(Ello my friends. Just to be clear. This is in the future. Henry and Fern are both around 15 or 16. It is spring. I Will add the next chapter if I get a few good reveiws ^^ Or atleast one so, read! Sorry the chapters abit short .)

Fern and Henry Fussy walked hand in hand down the old dirt road towards her Uncle Zuckermans farm.

"Why must we visit that pig again, Fern?" Henry asked.

"Because, I raised him from a baby piglet, and I want to see him. He's old, Henry!" Fern replied.

Fern and Henry had been dating for a while now. It was a simple relationship. They where only teens, it was nothing serious, really. Fern and Henry walked up onto the porch and walked inside.

"Hi Uncle Zuckerman!" Fern said to her uncle.

"Well, Hello Fern! Nice seeing you here! Oh, how youve grown!" He replied. He gently patted her head. Henry smiled.

"Hello, Mr. Zuckerman." Henry said. nodded at him.

"Hello, Henry! You two been having fun this spring?" asked. Henry and Fern nodded.

"Lots! We went swimming at the creek with a few other friends just the other day!" Fern told him.

"I bet it was still pretty cold! Your still in school, so being able to play is worth alot." He replied. Henry stood there, listening to them talk. poured some lemonade and gave them a glass. Fern sipped her lemonade.

"Oh it was! And, yeah.." she said with an innocent smile.

"So what brings you kids here to an old farm?" Ferns uncle asked with a smile.

"Fern wanted to see Wilbur." Henry said. 's smile dissapeared. He looked down.

"Have you seen the newspaper, Fern..?" He asked. His voice was cold.

"No..Why? Uncle Zuckerman, whats wrong? Wheres Wilbur!" Fern said quickly. Her eyes darted around the room and she spotted a newspaper. Fern ran over and picked it up. She read the headline and instantly burst to tears.

"W-Wilburs..D-Dead? How! Uncle Z-Zuckerman, How! N-No! He's a-alive!" You could see mascara smear around her eyes and run down her cheeks with her tears. Henry was dieing seeing her this way. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, but she pushed him away.

"Fern..Now honey..Everything dies sometime..I will, Your parents will, Henr-" was cut off by Fern screaming at him.

"NO! YOUR LIEING! WHERES WILBUR!" Fern yelled at her Uncle. Before he could anwser she ran outside. Henry followed her outside.

"WILBUR!WHERE ARE YOU!" Fern sobbed. Henry grabbed her wrist and pulled her into an embrace. "Shh...Its okay...Fern.." Henry said. Fern shook her head and buried her face into his chest.

"No..He can't be..I love him!" Fern sobbed. She pushed away and jumped into Wilbur's old pigpen. All she found was his first place blue ribbon. Fern held it to her chest and sobbed harder.

Today couldn't be worse..