The next morning, Fern woke up early to feed the young runt. She warmed the milk, and bottle fed him like she did the night before and when she had Wilbur. He sucked down all of the milk. After she fed him, she decided to go tell Henry what had happened. She picked up Wilbur and sat him on her bed. She changed out of her nightgown into a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. Fern then wrapped the little runt in a baby blanket and walked outside.

"Your going to meet your daddy, Wilbur.." she softly whispered to the runt, giggling.

Fern walked slowley down the sidewalk, looking at the newly bloomed flowers and blossoming trees, the little runt nuzzled against her chest. It was still chilly out, but Fern felt wonderful. She felt like she had when she was just a young girl, saving the first Wilbur from from her father. Fern took the dirt road up to Henry's house. She walked up to his house, tiny clouds of dirt forming with every step she took and knocked on the door. Utter silence. Again, she knocked, this time abit harder. Henry opened the door. The first thing he noticed was the small runt in Ferns arms.

"What is that, Fern?" He said, sounding almost alarmed. Fern held Wilbur out.

"Its Wilbur. My uncle let me keep him, and I thought, maybe you'd like to see him." Fern said, smiling like a little girl.

Henry looked somewhat disgusted, and Fern could definently see it in his eyes.

"Fern..You have to let Wilbur go! Hes passed on, and theres nothing we can do about it. So lets just take the runt to the farm, where he can be put to use." Henry said calmly.

Fern shook her head, and slightly glared at Henry.

"I can't believe you'd say that, Henry! Wilbur is my runt. My baby. You just told me to give him away! I cant believe you! You know im taking this hard, your supposed to support me you stubborn ass!" Fern yelled.

Henry just shook his head.
"Fern, your the one being stubborn.." Henry said.

He was only upsetting Fern more. Her eyes glowed with a growing hatred.

"If I cant have Wilbur then...then... Its over! There, I said it!" Fern said.

Henry's expression didnt change much. He seemed abit worried, but he tried to hide it.
"Now now..Fern. You'd be lost without me. I am the one that fought your fights, and has been helping you." He said softly.

Ferns face looked disgusted.

"Well, watch me fight my own fights and care for myself, because, its. Over." Fern said, turning around and leaving Henry with a surprised expression. The runt hid his face in Ferns chest, wondering if he was the reason Fern was so sad. Tears feels from Ferns cheeks, and onto Wilburs back as they walked down the dirt road, and back to Ferns house.