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"I said no darling.

"Pretty, pretty, please with a cherry on top?" As she stared up at him with those giant blue eyes, there was no possible way he could say no again. Scorpius Malfoy sighed and knelt down to the ground, allowing his five-year-old daughter to happily climb on his back.

"But this is the last time you know." Scorpius stood up and heaved as if it were difficult for him, but his little girl was light as a feather and knew it. Her wind chime giggle was worth the forged difficulty.

"Thanks Daddy!" Avala Malfoy replied and hugged her arms tighter around her father's neck. Scorpius chuckled and trudged up the stairs, faking heavy breathing.

"You sure are getting big, love. One day I won't be able to do this anymore." The young parent pretended to gasp. In his early thirties and just beginning to raise children, Scorpius was starting to age; he had formed slight crow's-feet and had let his beard grow a bit. Despite these slight indications of his true age, many of his female coworkers at the ministry still considered him to be quite attractive.

"Well that day won't come for a very long time, so pick up the pace or start playing Qudditch more," Avala countered and Scorpius laughed; she sounded so much like her mother when she said things like that. Avala joined in her father's laughter. She loved to make people happy.

When they finally reached her pink and purple fairy bedroom, he sat down on her small bed and she climbed off to take her usual spot under her covers. Scorpius got up and walked towards the right wall of her bedroom, which was completely dedicated to bookshelves filled with hundreds of famous titles. Scorpius kneeled down to where Avala kept her favorites, the only sill low enough for her to reach.

"What do you want to read tonight Av? Babbitty Rabbitty? A Midsummer Night's Dream? Moby Dick?"

"I want you to tell me a story!" she cried excitedly. Her strawberry blonde curls fell pass her shoulders and bounced as she jumped in anticipation on her bed. She looked so much like Rose, except that Avala did not have any freckles. She was the perfect child, in Scorpius' mind anyways.

Scorpius smiled. "Me? I'm not a very good story teller."

"Please daddy?" she pouted and gave him the same, puppy-dog eyes look again. He rolled his own playfully and sat down on the bed again. Scorpius never got tired of hearing her call him daddy.

"What story do you want to hear?"

Avala twirled her curls and looked at the ceiling, which was covered in an animated mural of the night sky, much like the one in the Great Hall at Hogwarts. "Well," she began after about a minute of pondering. "Is it okay if I just ask you questions and you answer them instead of an official story?"

"Sounds all right to me. Go ahead."

Avala tapped her chin. "Let's see..."

The door behind them squeaked as it opened once more, interrupting Avala's train of thought. A tiny blonde head appeared, sucking on his thumb.

"Can I listen too daddy?" asked his youngest child, Arthur Malfoy. As much as Avala looked like Rose, Arthur looked like Scorpius. With his bright blonde hair and grey blue eyes he was spitting image of his father even at the age of three. The only difference was that he had the large shape of Rose and Avala's eyes, making him the ideal child as well. Scorpius Malfoy had two wonderful children as far as he was concerned.

"Of course you can. Come here Arthur," Scorpius said and Arthur's face lit up as he scampered over to sit on his lap.

"Wait, it's past his bedtime! He should be sleeping!" Avala complained. She had picked up on her mother's pride of abiding by the rules.

"Maybe he just needs a story to fall asleep to, like you Av. Now, what's your first question?" Scorpius asked as he repositioned his son on his lap.

"Why does Grandfather think I'm so special just because I'm a girl?" she asked curiously and started tugging at her hair again.

"You were the first ever baby girl born directly into the Malfoy line." Scorpius smiled as she giggled when he tickled her side. "You're special!"

She nodded in understandment, brightening up a bit at the compliment as Arthur piped up. "What about me daddy? Am I special too?"

"You're named after mum's great grandfather, Arthur Weasley. He's the whole reason your mum and I are married you know."

"Really? Why?" Avala asked.

"Yeah, why?" Arthur repeated. He had a tendency to always play the 'dragon see, dragon do' game with his older sister.

"Erm, we had some family differences in the past." Scorpius rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. This wasn't exactly the time he wanted to discuss the war and his ancestry with his kids.

"What house will I be in at Hoggywarts?" Arthur said suddenly.

"The sorting hat decides that. I was in Slytherin while mummy was in Gryffindor."

"Slytherin is a scary name," Avala said. "And Gryffindor sounds like Griffin Dorell down the street. He's mean, he makes fun of my hair and says I don't have a soul."

"I want to be a Hufflepuff!" Arthur cried and started jumping up and down on the bed. "Then I can huff and puff and blow the three little pig's house down!"

Scorpius laughed as Avala grabbed his hands and joined him. "I was to be a Ravenclaw because then I'll be as sharp as the talons of a bird!"

Scorpius watched with pride as his two kids giggled and screamed, having the time of their life just by jumping on a bed. They were a constant reminder of how the simple things in life meant so much to him.

"Oh I have a question!" Avala cried and flopped back down on the bed. Arthur did the same. "When can I get my first broomstick?"

"When you're old enough," Scorpius said for about the hundredth time that day. "It doesn't matter how many times you ask me Av, my answer won't change."

"A girl can dream," Avala huffed and Scorpius tried his hardest not to crack a smile so he wouldn't get his hopes up.

"Why can cousin Jacoby change the color of his hair and eyes?" Arthur questioned. Avala sat up immediately and completely forgot she was supposed to be mad.

"Jacoby is a metamorphmagus, which means he can change his appearance at will, just like Great Uncle Teddy," Avala explained knowledgably. She loved knowing the answer to everything.

"Why can't Uncle Albus and Auntie Lilah do it too?" Arthur asked in reply.

"It's not hereditary," Avala pointed out, wearing a smug expression from using a big word.

"Meaning not everyone in the family will have it," Scorpius explained to his son and Arthur nodded in understandment.

"I have a question. How much do you love mommy?" called a voice from behind them, but he did not need to turn about to know who it belonged to. It was a voice that had warmed his dreams and reality for the past fifteen years, a voice that made his heart flutter with every syllable and inflection. A voice that belonged to his soul mate, his true love, and the mother of his children.

"To the end of the universe and back," Scorpius smiled and held out a hand for Rose to hold. She smiled at him and took it, keeping the other on her stomach protectively.

"What are you going to name my new baby sister?" Avala jumped off the bed and hugged her mother around her knees, careful not to knock Rose over. Rose rubbed her stomach and laughed.

"It could be a baby boy you know," Rose asked and let go of Scorpius' hand to pick up her daughter. "And then you would have another little brother!"

"And I won't be the youngest!" Arthur cheered. "So what will his name be?"

"If it's a boy, Ronald."

"Like Grandpa?"

"Exactly. And if it's a girl, well who knows?" Rose shrugged and smiled at the girl in her arms. "Alright, I think it's time you two got to bed."

"I don't want to!" Arthur complained and made a face that even a man with no mouth would smile at before yawning widely. "I'm not tired at all!"

"Tell that to your warm bed," Scorpius chuckled and threw his son over his shoulder, making him laugh and scream. "Rose, will you-?"

"On it," she saluted and put Avala down in her bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. Scorpius grinned at the scene in front of him before carrying Arthur to the room next door. He gently threw his son on his Appleby Arrow comforter from a distance high enough to make him squeal but not even close to hurting him. Arthur immediately crawled under the covers and yawned again.

"I thought you weren't tired," Scorpius said as he tucked him in.

"I'm not." Arthur yawned once more and shut his eyes. Scorpius kissed his son on the head fondly.

"I love you Arthur."

"I love you daddy."

Scorpius smiled and left the room, quietly shutting the door behind him. Avala's door was closed also, so he made his way towards the master bedroom. He saw Rose was already in bed, reading as expected.

"Hi," he said as he crawled in next to her, putting a hand on her large stomach. She closed her book and looked at him.


"You know what?"


"We have a pretty damn good life."

Rose laughed and cuddled up next to her husband. "I'm reminded of that every single second of every single day."

"I love you Rose. Always have, always will."

"I think my stomach is enough proof of that," she countered and he laughed. "I love you too, just as much, if not more."

"We're really going to start this again?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Bring it on," she flicked her eyebrows and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

"I love you as much as Romeo loved Juliet," he sighed and tucked a red curl behind her ear.

"I love you as much as the moon loves the stars." She traced a finger down his stomach.

"Well I love you…" he began and finished by kissing her passionately. It still felt the same as when he first did it in their fifth year, indescribable.

Life was perfect, absolutely and irrevocably perfect.


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