It has been a long, looong time since he lived in this building, he liked it, a lot, it was peaceful and quiet, no youngsters whose first and only entertainment was to leave the place as dirty and noisy as possible. Only respectable people lived there.

He especially liked his neighbour, a nice man bearing the name of Kaburagi T. Kotetsu. He didn't quite understand where that name came from but he long ago stopped wondering about people's names. They sometimes were a touchy subject, he knew that all too well.

He didn't know much about the man, he would sometimes knock at his door to ask for various cooking equipment and then come back to return it, accompagnied by a thank you gift, often food. He was always grateful to see people so well behaved. He thought he had picked up cooking after his wife died but he wasn't sure and he didn't care.

He had a daughter too but he didn't see her very often, he always bore a sad but proud look when he talked about her. It was refreshing to see a parent care so much about their child.

He didn't seem to have many friends either, he never saw anyone coming to his place and it was always quiet, he didn't mind much. He had enough animation at his own appartment.

Kotetsu seemed like a hard working man, he often came home late and went to work very early in the morning. He admired that in him.

So one day, when he caught sight of a bandaged arm under his neghbour's usual shirt he couldn't help but being concerned enough to ask what was wrong.

"Nothing" said the man, "Just a small accident at work"

He nodded thoughtfully and he left, wishing Kotetsu a fast recovery.

A few days after he remarked the man was moving differently, so he asked again what the matter was and he answered the same again, "Nothing serious, just strained my shoulder. I start to get a bit too old to do my work", before laughing.

When he asked what sort of work he was doing he was met with an embarassed blush and a muttered answer of "I'm some sort of firefighter" and then he left, not giving him enough time to fully process the response he got.

As the weeks came by, his neighbor was getting more and more injured, and he thought that even a firefighter couldn't injure himself so much at work. And so he started to be suspicious.

His suspicions increased when he gradually heard more and more noise coming from his neighbour's appartment. And these noises weren't normal either, they were voices, very loud voices, yelling curses, pleas to stop, arguments day after day.

He couldn't pick up everything but what he picked was enough to make him worried, so when his nephew who was living with him told him he had seen a blond man wearing sunglasses who looked exactly like the hero Barnaby Brooks Jr. coming out of the flat, the situation became clear and he shouted :


Itoshiki Nozomu would do anything to help his desperate neighbour! And then hopefully they could die together.