Bonded One

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Summary: As a last resort to believe in love, Tom calls for his bonded one and pulls Harry through time, to him.

"I'm never going to get this done!" Ron whined as he dropped the book - he had been copying from -in his lap. Harry gave him a sorry look but he didn't have time to spare for his best friend. Like always the two had ignored Snape's assignment until the last hours, annoying Hermione more every time and making her just leave when it was her bedtime.

"Just copy the headlines that's what I've been doing."

"Snape's going to preach…" Ron mumbled but applied the suggestion anyway. Around one thirty they were finally done and the redhead let himself fall backward. Lying with his back on the ground, he let the feeling of completion rush over him and sighed lazily up at the ceiling. Harry just smiled at his behaviour before getting up and stretching himself. Suddenly dizziness overcame him and he blinked confused as the Weasley got replaced by a stone floor for a second.

"Ron?" he asked crouching on the floor and saw the redhead support himself with his arms to be able to look at him with eyes wide open.



Suddenly the redhead was gone entirely and the stone floor had taking his place for what seemed eternal. "It worked!" Harry could hear someone hiss in astonishment behind him. Confused he turned around and met with the sight of a cauldron. Whatever was inside it, was still steaming. He crawled onto his feet and felt a hand help him up. "You're a Gryffindor?!" The voice sounded surprised and way too close for comfort. Harry took a step backwards hoping the man would let him go but he didn't. Instead he followed and for the first time Harry looked him in the eye. His breath stuck and he grabbed for his wand, but the other hand of the teenager, the man was around his age, grabbed his wrist before he could reached his goal. "I'm not going to hurt you, love." Ever step took him closer until Harry could feel his breath on his face. His heart was beating too fast, it felt like it would jump out of his body.

"N-no…" he stammered and tried to free himself. The teenager didn't approve and pulled him completely against his body. The hands released him and wrapped themselves around his shivering body. He hadn't even noticed he was shivering.

"Shh, everything will be all right. You're with me now," the teenager soothed him, but it had the opposite effect. Harry freaked out and kneeled his captor. The arms lessened their hold and the Boy-Who-Lived saw his chance for escape. "Wait, don't leave the…!"


"-rry, Harry!" Ron's voice made him stop but too late as he tripped over a pillow. Surprised he looked up from his spot on the floor and turned around to the source of the voice.


"Where the hell did you go?! You just disappeared! Harry, are you all right?!" The redhead panted after yelling everything in one breath.

"I…" Harry wrapped his arms around himself and stared in shock at the fireplace in the common room. Ron kept yelling his name, but he ignored him. He realized he had just escaped from dead. Suddenly he grabbed the redhead making him stop chanting his name and look him in the eye. "Voldemort!"


"Wait, don't leave the circle!" But he was too late. Defeated Tom dropped down to his knees and watch the spot where the boy had disappeared. Long he didn't sit there, because he realized the most important thing. "It worked! It worked!" It started as a whisper and changed into a yell. He laughed loudly and jumped back up. The boy had been scared, which wasn't that weird. He would also freak out if he just appeared in a room without any warning. Only the boy had seemed scared to dead when he saw him which was bothering him a little. "He's a Gryffindor. Probably knows about me," Tom muttered as he emptied the cauldron with a wave of his wand and transported it back to his place in the cupboard. Sure Gryffindor's and Slytherins weren't best friends but he still had a good reputation, so what had made the boy so scared. With another wave he erased the circle he had drown on the floor. 'Tomorrow I'll pay him a little visit,' he promised himself as he walked out of the now empty classroom.


Angry Tom was stalking through the corridor and was ready to kill the blond guy who he just had to run into. "Malfoy!" he hissed impatient.

"Don't bite me," Abraxas flipped his hair from one side to another. "I've come to deliver my aid," he smiled sweetly making Tom raise his brows.

"Enlighten me, why should I need your help?"

"Well," Another flick with the hair, "I couldn't help but notice you've been looking for someone since this morning. A certain Gryffindor?" The smile turned into a smirk. Tom didn't react instead he coldly stared at the blond. "Are you sure he's a Gryffindor?" Abraxas ignored the stare, deciding he would be the one to find out who the perfect Riddle was looking for.

"He was wearing the robe." Malfoy nodded.

"What does he look like?" Tom hissed in annoyance, but decided maybe the blond could help. He had the kind of tendency to know everyone in the castle.

"Black hair…, messy black hair, green eyes, glasses…"

"Messy black hair? Who in his right mind would walk around with messy black hair? If you want to look good…"


"Sorry, but there's no one with that description in Gryffindor or even in Hogwarts… Messy hair, is a no go. He's not worth your time!" Abraxas ended his statement with a disgusting look. Without a word Tom turned around and walked away. "Eh, wait Tom! Don't ignore me! You know I'm right! Only mudbloods would dare to walk around like that!" That was the drop that spilled the bucket, Tom slowly turned around and enveloped the boy in a glare that promised murder.

"Don't speak that word!" he hissed. Malfoy quickly nodded and sighed in relief when Riddle continued his way.

"Not like I called you one," Abraxas mumbled before scrambling away when Tom stopped midway in his step.


"Come in children, lemon drop?" Dumbledore asked with a friendly smile as the Golden Trio sat down in front of his office. He waited for one of them to open their mouths but Ron and Hermione only kept their eyes locked on Harry who had been forced to sit between them.

"Yesterday..." the Weasley boy started in the end when his best friend kept wobbling uncomfortable on his seat, "Harry disappeared." Dumbledore's eyes widened.

"Disappeared, my boy, do you remember where you disappeared too?" The Headmaster addressed Harry and the boy nodded.

"Voldemort…" Harry whispered and the blue eyes got serious. "Teenage Voldemort…" Harry corrected himself and for the first time since they had come in he looked the Headmaster in the eye. Blue eyes turned confused.

"You mean it was Tom, not Voldemort." Hermione wanted to contradict but Dumbledore raised his hand to stop her from speaking, never looking away from the boy in front of him.

"Yes, he was wearing a Slytherin robe and… he looked…"

"Human?" Ron helped and Harry nodded heavily.

"Yeah, definitely human and maybe he wore the Prefect's or Head Boy's badge, I don't know..." Dumbledore nodded thoughtfully.

"Any idea how he got you there?"

"Potion." Again the Headmaster nodded.

"Probably the combination of a potion and an incantation then," he mumbled more to himself than the three before him.

"Professor, do you think it could happen again?" Hermione asked interrupted his train of thoughts.

"I'm afraid so," Ron looked ready to freak out, "and I'm afraid as long as I don't know which spell he's using, I can't perform a counter spell. The consequences could be devastating. I'm sorry, my boy." Harry nodded and retreated to looking to his lap. "Something you aren't telling us?" Harry could feel all three pair of eyes on him.

"Well, I was freaking out at that moment…" He apologized first, looking up for a second before retreating back to his lap. "He…" The words just didn't want to come out. They didn't seem to fit with Voldemort.

"You can tell us, Harry," Hermione motivated him.

"…was trying to comfort me," eyes widened but he wasn't done yet, "…and he called me… love," he dared to look up again feeling really embarrassed and found his friends looking at him in clear shock. Dumbledore wasn't any better as his hand lingered in mid air.

"That… could help me decipher the spell," the Headmaster returned to the living as first. "And if he called you love, I don't think he'll hurt you."

"How could he not! He'll kill Harry the moment he gets his hands on him," Hermione came back to earth as second.

'He already had his hands on me and hugged me,' Harry frowned at his own thoughts.

"Just be careful and if it happens again try to find out which spell it was, but don't tell him anything about yourself," Dumbledore warned him before putting on this usual smile again. "Now run along, Professor Snape is waiting for you three. Oh, and could you take this along with you?" He opened one of his desk drawers and pulled out a small packet. Hermione accepted it and got up from her chair. She thanked her Headmaster and led the boys out of the office. "Oh Harry," Dumbledore stopped them when they had passed the door, "try to think of him as Tom." The Boy-Who-Lived slowly nodded but this was a hard piece of advice to live by.

"He shouldn't be using his own students as errand boys!" Ron mumbled angry while they were walking towards the dungeons.

"He isn't!" Hermione hissed back and got a look asking her if she was blind.

"He gave us an excuse to be late," Harry mumbled as explanation. The redhead wisely held his mouth for the rest of the way.


"How great of you to decide to grace us with your presence, Potter, Weasley and Granger!" Snape spat as the three students entered his dungeon ten minutes late. You could hear a certain blond snicker in the back with his cronies. Hermione immediately walked up to him and held out the packet from Dumbledore.

"We were requested by the Headmaster. He asked us to deliver this packet to you, professor. Sorry we're late," she added the last sentence quickly. Snape sneered before accepting the package and continuing with his lesson without paying any more attention to the three latecomers. All three quickly laid their homework on the correct pile on Snape's desk and moved to their respective places. The rest of class passed like usual, points being deducted from Gryffindor while Slytherin won a couple and of course Neville got detention after almost hexing his teacher's face. Dejected the dark blond start at his wand in front of him while the rest of his classmates took off. During the DA lessons in the room of requirement he had been better at DADA. Harry could see Draco passing the poor boy and whisper something in his ear. Neville visible shivered and Harry was ready to drag the blond Slytherin away from him, but Snape's glare was enough to stop him. He would only get Neville in more trouble. Reluctantly he let Draco push past him with a smirk on his face and followed Ron and Hermione who had been waiting for him.

"What were you looking at, mate?" The redhead asked, making Harry grumble a little.

"Have you noticed how Neville's been Draco's favourite victim lately?" he muttered and Hermione nodded at him.

"Don't worry, Neville is tougher than he looks," she stated as she led them to their next class, transfiguration. Luckily they were sharing with Hufflepuff and not the snakes. Neville came in late but professor McGonagall only gave him a look where after the boy quickly apologized. The class passed quietly just like the rest of the day, making Harry forget his nightly adventure. Only when the Golden Trio re-entered their common room that evening did it dawn to him again. And as they were doing their homework his nervousness raised with every word he wrote.

"Do you think he'll try it again tonight?" Ron was the one who asked the question that had been hanging over their heads. The other two didn't dare to answer.

"Maybe I should just take a sleeping draught and sleep through it," Harry mumbled and got a disapproving look from the girl next to him.



"'Mione is right, you wouldn't want to build a resistance against a sleeping potion," Ron added all intellectually and got a weird look from the two others.

"My mum read an article on resistance of potions and Ginny's been reminding me every day!" he defended himself and pouted.

"Time for bed!" Hermione ignored the redhead and got up.

"Don't worry Harry. Like Dumbledore said he won't hurt you." She wished the boys and Ginny, who was sitting between Dean's legs before the fireplace, a good night and disappeared.

"She's right, although I didn't think she believed it," Ron mumbled the last and got a look from the other boy. "Sorry, mate." Against his will Harry could only follow his best friend to their dormitory. Before the common room disappeared from his view he caught a hint of Neville who had just entered. He couldn't help but wonder what had kept his friend out until now.


'Come on, pass!' Tom thought angry as he was hiding in a dungeon two doors away from the potion classroom. He needed ingredients, but for once professor Slughorn had to work late. Tom had been sitting in the dark dungeon for an hour already when the professor finally left. He waited another five minutes before emerging from his hiding space and raided the potion's cabinet. With his hands full he retreated to the unused dungeon he had discovered a week ago. There he started to draw the circle again before moving the cauldron from its spot in the cabinet to the front of it. Satisfied with his preparations he pulled a bracelet out of his pocket. It was a simple decoration of a snake in silver. He had received it from one of the Slytherin girls a couple of years back and since he figured he could sell it for money, had kept it. It had been laying forgotten in the back corner of one of his drawers and had only been remembered an hour ago when he was trying to find a way to make sure the boy didn't disappear for a second time when leaving the circle. He had also charmed it making that only he could open it. He would decide when the boy left, he, nobody else, not even the boy. That thought made Tom smirk as he started on the potion. "Turning two times clockwise and then wait for twenty minutes," he muttered the last instruction from his head. During his wait he laid the bracelet in the middle of the circle, hoping the spell would also affect it. Once the liquid was steaming he grabbed his wand and chanted the incantation: "Aduentus vinculi unius expecto![1]". His eyes got an insanely possessive look when the boy he had been searching for finally appeared before his eyes again. The figure was standing up, but swiftly started to fall forward. Tom quickly stepped forward and caught the body in his arms. He clicked the bracelet around the boy's wrist and only now noticed his boy was in his pyjama. He smirked again finding it adorable and murmured a spell making sure those eyes stayed closed. Picking him up bridal style he stepped out of the circle. He let out the breath he hadn't noticed he had been holding. The boy hadn't disappeared. 'The bracelet's working,' he thought smugly. Like he expected the boy had to be completely out of the circle to disappear back from wherever he came. He set the boy's feet back on the ground and with the smaller body leaning on him Tom erased all of his traces. Afterwards he picked the boy up again and made his way to his room. Right now he couldn't be more than glad to be Head Boy.


Harry was starting to get aware of his surroundings and without a thought snuggled closer to the warmed next to him. He felt really safe being nightmare free for once and started to slip away again.


Tom couldn't help but smile at the boy's reactions. Never in his life would he have thought there was someone he would find cute, but this boy, his boy was just too adorable. He was still wondering why he would ever look at a Gryffindor but as the smaller body laid beside him, he didn't really care. It wouldn't be the first time the sorting hat had places someone in a house, he, Tom, would never put them in. The boy could also be one of those, actually he was certain he was one of those. He would never look at a Gryffindor. He eyed the scar on the forehead and questioned who had dared to put such a lasting mark on his property before letting his eyes slip downwards. Carefully he let his finger slide featherlike over the boy's cheek only stopping at his lips. He wondered what they would feel like against his. His eyes moved upwards again to the eyelids that hid those green eyes. Frowning he remembered the fear that had been in them and shook his head stubbornly. 'Everyone says love is stronger than hate!' he reminded himself. The strongest bond would be love and someone like him, handsome, intelligent and charming would have someone madly in love with him. He was certain. 'If not, I'll make it so he can't live without me,' Tom smirked as he felt the smaller boy wake up for real this time.


Shocked and frozen stiff Harry was staring in the brown orbs of his archenemy. He had been from the moment his eyes opened and they refused to close again to chase away the nightmare he had woken up too. "Good morning," Tom said after a couple of minutes. Harry opened his mouth and closed it again.

'What are you doing sleeping peacefully in Voldemort's arms!' he was yelling inside but his expression stayed unchanged. "H-HI!" he shrieked a little too loud instead. Tom ignored it, probably figuring it must be weird waking up next to someone who wasn't there last night. 'Shit, Harry what have you gotten yourself into!' Green eyes finally released their hold of the brown ones and slowly the Boy-Who-Lived tried to move away from his captor. To his luck Tom suddenly got up from his bed.

"You can't see without your glasses, can you?" he took his wand and held him before the boy's face who seemed to be holding in his breath. "I'm not going to hurt you," Tom chuckled before mumbling a spell. Harry's vision started to focus but he didn't know if he really like it. He had felt safer when he couldn't see Vol… Tom clearly, unless he was as close as when he had woken up. "We need to get ready for breakfast," the Head Boy stated and Harry shot up.

"Wait!" he got a weird look. "What year is this?" The look got worst. "Think about it, have you ever seen me before? Without the spell I mean!" Now Tom got a thoughtful look.

"No, and I've looked." That made Harry feel weird. "But you're a Gryffindor." Riddle continued and then it dawned to him. "You're not from this time. I didn't know that spell could go through time," he mumbled the end more to himself.

"What spell?" Harry interrupted his mumbling and Tom's head shot up again, but instead of answering he just smiled.

"From what time are you then?"

"I asked first!" 'Oh god, that sounded childish,' the youngster frowned at himself but again the other boy just smiled.

"You're right, where are my manners. It is 1944." Seeing the green eyes widen his interest peeked.

'1944! That's during the Grindelwald war... another year before Dumbledore defeats him.'

"Now what year are you from?' Tom pushed seeing his boy lost in thoughts and Harry's face paled a little.

"I-I can't tell you," he barely whispered and shrunk a little seeing the other's eyes. They dared him to defy him before calming down again.

"You're from the future and scared to change something," Tom plastered his charming smile back on his face to calm his boy down, but Harry felt more desperate instead. Dumbledore had specific told him not to tell Tom anything about himself. That he's from the future was already big.

"Why… what makes you think so?" he tried to sound disinterested but failed miserable and the older boy let out a chuckle.

"You know me. I can see it in your eyes. And like I said before you're scared. If you were from the past you would be more enthusiast with the prospect of finding out about your future," Tom smirked and Harry knew he had to give him this one.

"Fine, you're right, I'm from the future making that I can't go to class with you." Tom lost his smirk, he hadn't thought about that. "Actually I better get back to my own time. I do have my own classes to attend," Harry continued and got off the bed. Having furniture between the two of them made him feel a little safer.

"NO!" Tom suddenly hissed to his surprised and his eyes had turned violent again. "You're not going back! I won't allow you!" Fear caught Harry's heart and he took a step backwards.

"Y-you can't keep me here!" he stammered never taking his eyes of the other as Tom made his way towards him. His heart felt like popping out of his chest.

"I can and I am!" Tom hissed feeling his sanity slip away. He could see the fear in those eyes again and lost it. Grabbed the boy by the front of his pyjama, he pulled him into a fierce kiss. Harry's eyes widened in shock and disgust. He kept his lips tightly pressed together and tried to push his molester off him but with the smallest push against the Head Boy's chest, Tom wringed his wrist in the opposite direction. Harry stopped trying to escape, instead he concentrated on keeping his lips pressed together. With the pain his wrist was giving him that was harder than he expected. Angry he wasn't getting permission to enter Tom started biting on the boy's lips until he tasted blood. "I'll decide when you'll go back! If I let you!" he hissed against the bloody lips before releasing his prisoner. He turned around, left his room and strode to the Prefects' bathroom without given his boy another glance.


Harry only dared to move when the door had been closed entirely. He let out a breath he hadn't noticed he had been holding and twirled his abused wrist around. Concluding it didn't hurt that much now it was released he carefully inspected his wounded lip with his fingertips. Holding in a hiss of pain he started to look around the room he was occupying while licking the blood of his lips. 'Clearly Slytherin,' he figured eyeing the green drapes around the bed. "My wand!" he suddenly realized and grabbed to his side where he could normally feel the stick but instead he felt something around his wrist bump against his body. Confused he raised his arm and looked strangely at the bracelet he was wearing. Also now he only noted that he was still in his pyjamas, making him realize he didn't have his wand. Frustrated with his new discovery he inspected the snake bracelet and tried to remove it when he found the lock. A shock got sent through his finger which he quickly put in his mouth to soothe the throbbing pain. He glared at the jewel in annoyance before inspecting it even closer. "He probably put a spell on it," he mumbled angry and sat down on the bed in defeat. "Come on, Harry, think!"

"Tom!" Suddenly the door got thrown open and Harry looked shocked at a platinum blond who came bursting in.

'Malfoy, definitely a Malfoy!' he thought with a sneer and stood back up. He glared at the teenager who was blinking surprised at him.

"Who… wait, messy black hair, green eyes, you're the one!" The Malfoy hopped over to him with arms wide stretched. Freaking out for the umpteenth time Harry backed up and was more than glad the blond flew past him.

"Who allowed you in my room, Malfoy!" Came from the door and for once Harry was glad to see Tom.

"Oh, come on, you know you can't hide anything from me! Move your wand, please," the Malfoy begged the last, knowing that was the only way to get Riddle to listen to him. Reluctantly Tom released his hold on his classmate and walked towards his boy who was looking at Abraxas with visual dislike. He looked him up and down and smirked as he saw him twirl the bracelet around his wrist. "You found him! You could have told me! So in what year are you?" he skipped from Tom to Harry. "Let me guess, fourth, fifth?"

"Sixth!" Harry stated matter-of-fact.

"Sixth? Who would have guessed? Of course you know me, Abraxas Malfoy," he held out his hand but Harry didn't accept. "Tsk, he already has your manners, Tom," the blond played annoyed and got a glare from Riddle.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" Abraxas beamed at the question. "I came to get you for breakfast. I found it odd you weren't in the common room yet. But I understand now, you don't let the grass grow under your feet, do you?" he winked teasingly and got two glares as answer. Tom's glare suddenly changed into a smile as he looked from Malfoy to his boy and back.

"Get your spare robe, Abraxas!" It was an order and for the first time since he entered the blond's look got serious.

"Of course, I'll be right back." Harry looked surprised how the Malfoy made half a circle around Tom and him before leaving the room backwards.

'He's scared of Tom,' he thought in shock and eyes the teenage Voldemort from the corner of his eyes as he turned back to him.

"Don't worry about Malfoy, he's annoying but knows his limit. And he has connections," Tom smiled his charming smile and Harry suddenly found the other to close. He hadn't even noticed they were this close with the blond in the room. He moved his foot backwards but quickly retreated it when his eyes met Tom's. The Head Boy smiled again seeing his boy had at least learned to listen to him and moved towards his closet. He eyed Harry once more before grabbing a shirt, pants and underwear. He walked back towards the boy and pushed the items in his arms. Surprised Harry accepted them and looked up at Tom in astonishment. Brown eyes caught his and his heart was suddenly the only thing that he could hear.

"I'm back!" Abraxas interrupted the moment to Tom's annoyance but Harry's relief.

'Fear! That was because I'm scared!' Harry tried to convince himself but for a moment his thoughts moved back to the forceful kiss they had shared before.

"Great," Tom didn't sound welcoming and turned back to Harry, "we need to change your appearance." For the second time Harry looked surprised up.

"OH, let me!" The Malfoy was almost jumping up and down. He clearly liked dressing up someone and Harry figured that was the reason Tom voiced it while the blond was still in the room. "What would you like?" Abraxas asked after he had gotten permission from the Head Boy to step closer to Harry.

"Hair longer. Eye colour different, I already fixed his vision." The blond nodded and pointed his wand to the youngest hair. Harry could see his black locks grow until they reached his shoulders and frowned.

'I look like Snape!'

"Too long and change the colour," Tom criticized from right behind the blond. Harry was certain Malfoy could feel the Head Boy's breath in his neck. His locks shortened a little again and the blackness changed into light brown.

"Good." Clearly Abraxas was happy with his complement and he held his hand under Harry's chin, without touching him, signing him to look up. Harry noted he didn't dared to touch him with the future Dark Lord right behind him.

"What colour had you in mind?"


"Dumbledore's blue?" Abraxas laughed and moved his wand when Tom didn't react.

"Done, happy?" The blond quickly slipped away and made sure he was further from Harry than Tom.

"It's good," he got as answer with a smile. "Now, Abraxas, you're going to convince Headmaster Dippet to let your cousin attend Hogwarts." Harry's eyes widened and he could see Malfoy had the same reaction. "Of course he's a Slytherin and he'll be attending the seventh year," Tom continued never taking his eyes of his boy.

"You can't make me skip a year!" Harry yelled bewildered.

"I can and I will, you'll be in my class." His voice didn't take no for an answer and what made Harry even more shocked was that the blond complied.

'Just how much power does he already have?' Forcing himself to calm down Harry took a deep breath. "Tom," he got the other's full attention. "We're talking about my education. How gladly I'd skip a year, I would fail it miserable."

"I'll teach you." That made Harry laugh in disbelieve.

"Even Hermione wouldn't be able to do that." Tom's eyes got a dangerous look. "But you're probably a much better teacher than her," Harry immediately eased him with an innocent smile. "In fact I'm positive you're better than her," he added when the look didn't really lose his edge. 'Oh God, I'm digging my own grave. What to do? What to do?' His thought drifted to the kiss and how much he wanted to deny it, seducing him could get him what he wanted. 'I must be nuts, seducing Voldemort.' With a beating heart he stepped closer to Tom and kept his innocent look. "I know you have other things to do than tutor me. I don't want to distract you from your goals," he pouted. 'Actually I would gladly distract you if it stopped you from killing everyone I care about,' he could see the future Dark Lord consider every word that left his lips.

"Crabbe and Parkinson are in the sixth year," Abraxas dared to aid him and Harry could see Tom swaying.

"And I would be more helpful with a proper education." Hoping the other wouldn't be able to feel his heartbeat he leaned with the slightest touch against the older boy. 'Don't make me kiss him!' Harry's mind screamed while he shyly glanced downwards and opened his mouth a little. He had seen Hermione do this to Ron once with great success. The redhead had spent the rest of that day being the perfect student, even during Snape's lectures.

"He has a point… and it would be more… appreciated if a… great witc- wizard would stand beside you," Abraxas corrected himself. Harry guessed that gay couples probably weren't accepted yet or maybe the blond had never considered his Lord to be gay. Not that Voldemort would care.

"Fine, tell Crabbe and Parkinson to meet us in the common room. We're going to the Prefects' bathroom."

"May I suggest the bathroom in the boys' dormitory? Time is against us," Abraxas smiled like a good minion. Reluctantly Tom agreed and pushed Harry towards the door that would finally let him leave this room. While walking past the Malfoy, Tom quickly grabbed the robe, the blond had picked up from the floor again.


[1] I demand the bonded one to come