Naruto: The Shinigami Sage

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1. Ino

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7. Ayame

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So to end this pointless ramble! I know Naruto will be thirteen years old in this chapter so I changed it so the Chunin exams happen when students are fifteen. So he has two years of kicking ass and wooing the hot chicks! Before kicking the Peado's… I mean Orochimaru's ass.

Chapter 2: Target: Asuma Sarutobi

Naruto purred happily as his two lovers caressed his flesh gently. Shinigami gave him two of his wives as his reward for actually winning a spar against the God and Naruto was enjoying every minute of it. One of the women turned immortal, captured him in a stunning lip-lock. Her tongue pushed into his mouth and tangled with his own and as they battled for dominance the second immortal lover kissed the many scars crossing his young chest heating the skin to a burning level of intensity. But Shinigami had other plans for his adoptive son. The door crashed open and as if planned the two women leapt away from the frazzled boy just as Death flipped through the air and kicked the unexpected boy in the worst place imaginable.

The balls.

" NOW NOT A TIME TO MAKE LOVE BOY!" the God roared as his charge groaned and tumbled from the bed in agony.

"DAD FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY! KNOCK WHEN I AM DOING SOMETHING!" the boy roared back after several minutes whimpering in pain and punched his adoptive dad in the jaw throwing Death across the room and through the wall leaving a perfect Death shaped hole in the wall. As the dust cleared the god could be seen twitching on the floor in the hallway.

" That's my boy." he gasped. Naruto huffed before grabbing a shirt and throwing it on, luckily he was half dressed already. Death peeked through the hole his body made and smiled at his son who could only grin back. They were similar almost down gene-level. Both loved pulling pranks on people they did not like, both had a similar taste in women ( Particularly in the chest area ) and finally the thing that bonded them together..

Ramen. The God of Death was addicted to the stuff and so was Naruto.

" So Death-sensei what we doing today?" the Fox asked his teacher/father and the Gods smile widened considerably.

" Well I think its time for you to gain your revenge." The elder said and Naruto felt his eyes widen to the size of saucers. Its been that long already? It seemed only yesterday that the Shinigami declared he was going to be his apprentice. Seven years and now Death said he was ready to reap souls and become a true Grim Reaper ( a mortal given the power of Death himself ). " I have taught you all I know Naruto as your mother asked of me and its time to avenge the wrongs done to you." Death placed his hand on the boys shoulder noticing the tears leaking from the blue orbs. "My son. Make me proud." Naruto threw himself into the gods embrace and Death returned it gladly.

" I will father. I wont let you or mom down." and the God of Death wept in pride.


Outskirts of Kohana

Naruto exploded into existence with a loud pop and staggered into the night slightly before regaining his composure. Straightening the black cloak that covered his combat outfit and making sure he still had the scroll that contained his scythe secure in his pocket, the blond snuck quietly to the towns main gate. As expected.

Two guards stood idly, chattering away as if nothing was going to happen. Naruto was surprised at the lax of security. He remembered when it was almost impossible to leave the village without being searched three times minimum. But now the guards just ignored the gate completely even as Naruto walked past their line of sight and into the village itself.

" Lame." was all the blonde said as he glanced around the darkened streets. His enhanced vision listed all the names of every civilian in the village and wither they committed any crimes that could affect Shinigami's judgement or this case Naruto's. to his surprise 98% of the people had committed enough crimes to ensure them a one-way ticket to Limbo for eternity. The last 2% were either too young to commit crimes or only children who never committed any heinous acts. One name was top of the Innocent list:

Ino Yamanaka

Naruto remembers the blonde fan-girl briefly. A nice girl who did not fawn over Sasuke Uchiha (cough,Asshole,cough) as much as the other fan-girls though she had her moments. Naruto noticed how she would smile a little at his antics in the classroom or try and cheer him up after another of Sakura's rejections. Ino was a person who wore the mask of deceit but under that mask was a pure soul.

" What do we have here?" Naruto sensed several ANBU class ninja surround him with drawn weapons. The young Shinigami shook his head in disappointment.

" Can I help you?" he asked as the ANBU leader wearing a mouse mask walked forward twirling a kunai on his index finger. Naruto placed his hands in the cloak pockets, his fingers brushing the weapon scroll ready to release the scythe within. Mouse ignored the action, which was a mistake on his part and began to rant like all villains do

After all it's the 52nd law of Anime.

" Well being new to the village I guess you don't know the laws? No? Okay then let me explain then. After the 9pm curfew all villagers and Genin ranked ninja are to stay indoors until 8am when the academy opens. With me so far? Good. Now if anyone is caught breaking curfew, they are given to us. The ANBU and we have unlimited powers and can administer any punishment we deem fit. any Punishment and so we hereby charge you-"

" Asuma Sarutobi. You are sentenced to three thousand years in Limbo for the crimes listed: 15 counts of rape, 40 counts of extortion,28 counts of sexual assault, 250 counts of murder and prevention of justice how do you plead?" Naruto interrupted the tirade slightly pleased that he found such a bounty on his first day here. Sensei would be pleased.

Mouse, now known as Asuma Sarutobi the Hokage's son, took several steps back from the boy stunned that someone actually challenged a ANBU but also how did he know about the things he done? Naruto grinned as he summoned the scythe.

To the ANBU it just appeared in the boys hands. The large blade curved gracefully from the ash-wood staff forged in hellfire. The black blade gleamed with anticipation and you could see the gothic words burnt into the metal.

Deaths judge… your executioner.

With a skilled flourish Naruto brought the weapon to rest under his right arm, holding the staff in a tight grip and blade pointed to the ground. Asuma had dropped the kunai in fright and gulped audibly at the demonic stare the stranger was giving him. "Asuma you are found guilty. Perish and burn." Naruto was already behind the ANBU as he spoke and the great scythe fell. The other ANBU could only watch helplessly as their leader was torn vertically in half. Guts and blood exploded onto the ground and the now dead Asuma peeled in half like a banana. His remains turning to ash in seconds from contact with the blade. The ANBU flew into action seconds later. Short swords drawn ready for combat. Naruto swung the scythe up and cut through a sword and its owner with ease. The ninja was ash before she hit the ground. The remaining two distanced themselves and both began to do hand seals but alas Naruto could fight at a range as well. With a grunt he hurled the scythe like a boomerang, the two ANBU were too stunned to do anything as it ripped through their guts like a circular saw, spraying blood and bits of flesh into the air before they too burned to ash.

Naruto raised his hand as his scythe returned to him, he caught it with ease. First blood to Naruto. The blonde grinned as the four ANBU were crossed of the list of targets. Four down. Sixty thousand and fifty to go he thought happily. He decided that he would visit Ino tonight before he moved on his next target and maybe freeload for a while.

Well he hoped so.


And chapter end! Well I know your all wondering why I killed Asuma off. Well think about it Naruto has vanished for seven years without a peep and so things would have changed. what has changed you wonder well you will have to wait till Naruto's visit to Ino's place to find out. And again should I include Hinata in the Harem? If not I will try and find a good side-pairing for her.

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