A beautiful voice

chapter 1

"mum, did we have to move again?" sighed gabriella montez

"sorry sweetheart but this time we do , though you can graduate this time!"replied maria montez , her mum

"so what school am I going to?" mumbled gabriella

"East high and speaking of school , I think its time you went to bed , Gabriella" gently spoke her mother "I love you, miha"

"I love you , too! Good night!"shouted gabriella as she raced up to her new room.

Great thought gabriella I am going to be a freaky maths girl again.

Gabriella had moved 8 times since her dad died when she was ten. She had now moved to Albuquerque.

Gabriella sorted out what she needed for the next day and then went to bed knowing tomorrow is going to be a new start at school.

At seven o'clock the next day , Gabriella was still in bed asleep when she heard her mother shouting up to her.

"Honey, you have to get up, now!"

"one more minute" she groaned

"no, you have to get up now!" her mother chuckled

Gabriella heaved herself out of bed, went and got a shower. She then got dressed in a purple long top, jeans and ballet flats. Then grabbed her bag, some breakfast and waked to school.

Gabriella suddenly started to get nervous as she got closer to school. Be strong she kept thinking to herself over and over again.

When she was walking to the principals office, she seemed to walk into someone .

"watch were you are going!" a shrill voice sounded.

" I I I'm sorry" she stuttered looking down.

" oh right! You freak , you cannot even look where you are going!" the ice queen answered

Gabriella looked up then in fear. She saw one pinkified female and three quite muscled lads who were defiantly jocks. She suddenly started to back away slowly in fear. She got so far however when a pair of arms restricted her from moving away any more. She turned around to see a tanned face and a pair of blue eyes. She started to cry as she became even more frightened.

"oh look the little baby is crying" sharpay sneered at her. " great job, troysie, catching her before she could run off"

" hey nerd! Why are you carrying books when you do not even have any lessons! Well , let me take your books for you!" the african-american boy. He then grabbed her books from her hands before she could react and threw them on the floor , kicking half-way down the corridor.

" ha-ha look Chad she is crying again! What a cry baby!" sharpay laughed

" I AM NOT A CRY BABY" gabriella shouted angrily at the three people"SHUT UP , YOU STUPID BARBIE!". She struggled to get out of Troy's grasp but failed quickly as his constricted more and became more like restraints to her.

" WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?" sharpay screeched at her. Troy let go of gabriella then as he seen the pure anger and hatred reign in her eyes. She looked dangerous ta the moment. The next moment gabriella was on the floor clutching her cheeks as a huge bruise started to appear. Sharpay was stood over with a smirk on her face as she seen the damage she had done to her. Chad just stood there looking stunned at what just happened before he burst into laughter. However , troy just stood there not knowing what to do. On the one hand., he felt that gabriella had not deserved that at all as sharpay had started on her and she had been taunting her , but, on the other hand he could not do anything about it since he was the captain of the basketball team. He was a popular guy in school and could not be seen with or defending a nerd as they were bottom of the cliques in school while he was seen as the king of east high. He was known as a bully not a friend to any nerds. He grabbed sharpay away from the girl before she could get in to any trouble. He secretly did not want gabriella to get hurt either , though he would never admit to anyone. He thought she was actually quite beautiful and not fake as so people like sharpay are.

" come on before you get into trouble. She is not worth it even, she is just a new nerd" troy soothed sharpay. But she ignored what he said.

" are you new here?"she spat at gabriella.

"yes" gabriella answered barely audible.

"well stay out of my way or I will get you! Just go back to where you came from you freaky genius. Nobody knows or wants you so get out of my turf." sharpay sneered before walking away with Chad , zeke and troy. Gabriella just slumped to the floor and burst into tears. She could not believe something happened on her first day before school had even started. She did not notice how a another student had seen and heard the whole thing.

Suddenly gabriella felt a hand on her back and she looked up to see a dark skinned girl looking at her sympathetically. She helped her up before giving her a hug and waiting until her tears subsided.

"hey are you okay?"the girl asked

"yeah, I just was a bit shaken up, I guess" sniffed gabriella

"I'm Taylor mckessie" she smiled

"gabriella montez" she replied back smiling. The girl put her arm around her friend as she showed the principals office. She waited for her afterwards and asked her to lunch. Gabriella said yes anmd was pleased that her day had just got better. She found her and taylor had a lot in common. So soon they became really good friends.

At dinner time, Taylor guided gabriella to the cafeteria where a group of her friends were seated all ready. They all were laughing/ joking and just generally chatting with each other.

"hey guys this is gabriella montez. She is new" Taylor introduced her

"gabriella, this is Martha,kelsi, Joshua,Lauren , summer and Ryan" she introduced to gabriella.

"hi" she said nervously.

"hello back" they all smiled which made gabriella feel as though this time she could have friends and be more herself. She could see sharpay sending daggers from across the cafeteria but she just ignored her. She felt a lot happier knowing she had finally made real friends and they had accepted her especially after what happened with sharpay.

"gabriella" taylor smiled

"what?" she answered

"we were just wondering if you would want to come over to kelsi's house on friday night for a sleepover as a sort of welcome to east high. It will only be a girls night so no boys and a lot of fun promised." taylor answered.

"who will be there?" she asked

" just me , you, kelsi, martha, lauren and summer" taylor answered.

"okay I will do but I will bring some home-made chocolate brownies as well." she smiled back

"great" they all replied before they carried on talking to each other again. Gabriella smiled at the thought that somebody wanted to hang out with her and not being seen as the freaky Math girl as she was in other schools. She now had friends who had made her day just get better and better.

However at the end of lunch she was walking out of the the cafeteria when a voice sounded behind her. She turned around in shock before she was pulled away from the crowd and into a empty corridor where nobody was.

"can I talk to you?" the voice sounded

she nodded her head but could not speak.