Yet another dream I had this one was a month ago. Also this one is quite odd and I had a sequel dream then next night so this is only going to have 2 chapters. :) Enjoy! Xx~Bri+Teddy~xX

I was on my way home from school, but to be more specific detention, and I was about three hours late. I figured I would stop by Mikey`s on the way home since he lived 3 houses up from mine.

I came up to the gate, stupid contraptions, I mean they are useful but jeez. I just got on the stump and jumped over the gate then up to the front door.

"Hello! Anybody home?" I yelled knocking on the door. Mr. Walsh opened it and greeted me, "Why hello Anna, Mikey is in his room."

'Thank you Mr. Walsh!" I said running up the stairs, "Hey Brand!" I said as I passed him exercising. "Hey Anna." He said and then I came up to Mikey`s room.

"Hey Meekey! Whazzup!" I said walking in to his room, "Oh Hey Anna! Detention again?" he said and then I dropped my back pack and jumped on his bed, my bracelets jangling as I landed.

"Yup the 2 time this week!" I said picking up a Mad magazine. "Jeez Anna it`s only Tuesday ." He said laughing, the doorbell rang again and it was Mouth combing his hair.

"Hey Annnnnnaa! Hey Meekey!" He said as I opened the door, he came in and then Chunk came running up to the gate. "Truffle Shuffle! You have to do it!" I yelled and that got Mouth and Mikey`s attention.

"Awe common Anna!" He whined

"Fine, but if you wouldn't have eaten that cake then you could jump the fence!" I yelled

"Common!" He said, So I turned around and pretended to walk away. "Fine!" he yelled and got on the stump, he then did the most embarrassing truffle shuffle ever but it was FUNNY!

I let the trap go and then walked in to the living room where Mikey walked off to, yet Mouth was on the floor cracking up. Then he finally got off the floor and joined us in the living room.

After some jokes Mr. Walsh came in and said he needed to speak with Mikey. Chunk and Mouth left, then I went to get my back pack as I said good bye to everyone.

I walked out of the house to find Mouth unconscious and tied up to the fence. I ran through the death trap yard and hoped the fence, dropped my bag and went to Mouth.

"Mouth! Hey buddy! Hello! Grr WAKEUP!" I screamed. I then started to untie him, I recognized the knot it was from Troy. Oh he is gonna get it when I- MOUTH! God I`m stupid!

I finished uniting him as he started to wake. "Hey Mouth you ok?" I asked and he noded, then I finished. I helped him up and gave him a hug then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It was such a surprise that I didn`t realize it till he backed off.

"Oh, sorry…"He said looking down, "Probably shouldn`t have done that should I?"

"Yes you should have, and I`m glad you did." I said lifting his head up by his chin, he then smirked that adorable smirk.

"Awesome!" Then we kissed this time I actually kissed him back. After that I smiled at him then noticed that Chunk was nowhere in sight. "That was aMaZiNg! But where`s Chunk?" I asked probably ruining the moment.

"I don't know…But lets go look for him, get on the pegs!" He said getting his bike and waiting for me to hop on, so I grabbed my backpack and jumped on the pegs.

That's about when I woke up. :) I love that dream! XD