Very soon, Draco and Harry found themselves in Dumbledore's office with Professor McGonagal standing beside the Headmaster, Harry in Draco's arms purring contentedly. They were talking about animagi, and whether or not a necklace could have somewhat the same magic as one. Specifically, this necklace.

"So how do we turn him back? All I thought I had to do was accept him and then he'd be human. I've done that. So… Why…?" Draco could barely finish his sentence. Now that the moment was past, he was becoming very confused very quickly.

"In animagi, it is the person's choice to transform themselves. Obviously it's different here, but what exactly were you and Mr. Potter doing at the time of his most recent transformation?" Just as McGonagal spoke, Draco stumbled backwards and dropped Harry.

The reason being he was becoming Harry again. And trying to hold a transforming cat-person was extremely difficult. All the twisting and writhing that this transformation brought was unlike the previous one, and Draco had been afraid for a moment that he would inadvertently hurt Harry.

Soon enough, there Harry stood, ruffled but otherwise unharmed. He smoothed down his robes in the moment that everyone was silent.

"How… How did you do that?" Draco asked, now more confused than he had been.

"Well… In the tree… In the tree, I just really wanted some extra balance. I wanted it really badly, and I transformed. I lost what balance I had."

"And just now?" McGonagal raised an eyebrow.

"I… wanted to stand. Really badly." Harry seemed to understand the weight of what he'd just done. "But… I want to stay human. Am I an animagi now or something?"

"No, Potter, but as long as you wear that necklace, I fear you will be." McGonagal sighed.


Later that day found Draco and Harry in a broom cupboard in a little traveled part of the fourth floor, hands tangled in each other's hair, lips locked in a furious fight for dominance. While Harry was distracted, Draco hooked his fingers underneath the necklace and let them rest there for a moment, waiting for Harry to get used to the touch there enough to ignore it before he slipped the necklace over Harry's head like it had forever been loose enough to do so.

Of course, Harry noticed this. At this point, he'd notice anything that separated their lips. Draco dangled the snake before Harry's face on one finger, satisfied smirk perched on his lips.

"Why- How- How did you-?" Harry's eyes widened. It was just one surprise after another, wasn't it?

"Well, I could do everything else with it. Change it, at least. So I figured, why shouldn't I be able to take it off?" Draco's smirk turned into a triumphant grin.

Harry laughed out loud, using one hand to push Draco's hand away, back to the boy's side. Their lips sealed briefly together, Harry too happy to make it a real kiss.

"You have my eternal thanks. I've been worrying about the most inopportune moments I might turn into a member of the feline family." He chuckled.

"Well then, how will you possibly show me your gratitude?" Draco asked flirtatiously, flicking his head back to get white-blonde hair out of his eyes.

"Mmmn, I'm sure we can think of some way if we put our heads together." Harry leaned in and kissed Draco again, backing him completely against the shelf behind him. It wasn't a hard kiss, like the previous few had been. But slow, and sweet, and addictive.

The necklace dropped from Draco's limp fingers to the floor with a slight jingle. Neither stopped to pick it up, nor even seemed to notice that it had fallen. So they also didn't notice when it transformed back into the shape Harry had first found it in.

Harry moved his leg in between Draco's knees. The faint light that the crack in the door provided made the amethyst glitter prettily where it lay innocently on the floor. As though it hadn't just caused all that trouble.


Several Months Later, after the Final Battle.


Harry sat leaning against a tree by the Black Lake, flipping a page in the book he was reading every once in a while, his eyes lazily skimming the text. Hermione sat on the opposite side of the tree, furiously making notes on a piece of parchment, her open book the hard surface to write on and her drawn up knees as her desk. Ron lay stretched out a few feet away from the both of them, hands behind his head and his eyes on the clouds. It wasn't too hot, as far as the days that began summer went.

As the three had gone off to fight Voldemort, all three had been required to return to Hogwarts and complete their education. The castle was still in disrepair in a few places, though that was quickly being mended. There were a few other students who had to stay as well, either having not received proper education under Snape's headmastership or their parents had whisked them away at the first whisper of Death Eater activity in Hogwarts.

Currently, the Golden Trio was studying for their N.E.W.T.S. Or, one of them was studying. Harry wasn't so much studying as pretending to do so, and Ron was… Well, Ron was Ron.

The crunching of grass alerted the trio of approaching footsteps. Hermione glanced up and nodded at the newcomer, who nodded back (if a little stiffly). Ron only gave him a calculating once-over, and apparently giving his approval, went back to staring at the clouds above. Harry didn't even look up.

Draco plopped down beside the raven, a deep sigh leaving him as he did so. He carried a book under his arm, a quill tucked up behind his ear, and a roll of parchment in his hand. Shuffled so that he was slouching and half-sitting on Harry, the back of his head to Harry's chest, his back to Harry's side and hip, one outstretched leg thrown over Harry's outstretched own.

It probably looked uncomfortable- painful even- but all Harry did was shift to accommodate the other and settled back into reading his book. Draco simply opened his, unrolled his parchment (which, Harry noted, did have the beginnings of an introduction on it) and began to write with his self-inking quill.

The four were silent for a while. It had taken quite a bit for Hermione and Ron to accept that Harry and Draco were together, and that Harry wasn't going through a phase, or just messing around with Malfoy as a joke, or going to let it go at all. But once they had, Hermione and Draco had been able to be downright friendly with each other, though Ron was only able to have a civil conversation and be reasonably polite. Harry was hoping that with just a little more time, that could improve as well.

"Slughorn's adding another roll of parchment to the essay." Draco announced in a lazy, somewhat exasperated drawl. "I'm getting sick of all his amending the assignment- he's done it five times already, which has made me rewrite the entire essay twice as many times."

Hermione groaned. "But I've already got my thesis all planned out! He can't change it now." She gasped, and Harry heard much shuffling of papers, though all he did was turn a page in his book.

"You might as well go and tell him that, Granger. He looked very determined to put good students like us behind." Draco sighed, adding some punctuation to his essay with a rather aggravated flourish.

Harry reached over and stilled his hand, carefully slipping the quill out of it and holding it carefully out of Draco's reach, finally taking his eyes away from his book to instead look out across the lake. He could still hear Hermione panicking, though he could not, of course, see her.

"I'm sure he means well, Hermione. He wants his students to do their best, and in order to do that, he's got to give them the hardest assignment." He smiled at Draco, who just scowled and made a grab for his quill, which Harry in turn held higher over his head.

"Easy for you to say. You haven't even started your essay, now have you?" Ron asked, grinning like he had Harry caught.

"Neither have you." Harry scoffed, finally handing Draco back his quill.

The four continued their light-hearted bickering, while back in the castle in a little-traveled corridor of the fourth floor, a second year opened a broom cupboard and noticed something purple glittering on the floor…

This is the end of The Cat's Meow.

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