Part One

Every single time I show up here, I ask myself why. Why; the obvious answer is because Takano-san is very insistent in helping me with a new project he, himself delegated to me. Maybe it was just a ploy to trap me in his apartment… that is something I wouldn't hesitate to put past him.

I never know what is really going on in his head, and which of his two roles will be coming out next time I see him: persistent almost-lover or Nazi boss Takano-san. I gripped the paperwork close to my chest and took a deep breath in. I knew I had to bite the bullet soon… it was late, and this could either work to my advantage or go terribly wrong. I could make the excuse of us needing to work quickly so I could go back to my own apartment and go to sleep or he could do what he usually did. And that was force me into his bed.

My eye twitched and I groaned so I reached out to get it over with.

The door flung open right before I was going to knock, and a glaring man snapped out, "What the hell have you been waiting for? I heard your door open and shut ten minutes ago!"

"Well…" my eye twitched again, "I was going through to make sure I had everything before I came in…"

"Just get in here." He grabbed my arm and yanked me inside.

I'd been slowly learning to be on guard physically around him, because of this dumb habit of wiping out and falling on my face. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me bite it on the ground so soon…

"All right, all right!" I shuffled over to the table in the living room and began unloading papers while I felt his stare on me.

I knew I couldn't even help it anymore. My heart rate picked up and that in and of itself really annoyed me.

"Are you coming?" I spat over, letting my uneasiness get the best of me.

"Oh? You finally prepared?"

Yes. He was currently in Nazi-boss mode. Better than ready-to-rape-Ritsu mode, I guess.

"Yes. So please come look over my project's paperwork."

He wasn't in one bit of a rush, and even had the nerve to sluggishly pull out a cigarette before he even started walking. Such a gross habit. I wonder how soon after we broke up that he started smoking… I almost blushed at the thought. As much as I wanted to separate Takano-san from Saga-senpai, the line was almost starting to blur. I still remember the time I had accidently let it slip, and called him by that name before bed one night. Not to mention how badly it embarrassed me.

I gulped as he decided to sit next to me, rather than across from me like I had set up the papers for him. He took the stack closest to him and skimmed through the report.

"I'm tired," he suddenly said. "I think it'd be better for me to look at this tomorrow. I'll be able to make decisions about this better in the morning."

My mouth hung open before I snapped, "Why couldn't you have texted me that? I've been working for the last two hours next door, and you knew I was coming over after to get your approval and finish this!"

He looked amused, and killed his barely-smoked cigarette in the ashtray, "But if I'd told you I didn't plan on helping tonight, how else could I have convinced you to come over?"

I wanted to smack the smile right off his face. I shook my head, and while gathering my papers, announced, "I'm leaving."

"Oh, no, you're not," he grabbed both my wrists, my progress crashing to a halt, "I told you I'd make my decisions in the morning. You might as well keep me company until I do."

I was huffy for a second, but then reminded myself I shouldn't have expected anything less from his evil, twisted mind. I sighed and looked down to the unbreakable grip he had on my wrists. I know I was expected to put up a fight, thrash around and crawl with my last bit of energy to leave this place.

But the warmth of his hands made me hesitate.

I looked up at him, and I was caught off guard by the passive look in his dark brown eyes… almost like he was waiting for me to answer him.

I swallowed a potential lump in my throat and mumbled out, "You're something else…"

A smirk finally came out and he leaned in until our lips were pressed together. Suddenly, his 'I'm tired' excuse became less and less believable.

He stood up, and hauled my seated form up too, all without breaking our kiss. He laced his long fingers through my hair and traced my bottom lip with his tongue. Obviously not in the mood to waste time tonight, he continued to lure me into the hall. I knew the room that was next... I'd been there more times than I cared to admit, but when he threw me against the wall, my heart skipped a beat. Or three.

I couldn't keep the gasp in when his fingertips snaked under my button up and teased down my chest. It was impossible to keep my voice silent when he was all over me like this… his lips, his breath, his hands and god, his…

"You're being obedient tonight," he sneered out.

"Shut up," I turned my head away from him and his smug face to continue, "You're taking advantage of me when I'm very tired too."

"Apparently, not that tired," he commented as his hand gripped at the crotch of my pants.

I knew he could feel how hard I was, and I hated that. I hated that I did want him so bad. But I would never admit it. At least not in words.

A quiet whimper escaped my throat as his cool hand snuck beneath the fabric of my jeans and teased just above what I craved him to touch. I swallowed hard, trying to prevent any more embarrassing noises, and almost thankfully my boss pressed his lips to mine, this time much more desperately. This wasn't helping the way my body was responding at all though…

"Would you prefer to go to my bedroom rather than playing right here? It might end up getting a little uncomfortable."

"Fine," I answered without really thinking.

Shit, when did I let myself get carried away like this?

And by carried, I mean literally, as Takano picked me up with ease and led me into his room. There were knots in my stomach, growing with every single step he took, and by the time he tossed me down onto the bed, my face was flushed a color of deep red. Thank god the room was dark.

"You haven't been over in a while. I'm glad you changed your mind," he purred against my neck.

"It's not like I had a choice," there was a certain type of pout in my voice, "It was more like an order from my superior."

"Maybe I should do that more often…" he said suggestively and made quick work of unbuttoning my shirt.

"I'm pretty sure you abuse the privilege as it is."

"I could always do that more, you know that, Ritsu. I'd like you to just come around, one of these days. You know," he flicked his tongue down my chest, "come and see me because you want to."

My heart was racing as he continued to trail his mouth down my exposed torso and I felt my lungs becoming breathless when he unbuttoned my pants with his teeth.

"Takano-san…" I exhaled deeply, "You don't know what goes on in my head…"

"Then maybe you should tell me." He stopped all together and stared at me.

An awkward silence fell and our eye contact made the room heavy. I gulped. "M-Maybe if I wasn't so worried about what would happen when we were together, I'd try to come ove—"

"You know that's a lie." He cut me off. "If you had the chance, your denial would keep you away from me forever."

"I'm not in denial!" I snapped, and before I knew what I was doing, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him towards me.

He raised an eyebrow, our faces nearly touching, and I almost lost my nerve. I knew I had to finish this, "You just don't give me space to sort out my thoughts!"

"Is space really what you need? I know you're in love with me. You just need to admit it."

I grit my teeth with determination, and answered him without words, but with a kiss. This was the most forward thing I'd ever done with the man, ever. And I wasn't really sure why it was happening now…

Our mouth's clashed with a reborn fervor and I, for once, didn't do anything to hesitate. That's when he started to move faster. In a swift move, he completely pulled my pants and boxers off and I was completely exposed.

"Takano-san, what the he—" before I could finish, his mouth latched onto me and bit playfully at my hipbone as his hand gripped my inner thigh. Because I was so freaking used to resisting, "No… stop…" flowed naturally from my mouth.

Then, unexpectedly, my words turned to "Takano-san… don't stop…"

Fuck. What was I doing?

A perfectly evil grin flashed on his face as his lips collided with mine one more time, and he brushed his fingers along the length of my cock. I couldn't help but moan into this mouth. I don't know when it turned into wanting it this bad, but every time we had sex there was another hole smashed into the stone wall around my heart. I had to be careful… if I kept it up at this rate-

My thought process slammed to a halt the second Takano's hand wrapped around my dick and started pumping. I moaned louder than before, almost shamelessly. It was becoming easier and easier to be like this with him…

Right after he unbuttoned his own pants with his free hand, he brought his fingers to my mouth, and ordered, "Suck."

I didn't have much of a choice when he took advantage of my open mouth and plunged them in. I closed around them, and did quickly, just wanting to get this embarrassment out of the way. How did we always end up this way? Not a moment after they were coated in my saliva did he bring his finger down to my entrance. I bit my lip as I felt his fingers-

Then a blasting ring sounded from my phone that was in my discarded pants. We made eye contact and he shook his head, telling me, "Ignore it."

I gulped, and considered it, but when the ring should have reached my voicemail, it persistently continued, blaring all over again.

"I really need to get this," I grabbed my pants and dug into the pocket.

It was my mom.

What was she calling this late?

I batted Takano-san away before clearing my voice and answering, "Hi mom. How are you?"

There was a pause on the other line before her shaking voice asked, "Ritsu… are you sitting down?"

I awkwardly looked down to my prone, half-naked body lying on the bed and responded calmly, "Yes. What's going on? Are you all right?" Her tone worried me.

"Ritsu… it's your dad. H-he was hit by a drunk driver. I tried to get to the hospital in time, but he didn't make it that far. He's dead, Ritsu."

The blood drained from my face and I was completely, utterly frozen.

All I could get out was, "Oh my god."

"I'm…" she choked back a sob, "At your sisters for the night… but I need to see you in the morning to figure all this out… with the funeral, and the will and—" she started crying.

"Mom…" I tried to calm her down and tried to stay calm myself, "I'll catch the first train in the morning."

"All right… I'll s-see you then."

I didn't even let go of the death grip on my phone when she hung up. I just sat there, unable to move.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder that reminded me I wasn't alone.

I turned to him and shakily got out, "Takano-san… I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to work tomorrow…"

I couldn't meet his eyes, when there was a slight concern in his voice. I was too scared I was going to break down into tears. "Are you ok? What's going on?"

I pulled on my pants and stood from the bed, keeping my back to him, "I have to go. I… have to pack some bags. My father died."

"Ritsu…" I heard the bed move as he got to his feet to wrap his arms around me from behind. "I'm sorry."

I swallowed hard. As warm and inviting his embrace was, it couldn't do a thing to melt the frozen, bitter cold that had taken over my body.

"I'll leave my project's paperwork with you, and you can correct as you see fit," I struggled out of his grasp. "I'll contact you soon."

I could tell he was stung by my words, because I was firm. I didn't want to be with anyone right now, even Takano-san. I needed to collect my thoughts, and get a hold of myself before tomorrow. I had a feeling it would take all night.

End of part