family. He needs me. Misaki loves me, and I love him. He feels safe with me. Besides, you don't even know what he's been through. Just leave him stay here with me!"

Takahiro sighed. "Whatever. Do whatever you please..." He strolled over toward Akihiko's front door. "...but don't expect to be my friend anymore." And with that, Takahiro slammed the said door, leaving a booming echo throughout the apartment.

Akihiko looked over at his little lover. Leaning down to kiss him gently, Akihiko whispered, "Misaki, it's going to be alright. I promise I won't let anyone take you away, or hurt you, ever again."

Crying silently, Misaki held onto his lover with all of the strength he had. "Usagi-san, never let me go...I...l-love you so much...I don't think I could live with out you."

Akihiko gently caressed his lover's cheeks, wiping away his drying tears. "It's going to be okay, Misaki. I am never leaving you alone. No matter what." Misaki felt so happy and relieved. He knew that he was safe in his lover's arms.

Akihiko picked Misaki up princess style and brought him to their bedroom. He laid Misaki down onto the bed. Akihiko was shocked to see that Misaki had already fallen asleep. The writer looked down at his cute little lover and placed his own lips onto Misaki's warm, small ones. For a flicker of a moment, Akihiko saw a smile creep onto Misaki's face. Akihiko decided that now would be the best time, seeing as Misaki was fast asleep and away from Takahiro, to finish his much procrastinated manuscript.

The next morning, Misaki woke up to an empty bed. He couldn't feel his lover beside him, which made him panic, so he called for Akihiko. When he got no response, Misaki started yelling for his lover.

As soon as Akihiko heard Misaki's cries, he rushed to the young man. Bursting the door open, Akihiko asked frantically, "Misaki, are you okay? What's wrong?" Akihiko was shocked, when he saw his little lover curled up into a fetal position, crying. Akihiko cautiously walked over to Misaki and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into his chest. "Shhh, Misaki. It's going to be okay. I'm right here. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone." Like a chain reaction, Misaki wrapped his arms around Akihiko. Picking Misaki up, Akihiko helped him to get dressed. When that was done, Akihiko brought Misaki downstairs and placed him at the table.

It didn't take long before Misaki smelt food. He found it kind of strange, since he knew that Usagi-san couldn't cook. "Um, Usagi-san, what's that I smell?"

Akihiko chuckled, "It's your breakfast, silly. While you were away, I had Aikawa teach me how, so that I would become better man for you. I even learned how to clean, as well, so don't worry your little head about doing anything. I've got it all under control." Misaki felt so overjoyed that his lover would do all this just for him that tears began to fall down his face. Akihiko took notice of this and looked over at his lover. "Misaki, what's wrong?"

Misaki wiped away his own tears. Shaking his head, a small smile on his face, Misaki replied, "Nothing, I'm just so happy."

Akihiko smiled in return. Bringing Misaki his breakfast, Akihiko spoke softly, "Here, Misaki. Tell me what you think. Do you need me to feed you?" He chuckled, when he saw a small blush appear across Misaki's face. "Um, yeah...I don't know how to do it on my own just yet..." Akihiko couldn't help but smile at just how cute Misaki was. Even though the young man himself couldn't see, he knew he was always going to be the same as always.

After they were all done eating, Misaki sat himself down on the couch. He was so bored out of his mind that he didn't even know what to do with himself. "Um, Usagi-san, isn't there something that we could do? I'm really bored...and I'm cold."

As soon as Akihiko heard this, the same old smirk brimming his lips, he walked over to his little lover and placed a kiss on his forehead. Wrapping his arms around Misaki, holding onto him rather tightly, Akihiko whispered, "Misaki, I know something that we could do, and you wouldn't ever be cold."

Misaki gasped. A fierce blush darted right up to his ears, knowing exactly what Akihiko had meant. Since he felt so alone in his dark little world, Misaki had no objections. He wanted the feel of his lover inside of him. That feeling of never letting go.

"Misaki do I take that as a yes?"

Misaki's face reddened "Yes..."

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