A/N: Three fics in one day, holy cow! Happy birthday, America. Your present is being uke 3 times.

On a similar note, why do I punish England so much? Last week he had the worst day ever, today he's defiled his baby brother's memory, had some serious inferiority complex issues, and then been tortured with sex toys. Poor Artie. However, I AM working on a story where he tops the hell out of America, so it can't all be bad.

The request this time was Gakuen AU- Alfred torturing Artie with a vibrator in class, accidentally making him come, and then comforting him afterwards. This is the first half and is from Arthur's point of view.

It had all started so innocently.

Well, as innocently as arguing after several rounds of intense sex could get.

"What the fuck, dude? This hickey is way too high. Everyone's gonna see!"

"As if they wouldn't see your limping tomorrow morning, insufferable fool."

"Hey, I coulda said that I hurt my leg playing football or something. But a fucking hickey?" Alfred turned away from the mirror and plopped down with a huff onto the double bed they had made by shoving the two single beds in the room together.

Arthur turned on his heel and glared at his boyfriend, "Everyone knows anyway! There's only so often that you can throw love notes at me in maths before the class catches on."

"They can know that we're together, Artie," Alfred said, "That's not the issue!"

"So you just don't want them to know that I top? Really, Alfred." He rolled his eyes.

"Hey! It matters! There's a difference between fucking a guy and being fucked by a guy."

"You're an idiot."

"No I'm not! I'm the star athlete, I'm one of the smartest kids in school, I'm popular, I'm damn hot; do you have any idea how humiliating it would be for the other guys to find out that I take it up the ass?" He rolled over onto his side and pouted up at Arthur.

"Alfred, if they pay any attention to how you act it would have been obvious that you 'take it up the ass' as you so eloquently put it."

Alfred was about to open his mouth to complain, but then realized that his current position contradicted any denial. "Hey, let's see how you deal with it!"

"You can't be thinking of more sex at a time like this."

"I'm not. I wanna see how you'd deal with being faced with that kind of embarrassment."

Arthur sighed and walked over to the bed, sitting beside his lover, "It would be stupid and pointless. Just get over it, Alfred. It's part of who you are."

"You're scared." Alfred accused, sitting up.

"I am no such thing." The Briton reached over to the bedside table and grabbed his pajamas, which he kept folded in a neat pile there, "Really, you're being ridiculous."

"I dare you." The taller teen said, eyes sparkling mischievously.

Arthur sighed, "What are we, children on the playground? I will not-"

"I triple-dog dare you."

The older student raised an eyebrow, "What would adding that do to encourage me to accept your dim-witted offer?"

Alfred sighed dramatically and held up his hands, "I didn't wanna do this, but you made me, dude." He took an overly deep breath, "Chicken."

"Excuse me?" Arthur demanded, standing.

"Little chicken-shit Artie-wartie is scared to step in to Alfie's shoes, isn't he?" He clucked like a chicken and bent his elbows to make wings.

"Stop it, you idiot!"

"Bawk," was Alfred's reply.


"Bawk." He was a bit louder this time.


"Bawk!" He stood


"Bawk!" He yelled, almost as loudly as he had screamed Arthur's name not long ago.

"Fine, fucking bastard! I'll take your bloody challenge?"

"Really?" Alfred looked as though he had received the bike he really wanted for Christmas, "Awesome!"

"Alright," Arthur said, grabbing the taller teen by his shoulders and pulling him close, "What exactly do you have in mind?"

Well, he hadn't been expecting this. Arthur wiggled uncomfortably, still trying to get used to the vibrator securely inserted into his ass. It hadn't been so bad when Alfred had slicked it up and slid it inside that morning, but it seemed to be feeling more and more foreign instead of more natural. Maybe it was the stress of the constant arousal. Alfred had been flicking it on and off all day. At least since it was finals week Alfred could only torture him once he was done with his exam. The bad news was that Alfred was better at tests than Arthur and finished in around half of the allotted time, meaning that Arthur had to try to keep working with the vibrator turning on and off for ten, fifteen, even twenty minutes.

And it was only going to get worse from here on out. It was time for physics, Alfred's best subject and Arthur's worst. The idiot would get done in record time and play with Arthur until he'd have to turn the test in half blank.

However, it was worse than Arthur had imagined. Not twenty minutes into the hour and a half block the dammed toy started to buzz. Arthur bit his lip to stop himself from letting out a surprised gasp. Alfred couldn't be done already, could he?

Arthur looked over his shoulder at Alfred, who was smirking lewdly at him. Arthur scowled and turned back to his own test. He couldn't help but be filled with awe at his boyfriend no matter how much he detested him at the moment. He had finished the front and back in far less time than it had taken Arthur to get done with the first third of page one. How could someone so unintelligent be so smart?

The green-eyed boy shook his head to clear it. He had to get through the test, vibrator inside of him or not. He was Kirkland, godammit. It didn't matter that he'd turned away from his heritage and become a punk in his early teen years; he'd still been raised in that proper, ancient family. He had been taught from a young age to put aside whatever and however he was feeling and concentrate on the matter at hand. Right now, that matter was the fucking physics test. He picked up his pencil and began to write.

It was sort of like swimming on a windy day, he deiced. It was very possible, but took timing. He had to carefully coordinate his pen strokes forwards with the waves of pleasure that were trying to shove him backwards so that he could continue to make progress. The only issue was that unlike real waves on the ocean, there was no real pattern to Alfred's assaults. He'd leave it on for random lengths, and off for unrelated periods. Sometimes he would start a pattern until Arthur was just getting accustomed and then change it.

However, it was working. He was half way through the back page and was still further than most of the class, which he knew because he started hearing papers flip all over the room. There was a gasp from behind him. Instinctively, Arthur turned to look.

Alfred looked mortified, eyes wide, mouth agape. He was holding up his paper, staring at the back. Arthur noticed that there was only writing on one side of the paper. He snorted and turned back to his work. The idiot hadn't noticed that there was a back side. Now he would turn off the vibrator for another twenty minutes and let Arthur work in peace. Arthur smiled and held his pen still, waiting for the pleasure to end so that work could begin.

But then it didn't.

Arthur waited for a full five minutes before he realized with a jolt that Alfred wasn't going to stop. He was going to leave the vibrator on the rest of the test probably. Then another realization hit him. With the infrequent attacks Arthur had been able to control himself. However, after sitting and feeling the buzzing resounding through his entire being and fucking validating it by thinking about it, the toy was starting to get the best of him. Arthur's cock was already hard.

That bastard. He had this planned from the start, didn't he? He waited until the very last exam so that Arthur would feel as though he could handle it and then he'd strike with the toy on its highest setting until…

He couldn't even think the word. He had to keep his head up and keep working. But it would be so much easier if Alfred would shut the bloody thing off. Arthur's progress slowed until it stopped all together. Then all he could think was Alfred, turn it off. Stop it, Alfred. Please, Alfred. No, Alfred. Stop, Alfred. Alfred. Alfred…

"Alfred!" Arthur shouted as he felt himself spill all over the inside of his pants.

Oh god, everyone was staring at him. Everyone. He felt his face heat up and tears come to his eyes. How could Alfred have done this? How could Arthur have let him? Arthur turned to look at Alfred, who was fumbling with the remote. A moment later, the buzzing stopped and then the American was staring too, horror on his face. He couldn't stay there, he just couldn't.

Arthur stood and bolted from the room.