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Tom opened his eyes and for the first time realized he wasn't feeling any pain. He needed a moment to truly believe he was awake. Once he did he tried to say Marvolo's name, but his mouth was to dry to let out any sound. Someone must have noted his awakening as suddenly a nurse stood beside him and held out a glass of water from which he drank greedily. Abraxas was next to appear beside his bed and relief could be read from his face.

"Marvolo," the future Dark Lord succeeded this time and the blond glanced behind him. Alex quickly made his presence known and walked over to the other side of the bed. Tom only looked at him, his question clear in his eyes. Crabbe eyed the nurse, who realized her stay was overstayed and quietly left them alone. Next Alex turned back to the future Dark Lord.

"Marvolo's being kept in an induced coma." Brown eyes demanded that he elaborated, but again a medical witch stopped him.

"Good to see you awake, Mr. Riddle." The woman entered the room not carrying who was inside. "I'm healer Rosier," the witch introduced herself and started moving her wand over her patient's figure. "You're recovering at the expected rate."

"How's Marvolo?" Tom didn't care about himself. He knew he would survive, but he didn't know if Harry would.

"We're keeping Mr. Remus in a coma until his body has recover the worst of its damage," she answered still studying her findings.

"What happened to him?" Tom demanded to know and the woman narrowed her eyes at him, clearly not used to being addressed like that.

"Sadly enough, the Crabbe family isn't eager to give us an explanation on the curse the boys used." Rosier switched her glare to Alex, who avoided the woman at all cost by staring very attentively at the window.

"When can I see him?" her patient asked and the healer turned to him once more.

"Tomorrow, but from behind a window. His condition is too critical." Tom reluctantly nodded at her and the witch left. With the healer gone, the future Dark Lord's attention moved back to Crabbe.

"What kind of curse did you use?" he demanded and Alex turned his attention back to the bed.

"One that's been in the family for ages..."


Staring through the window before him, Tom felt his heart clench. Harry looked so pale and the magical clouds surrounding him didn't help in relieving him. Crabbe had explained what happened and the older teen couldn't help but feel a little guilty. The youngster would never have used the curse if he hadn't been kidnapped.

"Mr. Riddle, it's time to return to your room." The future Dark Lord glared at the nurse, who started stuttering about his health. 'I'll come again!' He promised the unmoving figure behind the glass and eventually let the woman lead him away. He shouldn't forget that he also was recovering and his healer demanded him to rest. Slowly to not force his body, he walked back to his ward following the nurse. He slowed down as he noted a black figure standing hesitating before his door.

"Potter," Tom surprised Harold and Harry's grandfather swiftly turned to him.

"Riddle." The nurse looked between them with a curious expression and both men knew they couldn't speak with an audience.

"I need rest." The future Dark Lord nodded to his room and Potter let him enter first. Tom stumbled inside and sat down on his bed while Harold closed the door behind him. Then to the future Dark Lord's surprise the other pulled out his wand and put up wards to assure their privacy. For a moment they just eyed each other, assessing the other.

"Crouch has spilled everything," Harold started the conversation as he pulled a chair to the bed and sat down on it.

"Which means?" The former Gryffindor narrowed his eyes at the wounded man for a moment.

"We know he tried to put you up to murdering Marvolo." Tom's eyes actually bulged out and he wanted to jump up but his body protested. "He wanted a fearless leader, who wouldn't be stopped by anyone," Harold continued as he carefully weighing every reaction the politician before him revealed.

"So, making me kill my boyfriend was the best way he could come up with?" Fisting his hands Tom glared at Harold for once not meaning the glare for his childhood rival.

"It isn't that farfetched." Potter leaned forward a bit and the other's brown eyes demanded him to explain. "Marvolo is the only one who has ever gotten so close to you." The future Dark Lord couldn't deny the truth when it was thrown in his face. "And we both know no one will ever get so close again." Reluctantly Tom nodded. He wasn't ashamed to admit the truth, but he was ashamed to admit it to the man before him. "We both also know where your interests lay and that Marvolo is the only one stopping you from becoming something... dark." The politician sneered as he recognizing Dumbledore's words. "But that isn't important at the moment. What is is the question if Crouch succeeded?"

"Of course not!" The future Dark Lord's eyes spat fire and Harold narrowed his eyes at him again.

"How can we be certain?" Suddenly, Tom chuckled and a flash of confusion passed on Potter's face.

"If you're enlightened with Crouch testimony, I'm certain you also know mine." The politician smirked. "I'll repeat myself: Marvolo would never go for you. He sees you like a grandfather!" Harold's expression showed he didn't like being compared to an old man at his age and the future Dark Lord's face turned serious. "Thank you," the other's brown eyes widened in shock, "for worrying about Marvolo. I know it means a lot to him." Potter's expression softened and he gave a small smile.

"Well, apparently I'm like a grandfather. So, how could I not worry like one?" Harold joked and stood up. "Which also means I have the right to warn you to never hurt him!" he threatened still with a smile on his lips and Tom nodded at him. Having learned what he came for Potter left his childhood rival alone again and the future Dark Lord watched him go feeling a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.


The next person who visited was Spave. Arte informed Tom that he had filled in for him these last dreadful weeks and after a quick talk about both their health the conversation moved inevitable to work. Spave had completed all the preparations with Dippet and had started the campaign against the new law the Minister wanted to pass. The fool wanted to give the muggleborns and their parents even more rights! Tom's personal projects had been put on hold for the time being.

"Sebastian?!" the future Dark Lord asked as he tried to keep his rising anger in check.

"He's in custody until his trail." 'I can't get to him then!' He was going to murder that man. It didn't matter what he promised Harry; he would find a way, an indirect way. "They still haven't released a statement and I have no idea what was going through his head. He always was such a loyal man." Spave shook his head in disappointment.

"We'll find out." Tom mumbled as he eyed the man before him. Spave really didn't look good. He was heavily panting and sweat was starting to cluster on his forehead. Clearly, he was pushing himself. "Thank you, Arte, but please excuse me now. I'm getting tired." Spave immediately stood up while nodded fiercely.

"Of course, I'll visit again." They said their goodbyes and the older politician opened the door to the corridor where his nurse was waiting on him. The woman nodded to the older teen before both left. Finally alone, Tom's thoughts moved to the future. He knew that in a couple of days he would be discharged and then the time came to put everything in action. Logical wise he needed to make his own plans for the group move forwards and he was certain he had missed a couple of important letters in connection with their house-in-building. Also he needed to get access to Harry's medical file. He hated that as long as he was a patient himself, he was being kept in the dark. Dumbledore had convinced the Malfoys to keep everything from him until the future Dark Lord got discharged. The old man was keeping a close eye on Abraxas, so the blond hadn't been able to visit him without the man suddenly showing up and sending him off to check up on his cousin. The only thing Tom was grateful for was that the Transfiguration's professor had used all of his connections to keep the authorities out of Marvolo's background. Thinking about Harry's situation brought his mind back to Sebastian, who he wanted to strangle.

'No, it must be indirect. First his money! I'll make sure that he has nothing left and his only release will be death.' He smirked at the wall opposite him.


First thing Tom did when he got discharged was walk to the Ward that housed Harry and demanded to speak to his healer. The man seemed to have been waiting on him and invited the politician into his office.

"Please sit down, Mr. Riddle." The future Dark Lord listened as he eyed the file on the desk before him. The wizard opened the file before looking at him. "Mr. Remus has acquired a multiple of burns on the inside of his body. Thirty percent of his organs and surrounding tissues have been burned. If he had been giving the potion of the Crabbe family even a minute later his organs would have started to shut down." The healer didn't need to elaborate what the result would have been. "The good news is that he's reacting positively to the treatment and we'll wake him up in about a week." Tom nodded as he tried to imagine what kind of pain his boy must have gone through to find him.

'Sebastian's death.'


Tom had to keep in his anger to not hurt the boy before him. 'Harry wouldn't like it!' he told himself as he eyed Crabbe. Alex had just informed him about everything he knew of the curse and almost expected to be hit by the Killing Curse by the look on his face. "Leave!" the future Dark Lord ordered and waved the boy away. Crabbe scrabbled outside and Abraxas took his place.

"There's news about Crouch," the blond announced and brown eyes demanded him to continue. "His entire family has been found guilty in aiding the complot and their money will be donated to our group as is stated in Sebastian's will." A cold smile spread on the future Dark Lord's lips and he felt himself relax a little.

"Great, next work on his family. I'll pardon them if they swear their loyalty to me." Abraxas nodded pleased and retreated from his superior's office. 'I'm taking everything, Sebastian! That's what you get for you think I'm not evil enough!' He chuckled evilly and casted a quick Tempus. Seeing it was almost five brought a real smile to his face. At five thirty the healers would wake Harry and Tom had promised the sleeping figure that he would be there half an hour before to keep an eye on the preparations. It was time. His eyes slid over the three pictured frame Harry had given him their first Christmas together and he smiled. With grace you wouldn't expect from someone who had been tortured only three weeks ago, he got up and strode with his robes billowing after him to the hall. Dopper was waiting on him by the fireplace and held out his coat, which he accepted with a swift movement of his hand. Draping the fleece over his back, he grabbed a handful of Floo powder and called out for St. Mungo's.


"I'll put a spell on him to keep him from talking," Marvolo's healer explained to the future Dark Lord, who couldn't keep his eyes from the figure behind the glass, "as movement of his vocal cords could influence the spell that subdues the pain."

"How?" Tom's eyes turned to the wizard and the intensity they radiated demanded an answer. "The spell blocks the synapses of his nerve system – making it impossible to feel pain – but even the smallest vibration could move the blockage and cause him pain." The healer quickly explained with a small hint of fear in his voice. The future Dark Lord liked to see the anxiety the wizard had been trying to hide surface. Clearly, he had heard about Sebastian's trail and like expected had quickly made the correct connections. "It-It's important he doesn't try to over-exercise himself," Marvolo's healer continued and Tom nodded turning his attention back on the glass. "We'll search for any sign his mental abilities have been compromised." Again the politician nodded. "Then please follow me." The wizard led him to a dressing room where they changed with help of their wands in sterile clothes and as finishing touch the healer put a charm on both of them that would keep them sterile. Tom immediately moved beside Harry when he entered the sterile room as the wizard joined the nurses behind the bed. Carefully, the older teen wiped a couple of hair locks off the youngster's forehead and slightly smiled when Harry wrinkled his nose at the touch. "We're starting." The healer announced before casting the needed spells. Intensely, Tom stared at the brunet's face for any sign of waking up. A breath released from between the youngster's lips was the first signal he got before slowly those blue charmed eyes came into view. Harry needed a moment to register his surrounding, but finally smiled brightly when he noted Tom.

"You won't be able to speak for now." The future Dark Lord unconsciously started caressing his boy's cheeks. "Just a precaution." He added when he noted the panic starting to form in those eyes.

"Mr. Remus..." The healer came to introduce himself, but Tom wasn't listening. He did let the wizard run his tests, but stayed beside the bed always touching the youngster; even by just one string of hair if that was all he could reach. Marvolo's blue eyes kept moving from the healer to the nurses to always end up back at him. First he could see the concern for his wellbeing in them and afterwards the happiness he was all right. "You're healing well, Mr. Remus." The healer finally announced and Harry smiled at him before the healer glanced sideways at the future Dark Lord. "In ten minutes we're putting our patient back in his coma." He made clear and Tom nodded in understanding while the youngster frowned. Quickly, the wizard disappeared with the nurses, leaving the two of them alone.

"You'll heal quicker in a coma," the politician explained while he leaned forward and gently kissed the brunet's forehead. Slowly Harry raised his hand and with a light touch followed the older teen's jaw line. "I'm fine," Tom stated, "I didn't fall for Sebastian's ploy." The blue eyes kept shining worry at him. "The only thing you have to worry about at the moment is getting better." The future Dark Lord gently poked the youngster's nose and lovingly smiled down at him. He desperately wanted to kiss him, but knew that the risk of infecting his boy with something carrying on his breath was too big. "Sebastian is already getting what he deserves." Harry's eyes narrowed at him. "He's been found guilty by the Wizengamot," Tom explained and the youngster gave him a confused look. The politician had to smirk a little, but he couldn't say anything that could jeopardize his plan, just as he knew he would tell his boy eventually. "I'll explain everything when we have more time." He ended the conversation and the suspicion was back in those blue eyes. "I found the bathroom propositions. I can assume you chose the one with all the side notes?" Harry nodded with a smile. "Great, I'll bring it next time, together with the propositions for the kitchen." The youngster seemed to want to say something and frowned when he remembered he couldn't speak. "Don't push yourself. Whatever it is, you can say it next time." His boy didn't seem happy about that, but he accepted it. Tom had to laugh at the brunet's reaction and kissed his forehead again.

"I apologize, but it is time." The healer interrupted their moment and the politician nodded at him.

"I'll see you next time," he said to Harry, who smiled back at him. Tom kept petting the brown locks until the youngster was once again in a deep sleep.


Two more weeks had passed in the blink of an eye and Tom was running late. He should have been at St. Mungo's by now but was still at the Ministry. The law to give the muggleborns more rights had been deflected, but it had taken too long to his liking. Finally after hours of debating the Minister had allowed a vote and majority had been against it, like the future Dark Lord knew they would be. 'If the fool had just approved the vote at the start, I would already be in St. Mungo's!' Angry he strode through the main hall – people were actually making room for him as knew he looked like he wanted to Crucio someone – and stopped in front of the first fireplace he saw. "St. Mungo's!" He called out and stepped into the flames. His feet carried him into the hospital and moved him straight to the Ward Harry had been moved too. Today the healer would remove all of the healing spells and if everything went as it should be Harry would be released in a couple of days. He reached the corridor that held the youngster's room and did a last sprint until he stood before the door. Sounds could be heard coming from behind the wood and not waiting a second longer Tom pushed the door open. Immediately he noted the figure sitting upright on the bed talking to Parkinson and Crabbe. The noise of the door opening pulled the brunet's attention and he quickly turned around to meet brown eyes.

"Tom!" The future Dark Lord loved the sound of his boy's voice and the radiating smile that was directed his way made these past weeks worth it. He found himself moving to the bed and buried himself in the outstretched arms of the youngster. "Tom," Harry sighed contently as his breath tickled the other's ear.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you say that," the future Dark Lord whispered only for his boy to hear.

"It seems we came at the right time!" A voice suddenly made Tom glare backwards for interrupting. "Now, now Tom. Don't scare my fiancée like that." Abraxas chuckled with his arm wrapped around Lysandra.

"My apologies." The politician put up his charming smile and indicated for the two to take place on the chairs Alex was already putting down. His own place had already been decided for him as Harry made room on the bed. Clearly neither wanted the other out of his arms.

"How are you feeling, Marvolo?" Miss Bloomblair asked politely and Tom felt his boy lean a little more on him. When he eyed the youngster he noted the brunet was trying to push himself up again, but he clearly didn't have the strength.

'He's tired,' the politician noted worried. 'We shouldn't stay too long.'

"I'm fine; completely drugged by painkillers and other potions, but fine." Harry smiled at the woman and gave up his fight, letting Tom be the only thing keeping him up. Abraxas quickly took over the conversation and the future Dark Lord was more than surprised to find out his boy had given Miss Bloomblair Swarovski crystals.

"Where did you buy them?" he asked only for his boy's ears.

"That small shop at the end of Diagon Alley." Harry answered as he laid his head on Tom's shoulder.

'They owe me. Harry must have gotten a good price,' the politician nodded approvingly and his boy hummed something.

"Dear," Lysandra stopped her fiancé from rattling on against Parkinson, who adored a small blush, "your cousin clearly needs his rest." The blond aimed his attention back on the couple on the bed and smirked at Tom.

"Yes, it's been a while since I've seen him this relaxed." The future Dark Lord gave him a blank look as he knew Malfoy was talking about him and not Harry. His boy just frowned at the odd sentence. Abraxas helped his fiancée up and wrapped his arm once again around her waist. "Take care of each other," he said sincerely.

"Get well soon." Lysandra smiled a perfect smile before letting the blond walked her out.

"We should also go." Alex pushed himself from the wall he had been leaning against and stepped to the bed. "Be well, Marvolo. My Lord." Ignatius quickly followed his example still with a light colouring on his cheeks. The future Dark Lord wondered just what Abraxas had said to the boy. He was certain that even with marrying the beautiful Lysandra the blond would still keep a toy boy on the side. It wasn't unusual for purebloods to have one or more affairs on the side. Probably also the reason why Miss Bloomblair didn't blink an eye at Abraxas behaviour towards Parkinson. She probably had her own admirers she could play with.

'Still Parkinson?' Tom mentally shuddered and aimed his attention to the boy pressed against his side. Harry was fighting to stay awake and the older teen couldn't help but find it adorable. "You should get some sleep," he said and immediately his boy started to protest.

"No, we're finally alone!" the youngster whined and yawned.

"We have plenty of alone time ahead of us. Sleep!" it was an order. Harry grumbled something but complied and started to slip deeper under the covers until he suddenly stopped. With a quick burst of energy he rapidly turned to face Tom and pressed their lips together almost clashing teeth. The older teen needed a couple of seconds to comprehend what was happening, but then kissed just as passionately back. Too quickly the youngster's fatigue made Harry pull back but with a grin on his face.

"I've been wanting to do that..." He chuckled and a small laugh escaped from the future Dark Lord's lips.

"You've beaten me to it," he whispered and helped his boy crawl under the sheets with a big smile on both their faces. As finishing touch Harry snuggled against his thigh using it as a pillow. It didn't take long for the youngster's breath to even out and Tom pressed a feather light kiss to his forehead. "Sleep tight, my love."


Carefully Tom helped Harry from the fireplace to their couch in the living room and the youngster rolled his eyes at him. "I'm quite capable of walking on my own, Tom," the brunet smiled and the older teen glanced at him before opening the door to the living room.

"You're still on bed rest." Harry rolled his eyes again. They both knew the youngster was allowed to walk small distances – such as to the bathroom, which he has been doing for four days no, but like expected the future Dark Lord was being overprotective. "Be happy I'm not carrying you."

"You should try!" Harry huffed as he sat down on the seat of the couch. Dopper immediately showed up with refreshments and offered them while bowing his head continuously. "Thank you, Dopper." The youngster accepted a juice and inspected the homemade yoghurt. Clearly the house-elf was already instructed to only give Harry liquid nutrients.

"Master, several letters have arrived during your absence." Dopper turned his attention to Tom, who huffed in annoyance at the same time as a call came through the fireplace.

"I'll go see who it is." The older teen was getting more annoyed by the minute and strode out of the room. The other just smiled after him. It felt good to be home.

"M-Master?" Dopper said in an uncertain voice and Harry turned to face him. "Dopper," the house-elf took a deep breath, "is glad Master's feeling better!" The words fell from his lips in a rush.

"Thank you!" A bright smile formed on the youngster's face, which assured the elf it hadn't passed any boundaries. Happy, Dopper bobbed his head a couple of times before disappearing when Tom entered the room again.

"Mr. Greenwich wants to hear your side of the story," he mumbled annoyed as he sat down on a arm support of the couch. "He's expecting you next week." Harry nodded in understanding and wrapped his arms around the older teen's waist.

"He's probably not that happy with me." The future Dark Lord raised his eyebrow at him. "I did go behind his back to find you." A smile blossomed on the older teen's face and he bent down meeting the youngster's lips half way.

"If his Aurors had been doing their jobs none of this would have happened." The brunet made a sound and pulled the future Dark Lord beside him on the couch. The kidnapping might have been more than a month ago, but for him it had only been a little over a week. The need to touch Tom seemed to have been imprinted in him. Unconsciously he had to make certain the other really was safe and didn't want him out of his arms. Kissing him felt like a miracle and he could feel his body heat up. With a chuckle the older teen pulled back and leaned sideways against the back support of the couch. "How much I like where this is going... you're still on bed rest." He smirked and Harry playfully glared at him.

"We would still be in a bed... or am I not worthy enough?" Harry suddenly remembered what had been going on before the kidnapping and Tom pulled him flush against him.

"You're definitely worthy." Roughly the future Dark Lord claimed his lips again and feeling victorious the youngster laid himself down on the couch pulling the older teen on top of him. Sadly enough his body was still recovering and started protesting to the extra weight.

"Tom..." he let out a whimper of pain and the older teen practically jumped off him.

"Apologies, I shouldn't have..."

"No," the youngster sat up as he shook his head, "I should have listened to you. My body is still recuperating." Tom gave him a small smile.

"Come on, let's get you in bed." He held out his hand, which the brunet gladly accepted.


A week of bed rest was hell for Harry. He wanted to do something, anything and he was dying to feel Tom with every part of his body, but the older teen was wisely keeping him at a distance. Both knew there would be no stopping next time and risking the youngster's health was just something the future Dark Lord wouldn't risk. "Mr. Greenwich is expecting you in half an hour." Tom entered the bedroom and Harry let out an annoyed sound. He really wasn't looking forward to seeing the man again, but at least it meant he could leave this room.

"I guess I should get ready," he stated while giving the other a pointed look. Since the future Dark Lord had confined him to the bed, he could take care of him! Tom just indulged him and walked over to their closet. The older teen pulled out the first clothes he came in contact with and threw them on the bed.

"You also need help with getting dressed?" he asked smirking and Harry answered with a smirk of his own.

"Only if you want to be an hour late!"

"Only an hour?" Tom played hurt and seductively walked out of the room again. The youngster shook his head to get rid of the sexual tinted fantasies that popped up in his mind before he quickly changed. As finishing touch he put up his disguise again. The future Dark Lord had been really quick in lifting it once he had been confined to the room. As he put weight on his legs he could feel the pull that gravity had on his muscles and knew he wouldn't be able to stand for a long period. Carefully he stepped towards the door trying to keep his balance. He succeeded and continued through the corridor. Tom was waiting on him around the corner and wrapped his arm around his waist without a word, which Harry appreciated. His legs were protesting and the older teen set a slow pace towards the fireplace. Once they stood before the fire brown eyes glanced with a hint of worry at the brunet and the youngster took a step forward as indication the future Dark Lord could continue.


"I'm pleased to see you are doing better," Mr. Greenwich said after his guest had taken a seat. Tom had been friendly asked to take a hike and had decided he would visit the Minister. Harry hadn't liked to see him go and had watched him leave with a rising panic in his chest. He had had to tell himself a couple of times that nothing would happen to the future Dark Lord before he started to calm down again.

"Thank you," Harry answered politely.

"I do have to say that we aren't that pleased with you handling things by yourself. This could have ended far worse, it almost did!" The head of the Aurors intently stared at him with a frown on his forehead. The youngster wisely kept his mouth shut. "Thankfully it ended in your favour." The frown lessened. "Now please tell me about that night..."


"Tom!" Coraline moved from her desk and got into the future Dark Lord's face. She pressed a quick kiss to both his cheeks and rapidly retreated when she noted his expression.

"Is Mr. Stormlin available?" he asked and the woman walked back to her desk swaying her hips.

"Let me check," she mumbled as she opened her planner. "The Minister has an appointment in an hour. I'll go see if he has time." She winked at him before swaying towards the door behind her. A knock and she opened the door before disappearing into the office. It didn't take long for her to reappear and announced he could enter.

"Mr. Riddle!" Mr. Stormlin called out as he stepped inside. Coraline closed the door behind him and the Minister rose from his chair. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" he asked with a forced smile on his face.

'Probably still agitated that I rejected his muggle-law.' Tom didn't really care. The man before him was a fool. Intimidating he strode towards the desk and Stormlin seemed to shrink a little as the other's aura reached him. The teen's eyes glanced sideways and he nodded to Ms. Grelyon, who had been furiously taking notes only seconds ago. He waited with talking until the old woman left. "I appreciate that you could find the time to meet with me," Tom started as he turned his brown orbs back on the Minister.

"Of course," Mr. Stormlin waved his words away, "now what can I do for you, Mr. Riddle?" he questioned and the future Dark Lord took a seat in front of the desk.

"I was hoping you could enlighten me how Sebastian got the information on the whereabouts of the Auror, who had been tasked with watching me?" Tom gave the man a demanding look and the Minister started fidgeting.

"Mr. Crouch's used an Imperius Curse on one of our employees."

"And your security isn't bulletproof," the future Dark Lord added and Stormlin glanced at him to quickly glance away again in shame, "which is the reason I'm here." Tom smiled charmingly at the man before him and the Minister blinked at him in surprise.

"You want to make our security better?" he asked surprised and the teenager nodded.

"Yes, I'm sure you know of Gregory Lestrange's work in France. You are the Minister after all." Mr. Stormlin nodded reluctantly. Lestrange's work was a well hidden secret that only the richest of wizards knew of. Most of the time Gregory himself made the first approach and he always convinced his client. He had reached out to Tom with a fail proof plan to give the Ministry the best security possible. Unashamedly he had told Tom he would be the one to convince the Minister.

"But he's a busy man already booked for years to come. Booked by people you don't want to cross!" the Minister said with eyes widened in panic at the thought of just who Lestrange's patrons were.

"Yes, and I can get him," Tom stated and the other stared at him in shock. A cautious look appeared in the Minister's eyes and for the first time he seemed to realize just who he was dealing with.


"It's dangerous the way it is now," the future Dark Lord interrupted Stormlin, "you know that. Sebastian proofed it. For the safety of this country we need a better security!" Tom pressed and saw doubt appear in the Minister's eyes.

"You're correct..." He almost had him.

"I can arrange a meeting between you two so you can see for yourself what he has to offer. And you can choose for yourself if you want to go in on it." One more push. "It can't hurt to just meet him." And he had him.

"All right, arrange a meeting." The Minister satisfactory nodded to himself and the future Dark Lord gave him a cold smile that visually gave him the creeps.