Last day of Eighth Grade~

Jennie watched the clock. Five minutes until school was over... She smiled. Then, she would be off to Hawaii on a vacation with Chloe! She made eye contact with her best friend, who sat a few desks next to her.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Jennie's class cheered and walked out the door, disappearing in a swarm of students along with Chloe. At the front of the school, they met up with their other friends.

"Josh and I are going to the beach today," Felicia laughed, wrapping an arm around her boyfriend.

Josh blushed.

"It's too bad you guys can't come...but I bet Hawaii is really fun too."

"Yeah, I hope so," said Jennie, smiling.

"It better be. Besides, we can get tan on the beach at Hawaii!" Chloe exclaimed happily.

The pops passed by them, with Addie in the front. Her other friends, like Sabrina, had gone off to high school, so this year, Addie had to find some other maniacs who wished to be in her charge and circle of "friends".

Addie frowned at Jennie and whispered something to Tina, her new best friend. Jennie ignored her.

"So, Liza, remember, Brentwood High Cheer tryouts are August 15th! So excited for that!" Jennie said happily.

"I know, can't wait. We practiced for a year," Lisa said. "And we're good at gymnastics. We should make it."

Then, Jennie and Chloe said their final goodbyes to their friends, and got in the car.

Hawaii, here I come, Jennie thought.