With a thumping headache Harry opened his eyes and frowned at the ceiling above him. Confused he raised his head and took in the room he was occupying. 'Where am I?' he wondered and got up. Slowly he walked to the window and blinked surprised at the familiar sight. "Hogwarts, I'm at Hogwarts," he stated but something felt off. It took him a moment to realize that it was too quiet and darkness seemed to have settled around the castle. Frowning he decided to explore outside of this room and walked over to the door. Sneaking a peek outside, he noted Ignatius standing before the door with his back towards him eyeing his surroundings in confusion. "Ignatius?" the youngster questioned and Parkinson briskly turned to him.

"Marvolo!" he called out in relief. "You don't know how glad I am to see you!"

"Me too," the brunet confessed. "Do you have any idea what happened?" Ignatius shook his head.

"I just remember the wind and than a flash of white light before waking up here," Parkinson summed, "and it is odd to wake up standing up!" Harry gave him a bizarre look.

"We should look for the others," he quickly decided and after a short unspoken discussion they chose to walk in the direction of the north side of the castle.

"Where is everyone?" Ignatius asked after arriving at the main hallway. To their surprise they had arrived from the west side and they shared a look in confusion. "And how did we get there anyway?" the youngster shrugged as answer and walked towards the main hall to have the door burst open before his eyes. Not having the time to hide they simply froze and watched blond familiar hair appear.

"Abraxas!" Harry exclaimed and Malfoy frowned at him.

"Who let you out?"

"Excuse me?!" the brunet retorted, but the greyish eyes moved to Ignatius.

"You won't be able to save your boyfriend." A smirk appeared on Abraxas' lips. "Our Lord is punishing him as we speak." Parkinson frowned and the brunet pushed himself passed the blond into the main hall. His breath stuck as he took in what used to be the dining room. The room was for most part empty and hidden in darkness because of the large black curtains hanging before the windows. Old chandeliers gave the room the little bit of light it had and added to the horror appeal that seemed to have been the theme. In the middle of the room hung a body in the air that twitched from time to time and Harry felt his heart skip a beat when he recognized Alistair. A group of Death Eaters surrounded the figure, eyeing it like predators and casted curses whenever they felt like it.

"You've come," a familiar voice sounded from behind him and made his skin crawl. Fingers ghosted over his arm to stop at his cheek and he could see Ignatius stare with large eyes at the man behind him while at the same time making an effort not to run away. "My Marvolo," the man's other arm wrapped around his waist and a cold body pressed against his back. A shiver ran up his spine as he met Alistair's eyes and noted the frightened look in them. "You like seeing him like this, don't you?" the voice whispered in his ear before the cold body disappeared and Ignatius got manoeuvred beside him. "The cheater," the voice chuckled as he walked around Parkinson in the brunet's view and Harry world stood still. Voldemort stood before them.

"No," Ignatius mumbled and took a step forward. "He loves me!" Blue charmed eyes widened in shock and Alistair tried to say something but was unable to utter one word.

"He isn't capable of love," the Dark Lord chuckled. "Trust me, I know." His blood red eyes searched for the youngster's and a smirk crawled on his lips. "He just wants what he can't have," he chuckled and forcefully pulled Harry against him.

"Don't touch me!" the brunet yelled to everyone's surprise, even his own and roughly pushed the snake-like man away.

"Marvolo!" Voldemort hissed angry, but the youngster wasn't backing down.

"No, stop it! Alistair didn't do anything wrong!" he yelled angry and for a second the Dark Lord shifted to his younger self. Blue eyes narrowed at this and with a huff Voldemort released the floating body. With a loud thud Stromay fell to the ground and Ignatius flew towards him. He showered him with kisses and whispers of sweet nothings as tears fell from his eyes. Alistair simply let him and tried to get up.

"Keep your boyfriend away from my property!" the Dark Lord hissed angry at Parkinson before facing the brunet again. "Be prepared tonight. You'll be punished for your insolence!" he spat with a hint of lust in his red eyes before vigorously turning around and strode towards the back of the room. Blue charmed eyed followed his retreating back while Ignatius helped Alistair wobble out of the hall. As slick as a snake Voldemort turned around and sat down on his throne, which Harry just noticed. 'He put his throne on the same spot as the Headmaster's space at the professor's table,' he thought sarcastic. Meeting those lust captured red eyes again was enough to get him moving. Within the minute he stood in the hallway with a crying Ignatius and impassive Alistair.

"What just happened?" Harry rapidly turned around and Parkinson pulled Stromay closer to him while glaring at the youngster.

"Ignore him," Alistair said when the brunet gave his friend an odd look. "He's been captured by his desires," Stromay continued and almost to emphasize him Ignatius watched him with adoration in his eyes.

"You clearly know more," the brunet pushed him to continue.

"You remember the white light, don't you?" Harry nodded. "Did you see the two books?"

"Two? I saw one," the youngster cocked his head to the side.

"There were two. One with the title Desiderium, The desire and another with Timor, Fear." Parkinson sneaked his arms around Stromay's neck and kissed his jaw line before giving the brunet another heated glare. Clearly he didn't like the attention Alistair was giving to Harry. "My guess is that our minds have been captured in those books and we're being confronted with our biggest desire and our biggest fear." The youngster raised his eyebrow at his friend snuggled up against the other.

"Ignatius' actually in love with you?" he had to ask and Stromay quickly shook his head as their subject nodded happily.

"No, we both know Ignatius desires love. I just fit the story."

"So he wants love and is scared to lose it?" Harry summed and Stromay nodded. "All right, we better look for Alex and figure a way out of here," the youngster turned around and eyed his surroundings. "What does Alex desires? And what does he fear?" he asked and glanced at Ignatius. Parkinson knew him the best, but he had his doubts that he would get his friend to participate in his state. Alistair seemed to guess his thoughts as he suddenly moved the infatuated teen in front of him and gave him a sweet smile.

"Ignatius," he purred and the teen's eyes clouded over. "What's Alex scared of?" Straight away Parkinson snuggled back against the other and let out a dreamy sigh. The brunet felt his hope goes down the drain.

"To fail," his friend suddenly mumbled in Stromay's chest before looking up. "He's scared to fail," he smiled, happy to be able to answer his loved one's question. Alistair immediately moved his eyes to Harry while patting his attachment's hair. Ignatius seemed to purr but both teens ignored his content display.

"It needs to fit in the story right?" the youngster questioned and Stromay nodded. Dread filled Harry as he turned back to the door that held the main hall. "He doesn't want to fail Tom," he stated as Alistair's eyes also moved to the door to have a shudder run through his body. Parkinson kissed his jaw line to try and ease his worry.

"What was that inside there?" Stromay asked with a tremble in his voice and blue charmed eyes dropped to the floor in shame.

"My worst nightmare," the youngster answered just above a whisper and the two others turned to him. A hint of concern flashed through Ignatius' eyes and he made the intention to comfort his friend before his orbs glazed over again. "Tom's evil side," the brunet's voice broke a little as the others' eyes widened and Parkinson actually took a step away from his infatuation before doubt crept up on him.

"Meaning if Alex doesn't want to fail Tom, he's in there," a finger pointed to the closed door and Harry nodded to Alistair's speculation.

"I need to get back inside there," the youngster decided and his friend started protesting.

"No," Ignatius whimpered as he raised a shivering hand.

"Glad to have you back," the youngster grabbed the trembling digit and pulled Parkinson away from Alistair. "Fight whatever you are feeling," he encouraged and his friend nodded. "I'll be back before you know it!" a smile caressed his lips and his feet carried him back to the door.

"Marvolo!" Alistair's voice stopped him and when he glanced around he noted the struggle in the teen's half dazed orbs.

"No!" Harry stated and Stromay seemed to break out of the books' powers.

"Sorry," averting his eyes he waved the youngster away.

"How will you get Alex out?" Ignatius stopped him from continuing and the brunet gave him a smirk.

"It might be my worst nightmare, but my biggest desire is also in there," he smiled truthfully and pushed the door open.


His feet carried Harry towards the snake-like man sitting on the throne. "Marvolo!" Voldemort happily hissed out and the youngster forced a smile on his face.


"You've come to repay me for your insolence?" A flash of disgust passed through the red orbs and the brunet frowned.

'What did I supposedly do?' he wondered. 'He said Ignatius had to keep his boyfriend away from me and…' mentally he shook his head at his own slowness. 'Of course, Alistair's desire is me.' "I can't help it if I'm irresistible," his voice sounded more seductive than he thought he could muster up and amusement flashed through Voldemort's eyes. "You should know you're the only one for me," he hated saying those words to a fake Tom, but they worked as suddenly the teenager sat before him. The future Dark Lord held out his hand, which Harry gladly accepted. 'Don't fall for your desires!' he reminded himself as the love shone out of those brown eyes. The older teen pulled him on his lap and gently kissed him. The brunet's heart thumped and warmth spread through his body at the loving caresses. The kiss deepened as the youngster's arms wrapped around the other's neck. Out of breath they broke apart and rested their foreheads against each other.

"I love you," Tom suddenly confessed and Harry's eyes widened as his heart started a marathon.

"I love you too." His smile couldn't have been bigger and he felt himself drown in those brown eyes he loved so much.

"Marry me," the future Dark Lord continued with a hint of hopefulness in his tone. Blue eyes widened and the youngster's heart wanted to jump out of his chest.

"Yes!" he yelped and pressed his body even closer to the other. A thrilled expression appeared on Tom's face and he grabbed the back of Harry's head before roughly claiming his lips. Panting for air they broke apart and adoringly the youngster's face with sweet kisses, the older teen made his way to the other's ear.

"You've just made me the happiest man alive," he whispered, tickling the brunet's ear shell with his breath, "Harry." The world seemed to stop around them and Tom was the only thing that mattered.

"Marvolo!" a scream of his alias' name forced him out of his daydream and annoyed, he glared at Alistair.

"What!" he was pissed off. Why was that damn guy always ruining everything?

"W-What happened to you?" Stromay asked while blinking in surprise and the youngster frowned at him.

"What?!" he was getting more annoyed by the minute.

"Your hair?" Frowning Harry touched his locks and it dawned to him that they were shorter.

'My disguise is gone!' Confused he faced Tom again. "When did you…?" he questioned and the older teen gave him a gentle kiss on the lips.

"Harry," the future Dark Lord repeated and the youngster could feel himself being drawn in again.

"Marvolo!" Alistair's voice sounded angry and a hand grabbed his wrist with the intention to pull him off Tom's lap. The future Dark Lord prevented it and his arm almost painfully pulled the youngster against him. Harry gave Stromay an annoyed expression and wanted to tell him to leave them alone but the older teen beat him to it.

"He's mine! Go back to your toy boy!" Blue eyes widened in surprise at the voice and his breath got sucked out of him when he faced Tom again. The older teen had once more turned into Voldemort and the youngster got rudely pulled out of the clouds. With large eyes he twirled his head back to Alistair, who was looking at them with jealously clouding his dazed eyes.

'Damn, I let my desires take over!' he reprimanded himself and got the Dark Lord to loosen his grip by entwining their fingers. "I'll take care of this," he stated without looking at the man, whose lap he was using. Voldemort let him get up but didn't release his hand. "I could use some help," Harry continued with a pensive look on the Death Eaters.

"Crabbe!" the Dark Lord ordered and the youngster had to surprise a smirk. A figure removed itself from the cloaked wizards and walked over to Alistair. Roughly Crabbe pulled the protesting teen with him and Harry quickly followed him, glancing backwards once when his fingers slipped out of Voldemort's hold. A shudder ran up his spine and he reminded himself he had only been kissing an illusion minutes ago. His feet carried him as quick as they could and only when the door closed behind him, did he let out a breath of relief. His eyes moved to the three persons before him and taking one step he raised his hand before pulling the Death Eater's mask of Alex's face.

"Alex!" he pronounced his friend's name and got a dazed blink as answer.

"Alex?" Ignatius also tried and grabbed the other's arm. It didn't go unnoticed to Harry that Alistair blinked in annoyance at Parkinson. Crabbe just looked at Ignatius and a fake smile appeared on his lips.

"Leticia has been asking when you can visit for tea again." Parkinson blinked surprised at him as Alex's eyes moved over his shoulder to Alistair. "You can even bring that with you if you must," he gave Stromay a disdainful look and Alistair growled to Harry's surprise. In one quick movement Stromay had wrapped his arm around Ignatius' waist and pulled him flush against him. Stunned the trapped teen glanced backwards and his eyes glazed over as a goofy smile pulled at his lips.

'Bloody hell, all three are losing it!' the youngster realized and roughly pulled Ignatius out of Alistair's reach. Stromay glared at him and wanted to reclaim his loss but meeting Harry's eyes he seemed to be hit in the face.

"Marvolo?" he asked, retreating his hand and angry Ignatius pushed the youngster away. He intended to return to Alistair's arms but Harry grabbed hold of him again and forced him to look at him.

"Ignatius!" he raised his voice and saw a shock go through his friend, which broke the books' spells.

"Marvolo?" Parkinson asked unsure and the youngster smiled at him.

"Great to have you back, again. Now we need to get Alex back!" he turned to their other friend to see him watching them in confusion.

"You're friends?" Crabbe asked hesitatingly and Harry and Ignatius shared a look before nodding. "How? That's not… You're his guard," Alex looked at Parkinson while pointing to the youngster. Ignatius looked at Harry.

"No," he said to the youngster surprise, "we're friends," he turned his attention back on Crabbe. "Just as you are." Alex's eyes widened as they cleared up.

"Ignatius! Marvolo!" he called out astonished and a grin spread over Parkinson's face.

"We're complete again!" he cheered as he patted his friend on the back before he leaned closer. "So your fiancée's name is Leticia?" his eyes twinkled with mischief as Crabbe's cheeks coloured.

"Now how do we get out of here?" Harry asked and looked at Alistair as he had shown to be knowledged about the books before.

"There should be an escape hatch," Stromay didn't disappoint. "A door somewhere that would take us back."

"And how do we find it?" Alex asked, but to that Alistair didn't have an answer.

"They wouldn't want us to find it," Ignatius mumbled and the youngster briskly turned to him.

"That's brilliant! They will try to keep us away from it, so we'll use that to find it!"

"It will get dangerous and don't forget that the books can change the story at any point," Alistair warned them and Harry remembered how Tom and Voldemort kept switching between each other.

"How do you mean?" Alex asked confused and Stromay pointed at himself.

"You were torturing me not half an hour ago and now I'm completely fine."

"That's right, sorry." Alistair waved his apology away.

"No need, it wasn't you."

"So we'll just walk around until we find whatever is prohibited for us?" Ignatius asked and the others nodded. Parkinson shrugged at that before turning around and started walked ahead. Alex was quick to join him. Harry and Alistair silently fell into step behind them.

"You look normal again," Stromay broke the silence, making the other glance at him. "Why did your appearance change earlier?" Blue charmed eyes eyed Alistair for a moment. He would have to tell another lie.

"I always wanted to look more like my father," Harry decided in the end as he twirled a brown lock before his eyes.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't…"

"Don't be," the youngster waved his apology away.

"You really know how to make Tom's evil side look scary," Stromay tried to lighten the mood and the brunet glanced at him.

'If only he knew that's what Voldemort really looked like.' "Yes."

"Even his followers looked scary in those robes and with those masks," the other continued and Harry frowned. He really didn't want to remember.

"Mates!" Ignatius called out and the brunet speeded up, glad to leave the conversation behind. "Look!" Parkinson pointed around the corner. "We haven't encountered anyone until now and suddenly there are five people blocking our way," Alex explained.

"We're getting close," Alistair smiled before it faltered. "How are we getting passed them?" Four pair of eyes looked at each other in wonder who would come up with the fail proof plan.

"Why don't I distract them?" Harry suggested when no one reacted.

"How?" Stromay asked.

"Well, I am their Lord's boyfriend, so they are obligated to protect me."

"You're going to pretend to be in danger?" Alex caught his drift and the brunet nodded.

"I can imitate a wolf," Ignatius suggested but Alistair immediately shook his head.

"That would mean you have to stay behind, there's no way we're doing that." Astonished Parkinson's eyes moved to Stromay's and Harry was quick to break the moment that was threatening to emerge.

"Stop it! Don't you dare look at him!" He pointed his finger at his friend, who widened his eyes in surprise before they glazed over and glared at him.

"Stop trying to claim him! He's mine!" Angry Ignatius wrapped his limbs around Alistair's arm, locking it against his chest. The brunet took a step backwards while holding his hands up.

"Of course he is," he tried to appease his friend and Alex laid his hand on Parkinson's shoulder.

"Ignatius, you know Marvolo loves our Lord," Crabbe clearly stated and doubt spread over Ignatius' face.

"Yes," he mumbled and his hold on Alistair lessened a little.

"Of course he does!" a voice bellowed through the corridor and Harry swiftly twisted his body to find Tom leaning casually against the wall at the start of the hallway. He would have pulled off the casual look if he wasn't surrounded by Death Eaters, who were sending out an accumulated aura of killing intent. Ignatius crawled closer to Alistair, who wisely took a step backwards and Alex stiffened on the spot.

'This is bad!' Every warning bell was going off in the youngster's head. "Tom!" He forced a smile on his face and against his better judgement he started walking over to the future Dark Lord. 'He's Tom and not Voldemort, so this will be about my desires.' His feet moved on their own. 'I can turn this in my favor!' he tried to encourage himself. 'Just like I got Alex out of the main hall!' His arms rose as he had almost reached the other. 'And not to forget Alistair! I got him out alive!' Optimistic he wrapped his arms around Tom's neck and kissed the corner of the older teen's mouth. "Hi there!" he smiled brightly. Brown eyes moved over his face to the three scared teens behind him. Possessively arms wrapped around his waist.

"You're lost?"

"No," the brunet chuckled and successfully pulled the future Dark Lord's attention back to him, "Alistair wants to surprise Ignatius." Conspiringly he moved their heads closer to each other. "He's planned a romantic date." The brown eyes looked unimpressed. "Alex and I were supposed to bring Ignatius to the back of the castle, but we actually ran into Alistair. We almost ruined the surprise!" He whispered the last as undignified as he could and finally something changed in those brown eyes.

"The back of the castle isn't safe. The animals from the forbidden forest have been getting too close." Tom abruptly turned around and pulled the youngster with him. Harry glanced over his shoulder to his friends and watched them stand there helplessly until the Death Eaters blocked his view.


Tom only released Harry when they reached the room where the brunet had woken up in earlier. "Stay here!" it was an order and the youngster blinked in surprise at the other.

"No," he stated and brown eyes focused on him. "I'm not going to wait here like some sort of pet," he closed the distance between them again and entwined their fingers. "I want to be of use to you," he glancing downwards and up again in what he hoped was a shy manner. "I want to be close to you." The future Dark Lord seemed to defrost before his eyes and suddenly looked much more approachable.

"Come on then." An arm was wrapped around his waist again and carelessly Tom guided them through the castle. They ended up at the plaza where Harry finally found one of his friends again.

"Alex!" he called out and pulled his attachment with him to the other.

"My Lord," Crabbe greeted the future Dark Lord and the youngster could feel the fingers entwined with his, change.

'No, not Voldemort again!' he mentally whined and a short glance over his shoulder disappointingly made his expectations real. The snake-like man looked down on Alex, who seemed to want to disappear through the ground.

"Mr. Stromay is here for your meeting." The brunet frowned at his friend as he could clearly see his eyes weren't glazed over.

"Great, watch Marvolo." Blinking in surprise Harry watched Voldemort leave before turning back to his friend.

"You better tell me you have a plan."

"Yes, we're changing the story to our benefit," Alex signaled him to follow him. "Just like you did to bail us out previously." Following the other he found Ignatius waiting on them by one of the pillars and led them to the dungeon.

"Where are we going?"

"Potion's," Parkinson glanced backwards to the youngster. "This is still Hogwarts, so if we want potion ingredients we're going to the Potion's lab." They rounded another set of corners before darting into the classroom.

"So, what's the plan?" Harry panted as Alex was pulling out a cauldron and Ignatius gathering the ingredients.

"A Polyjuice potion." Blue eyes blinked in surprise.

"We're going to hide our appearances?"

"Yes, we've got some hairs from a couple of those masked guys," Parkinson nodded and Crabbe started the formula.

"And how are we getting to Alistair? Wasn't he the one who didn't want to use one of us as a distraction?" Harry narrowed his eyes at the irony.

"He didn't want to use Ignatius as a distraction," Alex mumbled as reaction and gave Parkinson a look. Ignatius had the dignity to blush and the brunet raised his eyebrows in question.

"Did I miss something?"


"Yes, Ignatius volunteered to get you from our Lord, but Alistair was having none of that," Crabbe said smugly. The brunet's eyebrows rose even more and he gave Parkinson a teasing look.

"You got under his skin." Ignatius turned even redder. 'Of course, only if it wasn't an effect caused by the books,' Harry secretly wished it wasn't.

"All right, it's time to add the hair," Alex interrupted them as he poured the potion in four cups and held out his hand to Parkinson.

"That's fast," the youngster said surprised and got a smirk from his friends.

"As I said before, we're changing the story to our benefit," Crabbe chuckled as he accepted the hair and added it to each cup. Dividing the cups they shared a last look before drinking. Immediately the effects made themselves visual and Alex's hair started to curl as it descended passed his shoulders. Harry's eyes were glued to his friend as Crabbe started to shrink and gather curves he didn't have before.

"Oh Merlin, you're a girl!" Ignatius bellowed, pulling the others' attention on him. The youngster's eyes widened as he stared straight into Ron's face.

"And you're a Weasley!" Alex shot back in an annoyed girlish voice, which Harry knew all too well. Twirling his head, he didn't get disappointed as Hermione was glaring at Ron.

'Okay, this is weird… Who am I?' At the same time as he questioned himself, his friends turned to him. Their heated looks quickly turned into a frown.

"You didn't change at all!" Ignatius called out disappointed in Ron's voice and now it was the youngster turn to frown.

"Your hair's black," Alex contradicted with a shake of his curls. "And," he stepped closer, "your eyes." Hermione's face took a moment to study him. "They're green," he decided in the end and Harry had the urge to hide his face in his hands.

'Of course, I belong with Ron and Hermione. Those bloody books are messing with me!' "I guess you will have to get Alistair without me," he shrugged and his friends nodded reluctantly. "I'll go and check the route to the back door," he decided and got a pair of hesitating looks back. "Come on, mates, I won't get caught." They weren't convinced.

"You were lucky to get away with it the first time. No point in testing fate," having Hermione say that worked in Alex's favor, without him knowing it.

"They'll recognize you immediately," Ignatius agreed nodding Ron's head.

"Then what's the point of this!" Harry was getting annoyed. He wanted to contribute, not be the damsel in distress waiting on her knights in shining armor.

"That's true," Ron turned to Hermione, "he won't be able to reach the back door looking like that." Alex moved the girl's face into a thinking expression.

"If they don't see his face it should work." Green eyes rolled around in their socket, but Harry did realize that he wasn't going to get his way.

"I'll wait in one of the classrooms close to the main hall," he compromised and his friends nodded.

"By the way, what about our clothes? Not to forget the masks? Why do we even need the Polyjuice Potion when there are masks?" Harry flamed the others with questions that popped up in his head. 'Actually what a stupid plan, so much can go wrong!' Keeping his opinion to himself, he eyed Ron and Hermione.

"The books won't make it that easy. Getting passed those guards will probably need identification, which would make the masks unusable," Alex reasoned.

"What if we run into the Death Eaters we're pretending to be."

"I saw them leave the castle."

"Then what about me? I still look like myself!"

"Let's hope our identification is enough."

"Otherwise we fight," Ignatius added, having enough of their banter.

"Where are we getting the robes?" Harry sighed in defeat.

"Your bedroom," Ron nodded thoughtfully with his head.

"My? Oh, you meant the room I woke up in!" Again the reddish haired head bobbed up and down.

"There must be black robes as it's also our Lord's room and I haven't seen his alter ego wear anything else," Alex mumbled more to himself and the youngster nodded.

"Okay, our first stop is Marvolo's bedroom!" Ignatius decided and strode towards the door. The others quickly followed his example – Alex grabbing the fourth cup with the Polyjuice potion before they left - and unseen they sneaked through the castle. When they reached the room, they rapidly moved inside and found it just the way Harry had left it. Immediately Hermione moved to the closet and pulled out four black robes.

"There aren't any masks," Crabbe said and the Weasley moved to a cabinet. He started pulling them open one by one and got lucky. Four masks got pulled from the lowest drawer and with an Ignatius' smirk on Ron's face, he turned to his friends.

"We're in business, gentlemen," he grinned.