Naruto: The Shinigami Sage

Summery: What if Naruto was trained by Shinigami? Join as Naruto becomes Deaths greatest Avatar on earth.

The Grim Reaper and hunt the souls of those who wronged him!

This is a Naruto/Harem fic but the rating is mostly violence so don't expect any Lemons. The Harem will be posted next chapter.

Warning!: this fic contains Sasuke bashing on a extreme scale so if you like him don't get offended if I completely destroy him. He is the only character who I dislike. ( reason given at end of chapter )

Chapter 1: Death's apprentice!

Shinigami sighed happily as his lovely wives massaged his aching muscles. He had a bad day at work and all he wanted to do was relax, fool around with his wives and then sleep for a couple of years.

" Oh honey you should relax! Just look at all those knots under your skin!" exclaimed his 152nd wife as she worked on the tense muscles of his shoulders. Her thin fingers sending shivers down his spine. His 789th wife scowled at her twin sister and would not be out-done and leaned down and captured her husbands lips with her own. But sadly the life of the God of Death was interrupted once again. He pushed his wives away as a chakra message entered his mind. He scowled at the message and stood up from the bed and grabbed his robes and hefted his famous war-scythe. He turned sadly to his pouting lovers.

" Sorry my Gardens of Love. I have been called to the living realm but I promise after this job." he said and his wives leaned forward waiting for him to continue. " you shall have me for three hundred years." he finished and he smirked at their dreamy expressions before teleporting to his destination.


Kohana village

The God of Death followed the mob as they chased his quarry through the streets. His black eyes narrowed when he saw passers by trying to stop the child from escaping the crowd trying to kill him.

" I wonder why?" he thought leaping from roof-top to roof-top, unseen to the mortal eye the immortal easily kept up with the crowd as the boy picked up the pace. For some reason Shinigami felt his scythe hunger for blood which had not happened in a millennia when the God of Death banished the fallen one into the abyss known as Limbo. This is becoming interesting.

The boy had hit a dead-end and was now being cornered by the mob. Shinigami summoned his scythe and rested it on his shoulder. He could final see the child's features and was surprised. Blue eyes, bright blonde hair and whisker marks all pulled into a panicked expression.

" Naruto Uzumaki, 6 years old and vessel of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Innocent" Death muttered and was surprised to feel anger swell in his chest and he final realised. This was Kushina Uzumaki's child, the pure soul that he sent to paradise. She was the only women apart from his wives who did not fear him and so he would protect this child he had never met and do something no one had ever done before. Change destiny.

He vanished and was amongst the mob who had begun to attack the child, his scythe carved through them like heat through butter. They exploded in showers of gore that sprayed the street in crimson. To the spectators who wanted to watch the demon die, it seemed as if the assailants just exploded for no reason. Death smiled as he carved them apart. They would not escape his wrath. As he killed he saw their crimes as his blade devoured their souls greedily and he was disgusted.

How could they hurt a innocent child like that? The God of death made a decision then, one that would come and bite Kohana on the ass in the future. Death spun on his heel and his scythe left his hands to cut down the rest of the mob who began to run as it chased them down the street. He lunged and grabbed the child and vanished just as ANBU arrived only to see the scene of a massacre: limbs strewn across the street, guts and intestines hung from windows and some splattered on the dusty ground and enough blood to fill a bath house painted the houses a pretty red.. well the snake masked ANBU thought it was pretty.

. One ninja was so shocked he doubled over and just managed to take off his mask before he lost his dinner.


Immortal realm/Shinigami's home

Shinigami gently placed the shocked boy on his bed. Death smiled slightly as he ruffled the boys hair.

" Your safe now kid." he said lightly. Naruto seemed to relax slightly at the words but still remained tense. Death waited for him to speak, his smile never leaving. After several minutes Naruto finally spoke.

" Who are you?" he asked quietly

" I am Shinigami." was the answer and The God of Death thought the boy would become scared and try to flee, he would understand if that happened. Not many would stand and talk to the master of death.

" Really?" the question caught the god off guard and his eyes widened at the amazed look in the boys eyes.

" Yes. You are not afraid?" Death had to ask amazed slightly.

" Why? Should I be?"

"No. Not at all Naruto-kun. Anyways I bet your wondering why I brought you here." Death said and could not help but chuckle at the boys expression of pure wonder. Naruto did not feel any KI from the odd being in front of him and for some reason he felt that the black robed man understood his predicament. " You see being the God of Death is a tiring job and I am almost forty billion years of old and to be honest I think its time I found a worthy apprentice." Shinigami continued, his grin increasing as he noticed Naruto was listening closely. " I have decided that you shall be the next Death God."


Death sweat dropped to see Naruto had fainted. Oh dear, seems I have a lot of work to do.


Hokage tower, Kohana

" WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN HE'S GONE MISSING!" roared Sarutobi the Hokage and the ANBU cowered in a corner.

"H-Hokage-sama. There was a massacre where Naruto went missing, whoever took him fought sixty angry villagers with a cutting weapon single handily and won in five seconds flat. This was no ninja." explained the only ANBU who was not scared of the now frothing Hokage. The Snake was worried for the gaki since she had watched over him from the beginning and to be honest she would happily give herself to the person who took him from this hell hole.

In another dimension


Back to the village

Sarutobi tried to calm down but the implications of the massacre pointed to one being that could have caused this much death in seconds. Shinigami.

But why would he take a interest in Naruto of all people? He puffed on his trusty pipe as he thought. Shinigami was a creature that only ate souls constantly for eternity and thought little of mortals but what if it was a act? A Gods were fickle beings and never showed their true nature…

"SON OF A BITCH!" the Snake was stunned at the outburst and wondered if the old warrior had figured who done this and she was correct. Sarutobi slammed his head against his desk as the memory resurfaced

Kushina Uzumaki signed a contract with Death and they forgot to do one thing…

Read the damn thing.


Immortal realm

Death smirked at the contract that Kushina signed and praised the woman for coming up with the deal and fooling the old man that she signed it without reading. Genius! It read

Death contract 1243567985436433.1

I Kushina Uzumaki declare these terms

1. My son is given a proper home and caring family and all offenders shall be given to Shinigami-sama.

2. If the first clause is not met. Naruto shall train with Shinigami-sama or Sarutobi-sensei

3. If sensei can not teach Naruto, Shingami-sama shall raise him as his heir and son.

4. If Kohana rejects my son because he is the Kyuubi's vessel. All souls are forfeit and given to Naruto upon his graduation to Death god/Sannin.

5. Shinigami-sama if my son does not give me multiple grand children by the age of 18 your wives will be very bored for a millennia as I will rip off your privates and burn them while you watch.

Signed Kushina Uzumaki

P.S: Make me proud Naruto

Shinigami shivered reading the final term but smiled non-the-less. He would make Naruto into a god that would surpass himself. A smile threatened to rip his cheeks and the God of Death began planning the boys lessons… after visiting his wives of course.


So here is my first Naruto fic un-edited that I ever wrote when I was still a naïve child and it shall now be published on this website! Here is the reason I hate Sasuke: he really needs to grow up. Come on would really go that far to kill one guy? And the whole Sharigan copy thing is just over-used since he can not beat anyone without it.

Anyway I know the PowerfulNaruto! Genre has been used many times but hey I might as well give it a shot.

Next chapter takes place seven years later and Naruto returns to the mortal realm. Ooh its gonna be bloody! And we shall meet the first member of the Harem ( writing how the Harems gonna is going to be a challenge but I shall do my best! )

See you guys soon!

( vanishes in a cloud of smoke )