The following are an assorted number of Emails chosen specifically in order to relay an important conversation. They were very difficult to come by, and I would greatly appreciate it if you read them with the utmost gratitude that they can be seen so easily and freely by an individual such as yourself.

TO: [censored]

FROM: [censored]

SUBJECT: [censored]


I am sure that you are aware of what is going on and what this means for the world in which we live. This cannot go on any longer. Agreed?

TO: [censored]

FROM: [censored]

SUBJECT: Re: [censored]

. . . Are you saying what I think you're saying? Over Email? Really? If it's so important, why didn't you call me? You said you would last week so we could figure out everything.

TO: [censored]

FROM: [censored]

SUBJECT: Re: [censored]

Oh, so you haven't heard? This link should clear matters up: [censored]

TO: [censored]

FROM: [censored]

SUBJECT: Re: [censored]

I've been sitting here for about twenty minutes already trying to think of how to respond to that. And now, in response to your first Email: yes. I agree. Whole heartedly.

TO: [censored]

FROM: [censored]

SUBJECT: Re: [censored]

Excellent. Meet at the usual location at [censored] so that we may discuss more freely our course of action in detail.

Dan couldn't stop laughing.

"Now, that—," he paused to catch his breath; "—that was truly brilliant. Where do you come up with this stuff, Nat?" He almost gave her a friendly punch on the shoulder, but remembered that she was a girl just in the nick of time.

Natalie flushed with pleasure. "I am amazing, aren't I?" She raised her hand to toss her hair over her shoulder. "Truly gifted."

"This is great! Amy and Ian will have to stop dating for sure!" He rubbed his hands together gleefully. "Just wait until they see—"

The door across the room was opened violently, banging against the wall. It would have rebounded and closed again, such was the force behind it, if Ian Kabra's arm hadn't been in the way. He stood there in the doorway, fuming at his sibling and distant-cousin, while Amy stood just behind his shoulder. She was trying desperately to glare at Natalie and Dan, but she didn't look very intimidating with the way she crossed her arms, chewed her lip, shifted her weight constantly, and let her glance dart to Ian for direction.

Natalie stared at them, shocked, her face paling. Her mouth was open in a very unappealing way which she edited out of the video later. The way she groped uselessly for some coherent words to convey her surprise (or rather, her wish for the lack thereof) was really quite pathetic.

"I told you they would be here," Ian remarked to Amy, lifting his chin triumphantly. "Now we can finally put an end to this madness."

"I thought you said Ian and Amy were getting ready for another secret date!" Dan cried, giving Natalie a betrayed scowl. "We were going to follow them and get more evidence of how disgusting and obvious they are."

"They were supposed to be doing that. How did I know that they would change their plans from some cliché picnic in the park to storming into here?" Natalie huffed, having regained her composure, and turned on the renowned couple with distaste. "What are you two doing here?" she demanded.

"I could ask the same of you," Ian said as he approached them, Amy following with a look that still didn't give off quite the affect which she'd hoped for. "And while we are pointlessly accusing certain people of going on dates, why don't you clear up for Amy and me what exactly you two have been up to for the past few weeks, hm?"

Natalie fumbled for an excuse. "We. . . We were only just—"

"Oh, save it." Ian cut her off with a wave of his hand. "We know what you've been doing in here, and it's absolutely absurd." Amy nodded to show her support, rubbing her arm.

"Oh, come on," Dan said. "Everyone knows that you two have gotten together again, and anyone who doesn't know that knows that it would be a disaster. So really, we're just helping you out."

Amy finally spoke up. "We're not dating, Dan."

"And besides," Natalie threw in, "your personalities and wardrobes don't complement each other at all. Stopping this before it gets too far would really be for your own good."

Ian sighed and looked at Amy. "I think you'll have to speak louder if you want their attention at all," he said as Dan and Natalie continued to add excuses. "I mean, have you seen their attention span in their videos? They turn into absolute nutters together."

With a roll of her eyes, Amy strode across the room and pinched Dan's ear. "Enough, already!"

"Ouch!" he hollered, clutching at the side of his head. "What was that for?!"

"Listen," Amy yelled, which was equivalent to normal levels of speaking for everyone else in the room. "Ian and I are not—I repeat, not—dating."

All were silent for a moment.

"You mean to say," Natalie said slowly, "that you . . . aren't dating?"

Ian crossed his arms and nodded, beginning to tap his foot impatiently. "Do you really think I would stoop so low, Natalie? I'm not an idiot."

Dan furrowed his brow in confusion. "I don't get it. We had so much evidence. . . ."

"Come on, Dan, would I really run back to a two-faced jerk like him after everything he's done to me?"

Ian flinched at that, but no one really noticed or cared.

"But why did he have a picture of you under his bed?" Dan challenged. "And why have you two been acting so weird—going on secret 'errands' and stuff?"

"Someone obviously planted that photo," Ian said. "But have you ever thought that our 'secret errands' aren't actually a secret? If you had just asked I could have told you that I was only going to places like [censored] and [censored] to do things such as [censored] and [censored]."

"But how do you explain all of your insecurities and renovations?" Natalie narrowed her eyes, unconvinced.

A touch of red seemed to color Ian's cheeks, but it was probably an issue of lighting that the staff had neglected to see too. "I am not insecure, and if I was, it wouldn't be because of her. My furnishings were simply getting out of date and tiresome—a change was needed, and it is an unfortunate coincidence that has you two convinced of it being more significant than it is."

Natalie seemed to deflate a bit. Could she really have misread so many signs? It was unlikely that Ian would start dating Amy in the first place. Maybe there had been a lot of coincidences that had set wild imaginations loose in her mind. And consorting with Dan had been no help—he would believe anything to have the chance to make fun of his sister or a respectful (if a bit dense) person such as her brother.

"So. . . You're not dating?" Dan asked.

Amy sighed. "Haven't we already said that enough? For the last time, Ian and I are. Not. Dating. We never have, and we probably never will. Understood?"

Dan nodded slowly, digesting this unexpected turn of events. Natalie, however, searched their faces carefully before nodding curtly.

"I think they're actually telling the truth."

"Good!" Dan grinned and let out a whoop of victory. "Well, I guess that means we're done here, right?" He stood up, brushing his hands together as if to clean them from a dirty job that was finally finished.

"What a relief," Natalie agreed. "And it also means that I never have to work with you, your stinky feet, or you ridiculous obsession with ninjas ever again." She turned to the camera, flashing it a brilliant and (for once) genuine smile. "Isn't this just smashing?" With a little wave she turned the camera off and then began to gather her things. "It's such a let-up to be done with editing these videos and plotting their demise."

"I know!" Dan blissfully linked his fingers together behind his head, beginning to stroll out of the room beside her. "Man, I could use a break."

"What are you talking about? You've hardly lifted a finger this whole time! Need I remind you who the genius behind this whole enterprise has been?"

"No need; I know how invaluable I am to society and your precious little camera lens."

"Oh, I could go a lifetime without having to hear your voice breaking every other minute, Daniel Cahill. You just never listen when someone who is actually intelligent tells you to shut up!"

"Please, you're the one with an annoying voice. 'If I have to tell you one more time to shut up—'"

"For the last time, you are awful at impersonations, and I really do wish you would shut up."

Dan and Natalie's arguing continued to carry back after they'd left the room. Ian and Amy stood there, trying not to laugh, but rather listening as the bickering faded.

". . . You think we fooled them?" Amy finally ventured once she was sure they were gone.

Ian nodded. "Definitely. They cannot possibly think that you have the capacity to act."

Amy raised an eyebrow. "I can't believe you started using some cologne called Twilight Memories. And that you still keep that picture of me under your bed."

"You can't listen to everything those two say," Ian hurriedly supplied. "I mean really, how—"

"I never said it was a bad thing," she interrupted, smiling.

"—Oh." He blinked. "Well, then." He slipped his arms around Amy's waist, now wearing a sly smile of his own. "In that case, I won't worry about changing either of those facts."

"Good," Amy said, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You have worse things to worry about."

His smile faded, replaced by a worried frown. "Have I been doing something wrong? You know I've been trying—"

Amy laughed. "Do you really want to discuss this right now?"

He ducked his head for a moment, letting his smile creep back. "No. You're right." He brushed her lips with his, enjoying their new-found freedom from their siblings' taunting. Happily, and just as relieved, Amy kissed him back.

And it wasn't disgusting at all.

the end

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for you all.

Firstly, Ria—you are just such an amazing friend and inspiration. I am so incredibly glad that I've gotten to know you, and for all the times that you've helped my writing. Best. Twin. Evar.(:

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