Just Like Fireworks



"Hey Tony?"

"...Yes Rudolph?"

"I've been watching an awful lot of television lately-and well, I was just wondering if when people kiss for the first time, fireworks go off?"

"Um...no. It's—well, kinda hard to explain. It's just a saying...when two people feel a connect in their kiss, it feels like a spark...thus turning into the romantic setting of fireworks going off. It doesn't actually mean fireworks are-has anything I said made sense to you?"

"Not really, no."

"You shouldn't be asking me. Go ask Anna."

"I wanted to test the theory for myself, and certainly not with my own sister."

"...Then what do you need me fo-"

Tony Thompson didn't know how to react when his best friend for nearly three years grabbed him by the shoulders and placed a hurried kiss upon his lips. When the three century old boy pulled away, he looked around, as if he was searching for fireworks in the sky.

"Hm, it seems humans exaggerate on the physical lip contact that one would call a kiss...However...it surely did feel just like fireworks."

Without another word, Rudolph walked away, leaving Tony to stand there stupidity and wonder what the hell had happened.

A/N: Happy 4th of July!

First time writing slash

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