One Shot Number Two

A Visit From Eric

"Have I mentioned that I am loving being a senior?" I said blowing on my freshly painted nails as I sat with my best friend Renge. I admired the bright shade of pink and went on "I mean I only have one year left and school and things just could not be better. I have you my best friend, all the boys plus Haruhi at the host club, and of course Kyoya. I don't think anything can ruin this year for me."

She nodded in agreement as she flipped through a magazine not even paying attention to me. I threw a pillow at her and she let out a small yelp of surprise. She turned to glare at me and said "I'm listening but I am sorry that I am not hanging on to your every word. I am happy that you are so happy but you are going to end up cursing yourself if you keep saying nothing will go wrong. Here it even says it here in Teenage Dream Weekly."

Renge tossed the magazine over to me and I stared at the dog eared page she had been reading. It was an article how to make the best of the last of the school year. As she had said in one of its tips was to never speak of the great things going on your life because that is just begging for something bad to happen. I scoffed throwing it back at her.

"That is nonsense my dear friend. Just because you talk about the good things in your life doesn't mean something bad will happen. Now come on lets go down to the spa I think I am long over due for a mud bath." I said with a happy little sigh. Hanging out with my best friend after school, my boyfriend all day at school, and of course spending time with the Host Club. What could possible go wrong with my life?

I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day, not my usual morning self but I was getting use to the feeling. I was up dressed, make up and all, and out the door ready for school. As I stepped out into the bright morning sun I breathed in the crisp morning air and let out a slow breath. It was a beautiful day and I didn't live that far away from the school so I decided I was going to walk.

As I stepped down the front stairs my driver opened the door to the car but I shook my head holding up a hand "Not today thanks. Its amazing outside today I am going to walk. Oh and I already have a ride home from school as well. So feel free to take the day off, a paid day off of course." I said with a wink. He got a giant smile and thanked me before loosening his tie and lighting up a smoke.

I walked down the sidewalk with a small bounce in my step as I thought about the Greek mythology themed party the host club was throwing today. I was lost in my own little happy world when I finally arrived at the school. I walked into the now familiar halls and was soon ambushed by Tamaki who cried out "Oh Belle guess what! We have a new student and guess where he is from?" but before I could even make a guess he said "America, isn't that great?"

I let out a small laugh at how excited my friend was over such a small thing. I swear most times he was more like a little kid then a senior in high school. Soon after he was done with his little announcement I felt a familiar hand in mine and I turned to give a quick morning kiss to Kyoya. "So have you met this new student yet?" I asked not really caring but a tiny bit curious about where they were from.

"No none of us had, we just heard about him through some of the girls. Apparently, in there words not mine, he is a major hunk. Then again I think anyone new catches their attention." he said in a way that I knew that he didn't care about this new guy either. "I did hear he is going to be in our class though." he added at the last moment. I shrugged, even if he was it didn't deal with me in any way.

I stood there in Kyoya's surprisingly strong arms and talked with my friends til I heard the morning bell ring. Then with a sigh I shifted my bag on my shoulder and made my way, with Kyoya by my side, to first period. We took our regular seats and as we waited for the teacher to come in I sat messing with his hair, much to his displeasure. Finally we heard the door open and I turned to face the front of the class expecting to see the teacher but froze when I saw a guy standing there, a guy I knew only to well. My ex boyfriend Eric.

I grabbed Kyoya's hand and gripped it tight as I saw his emerald green eyes scan the room only to come to rest on me. As he spotted me he flashed a dazzling white smile and ran his fingers through his long messy brown hair. My grip must have gotten even tighter because before I knew it Kyoya was grinding his teeth together and saying "Is something wrong dear or do you just enjoy trying to break my hand?"

Instead of coming back with a snappy remark like I usually would all that came out was a small whimpering type noise. Kyoya's face then softened and squeezed my hand back saying gently "Sky, whats got you so worked up?" I shook my head and closed my eyes but of course I couldn't avoid what I knew was going to happen. Just as I thought I heard foot steps and Kyoya say "Hi you must be the new student but I am afraid that right now I really don't have the time for introductions. Belle please open your eyes." he added in a pleading voice.

"Oh I don't think introductions are really necessary. Hello there my little Belle, have you missed me?" the all to familiar voice of Eric cooed at me as if we were still together. I managed to open one of my eyes but squeaked at the sight of him and tried to hide behind Kyoya. "Oh really now is that anyway to greet an old flame?" he asked and I felt Kyoya tense as he finally understood who this was.

"You must be Eric. She has told me a lot about you so I am afraid to say that I am not to happy to meet you. Now if you don't mind your upsetting my girlfriend so I am going to have to ask you to leave." I heard Kyoya hiss at him as he shifted in his chair to cover me more. As much as I teased him about running away from danger when I needed him Kyoya always stood up to the plate bravely.

"Oh you actually got another guy huh Belle? Well I cant say I am happy for you, since I did come here to get you back. You may not believe me but I have changed and realized that I still love you. I will leave, so your new boy friend has won this battle my little Belle but I wont let him win the war for your heart. Good bye for now." he said and with a small nod to Kyoya left taking a seat not to far away from us.

Still clinging on to Kyoya's arm I looked up at him with large eyes asking silently if what had just happened … had actually really happened. He nodded grimly and I let out another small whimper before saying in a small voice "Kyoya … why cant he just stay out of my life. Didn't he do enough damage when he used me the last time I saw him? I don't want him to try and win me back, I love you."

Kyoya held my face in his hands softly and gave me a quick kiss before he rested his forehead against mine and whispered "Don't worry about a thing Belle. No matter what happens I promise you, no one will come between us." I managed to give him another quick kiss and smile before finally the late bell rang and in our teacher came at the last minute as usual. The rest of the class I spent fidgeting and Kyoya spent it between trying his best to comfort me and sending a glare back to Eric.

As soon as the lunch bell rang Kyoya whisked me out of the room, not even giving me a chance to grab my purse. In record time we reached the cafeteria and took a seat with me trying to catch my breath. Between deep breaths I said "Kyoya I don't want to be in the same with Eric either but don't you think you went a bit over board?" As I held a stitch in my side he kissed my forehead in an apology before our friends took their seats next to us.

"Whoa what happened to him? He looks worse then when we blew the whole budget on sweets." Hikaru said poking Kyoya's face causing him to twitch dangerously. "Oh I bet Belle made him be a test model for a new dress design! That's it isn't it Kyoya?" Kaoru asked with a grin on his face as he looked over his brothers shoulder joining in on the poking. Then Kyoya quickly turned to look at him and the way they jumped back I knew he must have that creepy angry look in his eyes that he got sometimes.

"Kyoya calm down dear, they don't know what happened" I said gently bringing his attention back to me. They both gave me a questioning look but I blew them off, if I had to talk about Eric I was going to do it when all of my friends were here. Finally after five long agonizing minutes of waiting everyone was in there normal seats. They could all obviously see the sadness in my eyes and I was soon being bombarded with questions. Luckily though I was saved the pain of explaining when Kyoya told them the whole situation.

Everyone was quiet for a moment soaking in the whole story, they had all heard about my ex and were probably wondering how I was taking the whole thing. Then the silence was broken when Tamaki placed his hand on mine and said with a kind smile "Belle I know you must be going through a lot right now but don't worry, we all love you and we will do everything to make sure he doesn't hurt you in anyway."

Then just like that all the sadness and uneasiness that had been hanging over my heart like a dark cloud was gone. I had been so worried about Eric being back in my life I had completely forgotten something, I had the most amazing people in my life. So why should I be worried about one jerk? As I thought about it I smiled and let out a small laugh. Kyoya turned and looked at me asking "Belle whats so funny?"

I leaned into him with a comfortable happiness spreading over my entire like the sun on a warm day and I said "Nothing its just, I love you guys." They all returned my smile and I sat listening to there plans to make sure Eric kept his distance from me. I didn't interrupt them but now I didn't really care about Eric any more. No matter what he may try to do, it wouldn't effect me because nothing could make me feel bad as long as I was surrounded by my friends.