"You had to bring them here?"

From the office chair where he was limply sprawled in total exhaustion, Xander Harris glared back at the older man seated behind his desk and polishing his glasses like crazy after expressing that disbelieving inquiry. At the very end of his patience over every zany occurrence in the last few days, the New Council troubleshooter irately snarled at Rupert Giles, "It wasn't like I could just let them walk around loose, not when they have no idea of what things are like now! I'm telling you, G-man, no matter what prophecies we have in the castle library here might say, there's never gonna be any apocalypse worse than having to escort the Brady family through the LA airport! I had to basically drag the oldest kid along by the scruff of his neck after the third time he laid eyes on some girl dressed in full Britney Spears regalia! Not to mention the perfectly wonderful ten minutes I spent convincing eight people to take off their shoes in order to get past security!"

The British director of the worldwide organization dedicating to protecting humanity from any and all supernatural threats opened his mouth, perhaps about to say something in response, only to be overridden by Xander continuing his lengthy rant. "I knew I shoulda gotten Wils to put a suggestible spell on the passports she magically whipped up for those kooks! Even if she was against this because it might have screwed up their heads even more, after the third hour of them getting on my nerves during our flight, I would've been totally fine with the Bradys getting zapped into obeying everything I told them to do, which at that point was something simple: SHUT THE HELL UP!"

Breathing hard, Xander then grimly stared at a composed Giles leaning back in his chair, as the two people in the office of the Scottish castle headquarters of the New Council waited for the echoes of the younger man's final bellow to finally die down.

Once there was silence again in the room, the former Sunnydale High librarian soothingly spoke to an extremely stressed individual. "Now, Xander, I realize you've had a very trying mission, but you must admit that after close to forty years of being stuck in a time loop caused by a M'zrintan demon, the people you, er, rescued might be somewhat confounded by not only what happened to them, but in also having to re-enter an entirely new world that's completely different from what they were living in during the early 1970's."

"Yeah, yeah, terrible for 'em," unsympathetically groused Xander, sending Giles another evil glower from his red-rimmed single eye. Absently rubbing at his eyepatch covering this missing orb, the survivor of a lifetime spent on the Boca del Infierno added in his grumpiest tone, "I still want to head back to LA and do something even nastier to that damn demon than just chopping off her head! I'm warning you, Giles, I better not come across anybody today in this place wearing a maid's blue uniform, or there might be another unfortunate accident!"

For the first time since Xander stormed into his office several minutes ago, Giles now sent a severe glance at this unimpressed troubleshooter, along with a stern rebuke concerning that man's former statement. "Really, Xander, couldn't you have taken that fiend alive? M'zrintan demons are extremely rare, and there's virtually no reliable information in our records on exactly how they accomplish their temporal magics. Also, we have only rumors and hints about any other possible side effects to the humans unknowingly held captive by those specific creatures. There must surely be something of interest we can learn concerning this, as the Brady family seems to have been under the influence longer than any- What?"

Giles had cut himself off right in the middle of his ruminations to perplexedly ask the last question, all because of the expression of utter incredulity that had just appeared upon Xander's features, at the same time the younger man had shot up straight in his chair to stare at his boss. Shaking his head in pure disbelief, the one-eyed man demanded, "Giles, didn't you check your messages yet today?"

Suddenly feeling worried, Giles waved a hand at the early morning sunlight streaming through the castle's windows into his office, as he warily answered, "You know I've been in London for several days until I teleported back here last night. I wasn't informed of any potential problems when I arrived, so I went to bed and then came to start work, just before you burst in…" Trailing off at seeing a truly evil grin flash over Xander's face, Rupert Giles now groaned, "All right, what's gone wrong now?"