Title: When a Berry and Cheerios Collide
Fandom: Glee
Pairings: Rachel Berry /Santana Lopez/ Quinn Fabray
Rating: NC-17 for and shameless porn.

Warning: Girl!Peen so if that's not your thing you may want to move on.
Word Length: 8,000+
Summary: Santana and Quinn finally get the girl. WARNING G!P/ Femslash
I do not own Glee, Fox and Ryan Murphy do. I only own the perversions in my head.
Spoilers: Through Britney/Brittany to be safe but things have been switched up. The cheerios haven't joined glee for starters.

A/N: First G!P so I hope it is well received. Thanks a bunch to my beta, cuchaterrible14 for all of your help.

When a Berry and Cheerios Collide

The blonde head cheerleader slammed her head back with her eyes tightly clinched together. It never ceased to amaze her how magical the girl in front of her could make her feel. It was like nothing she'd ever been able to duplicate. "Thank you non-existent gag reflex," she thought as she lifted her head back up and allowed her eyes to flutter open once more. The sight of all that long chestnut hair bobbing up and down in front of her was all the push she needed. "Damn baby," she husked as she felt her release come on full force. "Drink it all up for me." She went on to say as she fisted her companion's hair.

Watching her little songbird greedily gulp the white ropes purging from her seven and a half inch member nearly sent Quinn over again; my how she loved that Rachel Berry strived for perfection in nearly every avenue of her life. That talented little mouth of hers was just as good at this as it was at belting out a ballad or rambling out some rant. It was kind of eerie that she and Santana of all people would be able to indulge in the benefits.

Rachel licked the last of the cum off of her girlfriend before letting the rigid cock drop from her mouth and licking her lips. "You have no idea how much I've missed that cock baby," The tiny diva smiled wide eyed with a giggle as she made her way up to her feet. "I hate cheer camp."

Quinn lifted a brow, "Nice to know that you missed my cock," she said sarcastically.

"I'll have you know that I missed every last inch of you. Not to mention my fiery girl, who is late I might add?" Rachel said the last part of the statement with a little annoyance. "The two of you cannot just turn a girl into a cock-slut and leave her to her own devices for two weeks while you both get to have all kinds of fun without her, then not expect her to be eager to put one in her mouth when she finally gets it home."

Quinn laughed at her girl's dramatics before leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. "Come on babe. You know that it's never quite that good without you."

Rachel gave a little huff and crawled onto her bed before lying down flat on her back. "Sure." the singer deadpanned.

"The sheer lack of pussy makes it impossible."

"Please," Rachel scoffed. "You two were surrounded by cheerleader vagina."

"But we only want one of the Berry variety. As a matter of fact I can think of someone who would like to be surrounded by it right now," Quinn smirked.

Rachel rolled her eyes at the cheesy statement but the wetness that had been pooling between her legs all but demanded her to give in. "Well I suggest that you get to work Miss Fabray," she said, spreading her perfectly toned legs apart.

"Now this is how to greet a girl." Both girls looked to the bedroom door where a cocky Santana stood, leaning up against the frame with a grin. "A girl's a little late and her girlfriends start the fun without her."

"It is about time," Rachel huffed incredulously from her position on the bed. "Your lack of punctuality was putting a damper on this reunion. Do you know how much I've missed you?"

"I'm sorry, babe. My mom decided she wanted to have a mother daughter moment before she let me out of the house again. Looks like you're making up for lost time with Blondie over there," The Latina said in a joking tone.

"Yeah and this little powwow is keeping Blondie from another mind blowing orgasm so either get over here and reunite with our girl the right way, or talk while my dick requites itself with her pussy all on its own."

"Like hell," Santana shot Quinn her devil smirk. "It's been two weeks since I've been inside our baby." The dark haired cheerleader walked over and jumped on the bed next to Rachel, already fumbling with her rapidly tightening jeans.

"I feel like it is only fair if you both take me at the same time," Rachel said firmly. She rarely had power trips when it came to the sex. She was usually a pretty good submissive, trusting that anything that her lovers did would benefit her to the fullest, and they usually did; however after having to go two weeks without either of her girlfriends inside of her, she felt the need to assert some authority over what she wanted.

"No complaints from me," Santana husked, winking at Quinn.

"Me neither, babe," The blonde quickly followed, looking down at the girl who'd now closed her legs and began rubbing her thighs together at the thought of being filled from both entrances by her cheerleaders. "I can't wait to feel that tight little pussy riding me." Rachel merely whimpered at the words.

"Why's it assumed that I'm the one giving it to her in the ass?" Santana questioned, not aggressively, just out of genuine curiosity. She actually really liked fucking the little brunette's ass.

"Oh please you love it!" Quinn replied. "Besides, in the alphabet Q is in front of R and S always brings up the rear." The blonde head cheerleader laughed at her own jest, while the girl awaiting entrance merely groaned in annoyance, both at the joke and at being made to wait.

"Are you trying to ruin the mood here?" Santana's facial expression nearly matched that of her smaller counterpart. "Don't ever say that shit again, Fabray!"

"Fine, fine," The tallest of the three chuckled. "But you're the one asking the dumb ass questions when we could be fucking our girl's brains out."

The Latina took another glance down at Rachel and deeply inhaled at the wanton dark look in the girl's eyes. "I'm so getting in that ass!"

Had any one of the girls been told three and a half years prior that they would be carrying on like this, well; Quinn would have probably ordered a slushy facial against them, Santana would have used physical intimidation to shut them up, and Rachel would have spent the better part of an hour ranting about how it was not at all plausible.

It wasn't that the attractions weren't there. It was that none of them had the metaphorical balls to act on it. Rachel figured that the two Cheerios were too invested in their popularity to have anything to do with her. She had been sure that Quinn snuck looks her way, however there was no way the Christian Chastity Queen, who made it a point to openly hate her since the ninth grade, was going to do more than look, well until she knew better that is.

Santana obviously liked the ladies because even though she constantly denied it, it was evident that she and Brittany had been sexually involved (It took some time for Rachel to realize that they'd eventually added another to their trysts). But hooking up with a girl equal to you on the popularity chain and hooking up with the lowest of the low, were two completely different things.

It was a month before freshman year when Judy Fabray had finally insisted that Quinn have a checkup to make sure her teenaged hormones were in balance. Her daughter had finally seen it fit to inform her that it had become more 'active'. It had been there from the beginning, but it had always just been something between her legs. It was an inconvenience used to urinate and that was pretty much it, but then it started reacting, getting stiff at the sight of girls. Well, one girl in particular.

It had been ages since she'd had to go to one of these appointments. When she was younger, she and her mother had to go all the way to Chicago to see a specialist for her specific condition. Recently, however, a specialist had set up a practice in Cincinnati. He only worked in Ohio two days out of the month, though he knew how to be discrete about these matters.

Quinn leaned into the back of her chair nervously fidgeting her hands as her mother looked over a magazine. Other than her mom, she hadn't discussed with anyone about her extra appendage. She was jerked out of her nerves when she heard "Quinn, what the he….I mean, what brings you here," Santana stumbled through the sentence as she took note of Judy sitting next to her daughter.

"I'm um…well…." Quinn looked over to her mother. "Mom, I'm going to go chat with my friend here. Can you get me when it's my turn?"

"Sure Quinnie," was the plucky reply.

Quinn dragged the Latina over to a corner of the room. "Look you can't tell…..wait, what are you doing here."

"I gather the same thing you are blondie locks."

"Somehow I doubt it," the blonde replied.

"Who knows?"

"Excuse me?" Quinn asked perplexed.

"Who knows you're rockin' the man-meat?"

"I don't know what you are talking about," Quinn said incredulously.

"Save it," the raven-haired girl said as she held up her right hand. "My parents and Britts know. I'll gut you like a pig if you ever repeat it."

Quinn took a deep sigh and said, "Only my mom…. Dad is kind of in denial about the whole thing." The girl rolled her eyes at her own words. "He has been for like over fourteen years now. I guess you know now too."

They'd met at cheer camp though they hadn't been close. Having such a huge mutual secret had a way of bonding people so it was inevitable that they would become close friends. Along with Santana and Brittany (who came with the Latina as a packaged deal) the three set about climbing their way to the top of the school totem pole.

Quinn had known Rachel in passing during middle school and had been friendly towards her at the time, though they had never been friends. It was kind of hard to hang around a girl that had a way of making you feel physical and emotional things you'd never felt before. She tucked and taped, but whenever she was around the other girl, her dick became almost unbearably painful. The singing didn't help either. Whenever she heard the other girl sing it always brought a goofy smile to her face that she was certain would betray her.

So while the brunette singer had been on her mind, in her dreams, and in her waking fantasies for a long while, she hadn't made it on to their radar as a group until the very first day of freshman year. Not until Santana got caught staring at Rachel's ass in that way too short plaid skirt she'd been sporting.

Hillary Thomas was Captain of the Cheerios at the time and never passed up the opportunity to belittle the newly instated freshman Cheerleaders, or anyone else for that matter. "Your Dyke is showing, Lopez," the senior redhead smirked before taking a sip of her Lime slushy.

The Latina stiffened at being called out but quickly recovered. "I was just trying to figure out how she managed to leave the house in that atrocity," she said coolly.

Quinn, wanting to back up her new friend and relieved that it hadn't been her to be caught, cut in by saying, "I mean it's like cruel to force our eyes to look at that. It's like a train wreck. Drag queens have better taste than that."

Those words did the trick. "She probably is one," Hillary laughed. I bet she comes with fully working parts, complete with treasure trail." She waited for Rachel to turn around and defend herself but it didn't happen. Both Quinn and Santana felt hurt by the irony of the words, though they would never even admit it to each other.

Another random cheerleader spoke up, "RuPaul would be offended." The girl snickered.

"I heard she has two gay fathers," another cheerio sneered. "You'd think they'd teach her how to dress."

One by one the cheerleaders tried to impress the head Cheerio with random demeaning comments pointed toward the girl.

Brittany had been the only one to keep silent, except to whisper into Santana's ear that they were being really mean. Her best friend simply whispered back that it had to be that way if they wanted to stay on top in high school and keep their secrets intact. The blonde dancer only nodded.

"Hey, Man-Hands," Hillary shot to the girl still standing at the next table with her back to the group of cheerleaders. "You in the granny sweater." Rachel continued to ignore them. Hillary hated not getting a reply. She was much too important in the walls of McKinley to be ignored.

"I know you hear me talking to you, tranny," she hissed even louder, still no acknowledgement. "Okay then, if you want to play it that way," this time she spoke more quietly, placing a grin back on her face.


"Yes," Quinn gulped.

"Why don't you take this over to hobbit and get her attention?"

She knew she was in no place to reject the command, so Quinn took a deep breath and nodded her compliance. She took the proffered cup and slowly walked over to the little brunette in the unicorn sweater. She took one more look back at the group behind her before lifting up the cup and pouring the contents over the other girl's head. "Answer when people more important than you are speaking to you." Quinn watched as the frozen corn syrup made it down the small girl's body, surely staining her white tights. Rachel turned to face her with wide hurt eyes that pierced the blonde more than she'd ever thought possible. She returned a small apologetic look, but the hurt in those doe eyes was planted firm, even if she did plant a smile on her face. Soon all that was left of the girl's presence was a tiny trail of green liquid leading out of the cafeteria. That set the course of Rachel's life at school for the next two and a half years.

Quinn gladly took the official title as HBIC when Coach Sylvester told the blonde that she'd be taking over as head cheerleader in her sophomore year (Even younger than her oh so perfect, non-penis having older sister, Jennifer had) and Santana slipped into the role of second in command, while Brittany went about looking pretty by the Latina's side. They were the youngest to ever usurp that kind of power at WMHS, and completely earned the title of The Unholy Trinity by striking fear into all that dared rub them the wrong way.

Miss Rachel Barbra Berry was the one to command special attention from the pair. Sure they were bitches to most of the other students, but Quinn and Santana couldn't stop themselves from continuing with what had started the year previously when it came to the annoying dwarf with the big voice. Brittany went along with her friends to an extent; however, the other two had gone out of their way to be specifically cruel most days.

The Myspace comments on Rachel's videos were probably the cruelest they'd been. They'd taken to written scathing comments that hurt to even look at. It started a few months into freshman year once Hillary caught wind of their existence. In turn so did the other cheerleaders.

Everyone in school seemed to have jumped on the 'let's screw with Rachel Berry bandwagon', except for Jewfro, who the cheerios so weren't worried about, and the football quarterback Finn Hudson, who had taken to making eyes at Rachel. Even worse it appeared as if Rachel was making eyes back at him. Quinn could not allow this to happen.

After complaining to Santana about what she thought was to come, the other cheerleader suggested Quinn snatch him up first. She knew it was wrong to take away the one person in the school that could be an ally to the brunette but she couldn't help herself. She was going to get Finn before he got Rachel because she just couldn't stand the thought of them together. So with encouragement from her second in command, she went for it.

It didn't take much. All it took was a simple suggestion and Finn had fallen right into her trap. She had to admit that he was also a great cover. She had joined the chastity club to appease her father as well as keep boys at bay, but by dating Finn she could make sure nobody suspected that she had a thing for Rachel. The club would help her explain to Finn that he wasn't allowed to do anything with her below the belt. Unfortunately she had to kiss the dimwit here and there so it wasn't like she didn't get punished for her manipulations.

Rachel's clothing style left a lot to be desired. The sweaters and argyle was often the top of the list when she was being insulted. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany had a way reminding her on a regular basis just how horribly she dressed, though they all usually snuck a peek at the singer's legs during the insults. In private Santana would mutter things like, "How does something so short have legs like that?" and the tall dancer at her side would usually make a comment about how 'long legs make sexy times so much more fun.' Quinn would blush and try not to say anything. It was the norm and the blonde could handle that. What she could not handle was Rachel and her experimentations.

Ever since that damn glee club was reincarnated, she had been forced to watch Rachel prance around in skimpy outfits. Okay, so it only happened every so often, but it seemed like every day to Quinn and Santana.

They watched the "Push It" performance with vigor. Quinn was hypnotized by the way Rachel gyrated and moved with even more sex appeal than Quinn could ever remember. The cheerleader saw only the brunette as she swung her hips all over the place. She'd felt a heat rush over her in ways she couldn't describe as the performance came to an end. She had to get out of there. The locker room was the place she figured she'd get the most privacy. No one would be using it for the next forty five minutes and what she had planned wouldn't take quite that long.

Sitting on the bench next to her cheerleading locker, Quinn worked her underwear and spankies to her ankles, giving her cock some room to breathe. She reached into her duffle bag grabbing a small bottle of hand lotion and squirting it into her palm. After rubbing her hands together she leaned back, grabbing a hold of her member and slowly started pumping. Quinn moaned as thoughts of the little singer grinding about filled her head. She began to go faster, losing herself in her own world before being cut away from it by a "Shit Q!" Santana chuckled at the sight. "I know Berry had you all hot and bothered, but you could have at least used a stall for that."

Quinn was full of embarrassment. Her pale skin became absolutely flushed.

"But San you said that Rachel's dancing made you want to do things too. That's why we're in here right?" The Dutch girls stated confused.

The cheerleading captain arched an eyebrow. "Is that so?"

"Just because she dresses crappy doesn't mean she's not hot. There are some things I wouldn't mind doing to that hot little dw…" Santana started.

"You're a perv," Quinn interrupted.

"Says the girl caught with her spankies down," the Latina threw back.

"You have one like San's. Hers is a different color though and it's just a little bigger," Brittany said as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Their sizes had always been the one thing Santana won out on and she loved knowing it. Quinn let her friend have that over her because, A: there was nothing she could do to change it and B: Quinn tended to win out on most everything else between the two of them. "Can we play with Q too?" asked the taller cheerleader, looking over at her best friend.

Santana leered at the shorter blonde with dark eyes. "What do you say, Q? Britt here wants you to play too. She's really good with her hands and I know you wouldn't want to disappoint her." Nobody with half a heart or brain ever wanted to disappoint the tall blonde.

Quinn's pride had checked out the moment she was caught trying to get herself off so all she could manage was a nod. That night she relieved the football player of his boyfriendly duties because there was no way she was going to kiss Finn again after all she'd done with her two friends. It just wouldn't compare.

It was the beginning of junior year when Quinn and apparently Santana had had enough. Brittany had started dating Artie and refused to participate in anything sexual with the other girls anymore. They were all still friends but that was the extent of their new relationship. The cheerleading captain and surprisingly, her feisty right hand woman, were supportive but on days like this it made for two even crankier cheerleaders.

Rachel had that damn Britney Spears outfit on. "What the hell is that all about?" The blonde cheerleader thought to herself. Quinn watched as Puck leaned into Rachel at her locker that morning. Later she looked on as Finn picked the small girl up and man handled her over his shoulder like some caveman. Santana was the one to have the unfortunate experience of walking in to her almost empty chemistry classroom looking for her misplaced folder, getting an eyeful of Rachel's devoted stalker masturbating to….Yeah, she'd done the same thing over the same girl but it seemed so much less creepy when she did it.

At lunch they saw the other girl make her way into the restroom. They silently agreed to stomp in after her. "OUT!" Santana yelled with ferocity at the few girls admiring themselves in the bathroom mirror.

The girls scattered without argument and Rachel went to make her leave as well when Quinn grabbed her arm. "Not you!"

When the three of them were alone, the Latin cheerleader checked all the stalls to assure that they were truly by themselves, while Quinn made her way to the door and made sure to lock it before whipping her body back around to meet the Brunette's chocolate gaze. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She hissed. "Prancing around school like some common whore? This one really takes the cake. I guess all those other little outfits you've been trying out were just practice for this, huh?" She was angry. Not justifiably so, but that didn't negate that she was in fact pissed.

"I don't understand," Rachel said frantically. "How is what I'm wearing offending you?"

"There are guys macking on you like some random piece of ass. Jewfro is doing things that have scarred me for life and all because of this," The Latina pointed at the brunette. "What the hell is wrong with you this year? Dressing like a little slut, letting everyone in this school ogle you?" Both members of the tag team were seeing shades much darker than red.

"I wanted to look pretty for once," Rachel said looking deflated. "Is that so wrong?"

Hearing those words was like having a two by four slap Quinn upside her head. Okay, so she kind of needed a slap in the face. "Oh god, Rachel. I'm so fucked up," the blonde said through surfacing tears. "You are so beautiful. You always have been."

Opting not to take the mushy rout, the second in command said, "You're a hottie, Berry."

"Oh, really," the singer shot back, distain lacing her voice. "You could have fooled me with all of the comparisons to the male sex, and the insults to my body. Oh and let's not forget the unflattering naked pictures you draw of me."

Neither girl had heard Rachel defend herself in this tone. It took them aback, but Quinn couldn't help but smirk a little. She looked over to Santana who's already dark eyes began to darken even more. "Calm down, Berry," said the blonde.

"I will not calm down!" The little brunette seethed. "I have been nothing but calm for over two years where the two of you are concerned. You have done nothing but treat me in the most disrespectful manner and now you come in here and have the audacity to tell me that I can't try to improve my attire? Haven't you been telling me to alter my wardrobe all this time?"

"To look presentable, not like some working girl about to meet a john," Santana spat.

"Go to hell!"

"I thought Jews didn't believe in hell?" Quinn replied.

"For the two of you I imagine I can make an exception," the brunette snarled.

"Wow, she's got claws and she's finally using them," The Latina Cheerio stated with a chuckle.

Rachel leaned in close to the other dark haired girl. "If I was going to use my claws, Santana," she said in a low husky voice. "I would have exposed the extra little packages you and Quinn hide under those cheerleading skirts."

The smug grins quickly fell from the cheerleader's faces. "How di…"

Before Santana could finish Rachel began to answer. "You should really make sure nobody else is around when you use the locker room for an orgy. Some loser might catch you in the act," The singer said sardonically. Now it was her turn to look cocky. "Don't worry. If I were going to tell anyone I would have by now. I'm not like that."

"Why not?" Quinn questioned, causing Santana to shoot her a look that said 'don't you dare fucking test her.'

"Because despite the fact that you have spent so much time saying that I myself have male genitalia, I don't wish to be so cruel as to expose such a delicate matter," she huffed.

"You should. You should want to hurt us," this time Santana was on the receiving end of the look.

"I really want to," the diva confessed. "I wish it was easy for me to hate you but…I just…" Her voice trailed off as she began to inspect herself in the mirror.

"You just what?" Quinn finally asked concern all over her voice.

"I just…I," Rachel whipped her body around and looked back and forth between the two other girls.

"Rachel, just say it," Santana said annoyed.

At hearing her given name trickle from the Latina's lips, the tiny singer flew across the restroom and latched her own pair upon them. Santana greedily drank in the kiss, searching for entrance with her tongue. Rachel quickly granted her access while the Latina's hands roamed over the shorter girls hips.

Quinn felt almost like an intruder at the sight of her best friend and her dream girl making out, but in the end the arousal between her legs won out.

Rachel finally broke the embrace, panting for air. "If you're going to wake up and realize that you want to kill me after this, I ask that you please refrain from hitting my nose." She was aroused but not completely stupid. All the dark haired cheerleader could think to do in response was kiss the aforementioned nose lightly.

The blonde cleared her throat to remind the other two of her presence. "Don't let me interrupt," she said dryly.

"Come here Quinn," Rachel demanded in a tone that had the blonde captain immediately doing as she was told. As soon as she got within reaching distance the brunette singer was tugging at her uniform and pulling her into an equally searing kiss. "The earlier statement applies to you as well," she said once their lips parted.

"Trust me when I say that I will not mess up that pretty nose," the blonde smiled.

They all stood staring back and forth at one another for a good five minutes, not quite sure how to proceed.

"What the hell took you two so long?" Rachel finally spoke.

"What do you mean?" both the other girls spoke in unison.

"I've been dressing like this on and off for months now. I didn't think it would be that easy but I thought for sure once Brittany cut you ladies off, at least one of you would head my way fairly quickly."

"You did this shit to us on purpose?" Santana asked dubiously.

"And the whole time you knew we could get hard-ons?" Quinn found that she was irritated and aroused at the admission.

"Well, you kind of deserved it," the brunette giggled. "If it didn't work this time I had every intention of perusing other avenues."

"As in who?" Quinn growled and Santana glared.

"Well Noah was next on my list, but if I got really desperate for some release, I guess I could have gone to Finn again." The brunette wasn't taunting them. She was merely stating facts.

The idea of the Man whore of McKinley all over Rachel doing god knows what, well that just pissed the head cheerleader off to no end. Her inner dialogue came to a stop when all of what the shorter girl had said completely registered. "Wait! Go to Finn? AGAIN? What the hell did you do with Finn?"

"Do I really need to go into detail?"

Quinn nearly insisted upon it but she thought better of it.

"When?" Santana scowled.

"About a month ago. I swear I never would have done anything while the two of you were dating," she assured, looking over at the blonde.

"Why him of all people? He isn't worth your time of day," Quinn spat.

"He was worth yours," Rachel shot back in aggravation.

"He helped with the popularity thing and…"

"And what?" Rachel hissed back.

"We wanted to keep him away from you. But then he got too handsy and Q couldn't take it anymore," the raven-haired cheerleader said a little lighter. "You didn't do anything wrong, Rachel. We just can't stand the idea of him getting all up on you like that."

"Well it's not as if I had a great many options," Rachel deadpanned. "The only boys who have expressed any real interest in me are Puck, Finn and Jacob. Puck has an interest in anything with breasts and Jacob Ben Israel is absolutely out of the question."

"Guys only pretend like they don't want you to save face. They all know we'd give them hell," the blonde said a little too smugly.

"The sheep just don't want to piss us off but for some reason Finn, Puck, and Jewfro keep stepping out of line."

"Well thanks for that," Rachel was getting a little angry again. The blonde was way too cheeky. She had some nerve bragging about how they'd isolated Rachel. "Thanks for making it so hard to find someone that might actually want me!"

Quinn recoiled at the words before realizing how what she'd just said actually sounded. "Of course people want you. Do you know how hard we get just thinking about you? Anytime I see you I want you. Rach, do you know how many times I had to take care of myself just to get through the day?" She winced at her own admission.

"And when you dress like this I can't help but…..Well let's just say if it hadn't been for Q and B, I would have lost my mind most days," Santana added.

"We wanted you there so fucking bad. Poor Brittany started to think her name was Rachel," Quinn chuckled.

"It took like three hours for me to explain things. Then she started calling your name too. I still don't know if it was because she was imagining you, or she just thought that was what she was supposed to call out." Santana could only smile with adoration. She truly did love the Dutch girl. They had been best friends for years; the sexual stuff hadn't started until the eighth grade when they found out how great sweet lady kisses could be. It was another year before those kisses became actual sex and that had been about conveyance.

"I heard during the locker room orgy." The cheerleaders looked at the girl with mildly suspicion, both refraining from asking which particular orgy she was referring to. "I couldn't very well just interrupted you and ask to join. How was I to know that you wouldn't try to kill me?" She asked radically. "I had to settle for voyeurism."

"If we had known that you knew and weren't all freaked out about it, we would have let you. Hell we would have begged you to." Quinn rolled her eyes as if to say 'duh'.

Rachel propped herself up on the counter. "I wanted to," the singer said meekly, suddenly feeling a wave of embarrassment. "I obviously still do."

The head Cheerio walked over to the girl placing herself between her legs, before cupping her face with her hands. Refusing to be left out, Santana walked over and propped herself up next to Rachel before peppering her neck with open-mouthed kisses. The Jewish girl mewed at the soft plump lips on her skin.

"We can't do this here," Rachel said reluctantly after a few minutes. "We've been monopolizing the restroom for nearly the whole lunch period and the bell is surely soon to sound. Eventually someone is going to unlock the door," the brunette husked out between breathy moans.

Santana licked the shell of the singer's ear before quietly saying. "We've just wanted you so bad for so long. Can't we just stay in here and make out with you all day?"

The smaller brunette bucked her hips forward in anticipation. "Is that all you want to do with me? I'm very much enjoying our current activities; however, I was under the impression that you would want me in a far more physical capacity by the end of the day," she said using her innocent voice before looking down at her lap and biting her bottom lip.

The blonde couldn't help but bite her own lip at the statement. The stiffness between her legs had been painful, especially since it was tucked away fighting to get out, but after the other girl's words it had become excruciating of an epic proportion. She shot the Latina a questioning look that was quickly returned with an eager nod. "You're skipping the rest of the day," the cheerleader demanded. "And spare me the lecture about the importance of education." Rachel simply nodded and allowed herself to be jerked by the hand over to the bathroom door. Quinn unlocked it and swiftly dragged the shorter girl through it, Santana hot on their heels. Before Rachel could gather her thoughts she was in the back seat of the HBIC of McKinley's car, fingers intertwined with the second in command's, heading to god knows where.

"Where are we going?" She finally found her voice enough to ask.

The blonde honestly had no idea. All she knew was that she had to get the hell out of that school. "I…I don't know. I guess I should have planned this out a little better," she admitted.

"I suppose I should have as well. I had every intention of seducing you two, though I didn't exactly plan out when and where."

Quinn smiled at that. "My mom is home. How about your parents?"

"We can't chance it. Daddy's working from home this week. Something about needing a break from office politics; and Dad has taken to coming home to have lunch with him," the brunette prattled out.

"My house, Q," Santana spoke up. "My dad's at a medical conference in Akron and Mom's shift at the hospital isn't over until ten. Just park down the block and around the corner so if she comes home early she won't know anyone else is in the house."

Sheer excitement washed over the blonde as she took a right on Alcott Way. She followed her friend's instructions and nearly jumped out of the car once it was parked. The other two quickly joined her and they swiftly walked the rest of the way to the Santana's house. Rachel didn't have time to admire the home. She was pretty much dragged up the stairs by the pair of cheerleaders.

Once in the room the brunette was assaulted with a flurry of kisses and roaming hands. "I… oh wow," she panted. "I should warn you that when Finn and I attempted this I failed to keep him aroused for very long."

"Finnessa's little early arrival problem has nothing to do with you. Ask Q," Santana growled during a brief moment she'd allowed herself to detach her lips from the shorter girls shoulder.

"She's right," The blonde breathed heavily. "He jizzed on himself just watching me bend over to grab my pompoms." She figured she'd leave out the part where he chanted the word 'mailman' just before it happened. "Here, feel," she groused, grabbing Rachel's hand and putting it up against the bulge under her red, white, and black skirt. "That's been there for way too long."

Santana pressed herself up against the other brunette's backside, revealing her own arousal. "That's what you do to us," she husked, before making her way over to the bed she'd shared with her two best friends on a number of occasions. She quickly removed her uniform as she viewed Quinn stripping the singer of her sexy outfit, leaving only the girl's skirt and underwear on. The cheerleaders admired the girl's breasts with wonder. They weren't too big, nor were they too small. They were just the right size to cup in ones hands (A fact that Quinn was happy to prove just before grazing her thumb over a dusky erect nipple).

Rachel blushed and looked to her feet. "Hey none of that," Quinn cooed. "You have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Hell no you don't," Santana added from her bed, proudly displaying the eight inches between her legs. "Come here and have a seat."

The diva did as she was told, sitting hip to hip with the other girl on the bed. Quinn began to shed her own uniform at the sight of the pair on the bed. She was all kinds of relieved to give her throbbing dick some freedom.

Santana reached over and guided her hand under the other girl's skirt, running her hands over her panties. "Shit Rachel, I think these are ruined," she smirked. "You gotsta feel this, Q." Rachel threw her head back and stared at the ceiling above her.

Quinn walked over to the other girls and slipped onto her knees before Rachel, emulating the Latina's actions. At feeling the drenched fabric, the blonde couldn't help but smile. "Aww, you're soaked baby. Now you know some of what we've been going through."

"This isn't the first time," the singer moaned at the second touch.

"Take them off," the blonde demanded forcibly.

With a little help from the Latina, Rachel slipped her now ruined pink lacy panties down her thighs and off her ankles, leaving an exposed glistening slit. It was amazing how the real thing overrode any vision that she'd had in her head. She'd mainly imagined it covered in a dark patch of curls but she could now see that it was bare. "Can I? She asked unable to finish the question.

"Somebody better," the diva gruffly whimpered, lightly swiping her fingers across Santana's mushroom head. Thankfully both of the Cheerios were circumcised. Finn hadn't been and the sight of his penis slightly disturbed her.

The blonde decided that since Santana got the first kiss, she deserved to be the first to be inside of Rachel. "Scoot to the middle Rachel." She watched as the girl did as she was told with sheer giddiness. When the smaller girl was settled, legs spread wide she positioned herself hovering over her, one hand on the cool sheets, steadying her body and the other one guiding her dick to its destination. Santana grunted at the sight of the blonde slowly entering the girl they'd both wanted to claim for so long. "Is this okay?" the cheerleader asked with a moan as her cock worked its way inside of Rachel's snug, warm walls, an action that inspired the dark haired Cheerio to go about fondling her own smooth brown mounds.

"Mmhmm," was her response. "You don't have to go so slow. I've done this before." Suddenly a vision of Finn taking the girl under her assaulted her mind and she found herself quickly slamming the rest of herself in. After hearing the sharp inhalation of breath, Quinn slowly began to pull out until only the head was left inside. "Please, Quinn," Rachel whined. "Please don't stop."

"How bad do you want it?" Quinn asked in her cocky voice. Santana snickered.

"Real bad," Rachel admitted. "I need you inside so bad." Quinn slammed herself deep inside of her partner and was rewarded with a hiss of pleasure from herself and the singer.

"Damn, Rachel," the blonde began. "You're so tight. Nobody would ever know that you've been slutting around with Finnocence. He must not have had a lot to work with." Now she had achieved an even pace, burying herself deeper and deeper in the other girl.

"He doesn't quite have the same girth as either of you," the brunette panted. "But my vibrator is about your size and my vagina always goes back to its original state." Quinn supposed Rachel's need to ramble should have turned her off but it only succeeded in making her lust that much more intense.

"And who do you think about when you use that vibrator?" Quinn's question was pointed. She knew what she wanted to hear, and Rachel knew she was being tested. Thankfully the honest answer would suffice.

"It's usually one of you. Sometimes Brittany is present as well, but one or both of you is always involved.

Now abandoning her own breasts, the Latina continued sucking on the singer's shoulder while Rachel went on teasing her erection. "And when you were with him?" Quinn couldn't help but push.

"Quinn," the diva said shakily. "Don't make me think about that anymore."

"He could never make you this hot Rach," the blonde said gruffly, slightly slowing her pace.

"Please, "she whimpered out in exhaustion.

"Please what?" Was returned

"Please stop fucking around and make me cum already!"

The other brunette unlatched her mouth from the diva's smooth skin. "Now, now, Rach," Santana said smirking while Quinn was still aghast by what had just come out of the smaller girl's mouth, not for the first time that day. She was shocked but her motions didn't let up. "I never would have guessed before today that you had such a filthy little mouth." She leaned up and bit the girl's bottom lip, causing the recipient to yelp in pleasurable pain. "You've been leading those idiots on, making them think they had a real chance with you, all the while you were just manipulating me and Q." Santana's voice lowered. "That good girl act is such bull shit. You're just a dirty girl aren't you, Miss 'waiting till I'm twenty-five?"

"If I say yes will you let me cum already?" Rachel panted and latched her legs around Quinn's hips.

Quinn knew that the Latina could see that she was close. She'd seen that face too many times not to recognize it.

"What do you think, Q? Should we let her cum, or draw this out a little longer?" The blonde only nodded as she picked the pace up once more. Santana leaned over and glided her middle finger over neglected bundle of nerves fairly lightly, while at the same time taking in the sight of ivory breasts bouncing along with the slightly tanned pair. "You ready?" she asked to nobody in particular.

Quinn was the one to answer a groused "Fuck yes!" She thrust herself deep into the diva, hitting a particularly sweet spot inside, drawing out the sexiest of whimpers from the girl withering beneath her.

Now the Latina pinched the swollen bud with vigor. "Cum for us now!"

Right on cue, Rachel's moist walls tightened and clung to the appendage inside of her. "Fuuuuck Quinn, Oh Quiiiiin," Rachel's legs slackened. At the sound of her name finally being yelled out by the person she'd fantasized about hearing it from the most, Quinn felt herself come crashing down in a fit of ecstasy. Filling the smaller girl with everything she could, she fell on top of the other girl before reluctantly pulling out and landing on the other side of her. Soon she found herself admiring her handiwork. A spent Rachel lying on Santana's bed, still spread-eagle with their juices intertwined looked simply divine in her eyes.

"That was so hot," Santana's voice boomed through the silence that had been occupying the air. "I feel kind of jealous now. Maybe you should blow me," she said only half joking to a satisfied Quinn, who was still looking at the red puffy pussy from her position on the bed. "You did do pretty well," she complimented taking in the sight as well. Rachel couldn't even move and Quinn could only stare and as the Latina cheerleader reached down and ever so lightly slipped a finger between the velvety folds of the girl recovering next to her. It didn't take much for her fingers to return with the blend of essences from the other girls. First she admired the wet mix of milky and clear stickiness on her digits, and then she inhaled the smell of it. She'd smelled Quinn's cum before but it took on a brand new sent when partnered with the singer's. Finally she brought the fingers to her lips, slipping them inside and sucking them clean. "That's the best thing I've tasted in ages," she breathed, still not receiving much of any sign of life from the other pair.

The blonde figured her friend was tired of being on the sidelines. She and Rachel were sated but she knew Santana would feel the need to prove that she was just as valuable to this little group as she was so it didn't surprise her when the other Cheerio settled herself on her knees between still yet to be closed tanned legs. She watched as her second in command trailed a set of rough kisses up the singer's right thigh before she was met with swollen lips. Using her middle and index fingers, Santana parted the other brunette's folds and leaned in to get another taste of what she craved. Her tongue began slow uniform strokes from the entrance to the base of the hood. "Oh San." She heard as the singer was brought out of her stupor, unleashing moans and purrs that the other girls had often longed to hear. This resulted in the dark haired girl swirling patterns around the hood that held the sweet bud, which protruded stiffly once more. Quinn saw Rachel tug at the dark locks between her legs, which seemed to inspire the girl on her knees to hungrily lap at the opening with newfound purpose. A shaky "San," was heard throughout the room. Santana lifted her head to look up at the girl, apparently thinking there was a question somewhere within the moans. She was quickly corrected, however, when Rachel pushed her head back down between her legs, seemingly encouraging her to slurp and suck even more. Rachel took the opportunity to wrap her legs around the Latina's shoulders as she released a muffled cry into Quinn's lips.

"Lick it all up, S," Quinn said once their lips parted. She leered down at her friend's eager tongue. "You see, Rach," Quinn smiled with delight. "This is just a preview. You can have this all the time. You can have me fuck you unconscious. You can have S eat you out like she hasn't eaten in weeks. You can have it the other way around if you'd like. But the thing is you only belong to us."

Santana began to pay special attention to the clit under the softness of her tongue once more. She nipped at it lightly with her teeth. "Shit Santana, yeah keep doing that!" the singer keened.

"That means no more showing off your hot little ass like a whore. You can dress the way you did before. You can even change your wardrobe a bit, but no showing off what's ours." Quinn was dead serious and while Rachel felt she should be offended, she could only get more turned on by the notion of the two cheerleaders claiming her. "If you want to be a slut that's fine but just know, you're our slut. Do you understand?" Rachel didn't answer, choosing instead to focus on what was going on between her thighs. "Santana, come up for air," the blonde demanded.

The Latina stopped her ministrations and looked up at the head Cheerio with glistening lips. The girl on her back whined at the loss of connection. "I need your mouth back on my clitoris, Santana," Rachel growled desperately.

"Not until you say you understand," Quinn said harshly.

"Okay! I understand," she quickly returned.

"Oh no you don't," This time it was Santana. "Tell us that you belong to us now. No more showing off the goods in public. No more of that flirtatious shit with the man-whore and the man-mountain." She placed a finger on the throbbing bud for emphasis and quickly removed it. "I'm not bullshitting here. I need you to say it. Q and I can share with each other, but when it comes to anyone else, we're fucking selfish. We should be enough for you."

"Only yours," Rachel managed. "Nobody else," was uttered as she bucked her hips up hoping to meet with Santana's touch. She was unsuccessful at the attempt.

"And who will you specifically make an extra effort to not flirt with?" Quinn asked tauntingly.

"Puck and especially Finn," she said with jagged wanton breath.

"No one else can give you what we can," Santana reassured. "He could never make you feel this good," the taller brunette finished by burying her face once again into soft wetness.

"So much better than he could ever be," the singer prattled out, tossing her head backwards. "You're both more than enough."

"That's right babe. His pathetic little dick couldn't fill you up like we can. None of them could stretch out that pretty little pussy the right way, our pussy!" Quinn said before taking one of Rachel's hardened nipples into her mouth. She began an alternation of sucking and nipping back and forth between the two peaks causing the glee star to cry out.

"Your pussy," Rachel stammered through haggard breaths. "All yours."

The blonde lifted her head to say, "Go ahead and let go." She pinched at Rachel's right nipple, which along with the harsh suck the brunette felt on her clit, caused her legs to tighten around Santana,

"Shiiiit Saaantanaa!"

Seeing Rachel's face contort nearly made Quinn squeal with delight. "I don't think that look will ever get old on you, baby," she beamed.

Santana came up with her, 'Fuck yeah, I'm that good' face, on in search of some much needed oxygen. She sported a mouth full of excess juices, which Rachel felt compelled to lick away, even if she was extremely drained. Santana had always had a thing for hearing the future star sing but hearing her belt out that high F, and knowing she was the one who caused it, made her feel elated.

"Dare I say that, I would cut back my twice a week viewing of 'Funny Girl' to only once, if it meant I could feel this great at least once a week as well." For the aspiring Broadway star, that was basically saying she'd do anything to keep the arrangement going and for some reason, Quinn thought that was hotter than any declaration that nobody else could fulfill her the way she and her second in command could.

Santana giggled at the words and made herself comfortable, nestling herself next to the little diva. "I think I like that answer even better."

"We're going to take care of you, Rach," Quinn spoke. "There will be some rule changes and I promise we will protect you from all the crap we helped start."

"I'm a badass." The Latina proclaimed, "I'll go all Lima Heights on whoever steps out of line."

"I figured you didn't expect us to go on like this and not keep me safe. Oddly enough I trust you," Rachel said sleepily in return.

Santana placed a brief kiss on the girl's forehead and Quinn did the same. "Good," said the blonde.

"Oh and Santana," Rachel said quietly.

"Yeah, babe?"

"Don't think I forgot about you. I fully plan to reciprocate as soon as I can completely function again. I give awesome blowjobs." The cheerleaders chose not to linger on who the little singer had previously practice her techniques on, and instead drank in the afterglow of what had transpired. Well. Quinn did anyway. She suspected that the other cheerleader was anticipating finding out just how great said blowjobs were.

"I'll bet they are," Santana smiled, appreciating the marks she'd left on Rachel's neck and shoulder.