"Just what are you going to say to Tom?" Harry asked as Ignatius sneaked a peek around the corner.

"We agreed with Alistair that he would only be inside for an hour," Alex explained as Ron's hand waved that the coast was clear. "We're going to pretend to escort Alistair out of the castle," Hermione's face turned to the youngster.

"Stay here and keep guard." Harry nodded and accepted the cup with Polyjuice potion for Alistair. His friends put on the Death Eater's masks before pulling the hood over their heads. It was simply wrong to see Hermione and Ron dressed as Voldemort's minions and the youngster watched them go with a heavy heart. Luckily luck was on their side and fifteen minutes later they returned plus one. Alistair looked like he had gone through hell and back. The hair sticking to his forehead showed how much he was perspiring.

"An hour was way too long!" he stated and Harry gave him a pitying look. He would have had to interact with Voldemort, the Voldemort Harry knew. "Let's get out of here," Stromay pleaded and the others were quick to agree. Quickly the youngster handed over the Polyjuice potion and Alistair rapidly knocked it back. Immediately the man started shrinking as his hair grew out and turned red. Harry suddenly just knew in who he was changing.

'Ginny,' and just like he thought the girl formed before him.

"You're even worse than us!" Ignatius called out. "A girl and a Weasley!"

"Get changed, we need to hurry up. Our potions can wear off at any time," Hermione's voice held amusement.

"That'll probably happen at the worst time," Ron's face darkened and the others had to agree. Quickly Stromay changed and together with Harry put on the Death Eater's masks. As casual as they could to not draw attention to themselves, they walked in the direction of the back door. When they reached the guards, Alex strode straight towards them.

"We've been ordered to check the premises," he stated as professional as he could and the youngster felt his heart rate pick up in anticipation.

"Identification!" A shudder ran through Harry's body as he recognized Greyback's voice. Hermione showed her face and the werewolf cocked his head they could pass.

'So far, so good,' Harry politely nodded at the half beast as he crossed him. Greyback didn't blink an eye at him. They continued to the back door and reached it to their surprise without any further obstacles. All four got a hint of success in their eyes until they opened the door. It was a scene Harry would never forget. 'It's the last battle at Hogwarts!'

"We're at the front?" Ignatius called out stunned and shivered as he saw Nagini slip around Voldemort's shoulders.

"How does he keep that thing from choking him?" he mumbled.

"I guess we'll have to reach the front gate," Alistair reasoned and Harry nodded.

"Just shoot at everything that comes between us and that gate!" Harry made his heart a stone and stepped forward.

"Harry!" Neville suddenly stood before them and their Death Eater's disguises vanished into thin air.

"What!?" Ron's voice yelped and his hands moved over his body and face, trying to hide everything until Hermione knocked him on the head.

"Stop that!" Alex hissed and Ignatius stiffened. Neville didn't even blink at him.

"We need you at the front!" the dark blond grabbed the youngster's wrist and pulled him with him. They stopped beside a fidgeting Draco and Harry realized the blond still had to make his decision. Dark or Light? Voldemort or Neville?

'He chose Neville!' his mind supplied and the Dark Lord started laughing.

"Look who has arrived! The Boy-Who-Lived!"

"Somehow this isn't going as planned!" Alex hissed from behind Harry, who glanced backwards to find all three of his friends standing ready to fight.

"Now be smart and surrender. Come over to my side and I promise I'll spare your friends," Voldemort stated and green eyes noted a flash of white blond hair in the corner of his eyes.

"Draco, get over here!" Lucius ordered as his wife held out her hand for her son.

"Yes," the Dark Lord had followed his nemesis' line of vision, "be the first one to make the right choice!" Neville grabbed his boyfriend's hand and the blond looked at him with a lost expression on his face. "Bring the Longbottom with you!" Voldemort ordered with a sigh and greyish eyes widened before Draco started pulling the dark blond with him.

"Draco!" Harry couldn't stop himself and Ginny grabbed his arm.

"Don't interfere!" Alistair hissed, but it was too late. Neville had raised his wand and Lucius killed him with an Avada Kedavra as he feared for his son's life. The start of the fight was given and Harry stared in shock as his dark blond friend fell down, pulling Draco with him. The blond fell on his knees and stared at his boyfriend's body in shock as Nagini started sliding towards him. The youngster couldn't continue watching as Alex pulled him with him. Alistair was sending out one spell after another while protecting Ignatius. Slowly they were making their way to the front gate.

"Harry!" a sweet voice sang from behind him and green eyes glanced backwards to see Tom in the middle of the battlefield.

"He isn't real!" Alex pushed him in front of him away from the future Dark Lord.

"Where are you going, Harry?" A hand got held out to him. "Come here!" Tom ordered and the youngster shook his head.

"Of course he won't!" a voice came from his right and he twirled around to face himself in surprise. "You don't belong with him. You're destined to destroy him!"

"Marvolo! Get a grip!" Alex stated as he looked at the other Harry in confusion. He didn't seem to see him.

"Don't you see him?" the youngster asked and his friend shook his head, getting him to take another set of steps. Ignatius and Alistair had already reached the gate and were signalling to hurry up.

"He killed your parents," the fake Harry said in the real one's ear, "and made you live with the Dursleys." Feelings of hate rose with the mention of his abusive family. "If it wasn't for him, you could have grown up in a loving family," the fake Harry glared at Tom, who was still holding out his hand. "Dumbledore would still be alive," hands succeeded in turning the youngster around and made him face the picture of war again, "and your friends would still be alive." A tear slipped out of a green eye as the youngster watched Draco trying to manoeuvre Neville's body away from the heat of the battle. Greyish eyes suddenly looked up and met green ones in a hateful glare.

"Why didn't you just kill him?!" Draco screamed and Harry felt his heart thump as his fake copy raised his arm, armed with his wand.

"He deserves it!" the fake hissed and suddenly Cedric stood on his other side.

"Why didn't you kill him?" His lifeless eyes gave the youngster the shivers and he started shaking his head.

"I'm sorry, I didn't…"

"We would still be alive!" Sirius and Remus screamed at him and his eyes widened in shock at their sudden appearance.

"Don't be a disappointment," a cold voice stated from behind him and Harry turned to see Snape with the old Dumbledore – nodding encouraging – beside him.

"Make us proud," the voice of an angel whispered and he looked at his mother. Tears fell freely as he saw her arm in arm with his father and his wand pointed at Tom, who seemed frozen in time.

"No," Harry mumbled as the fake Harry wrapped his hand around the real one's, holding the wand.

"He deserves it!" the fake supplied and for a second the youngster really believed it. "Avada Kedavra!" the curse left the fake Harry's lips, but the youngster knew he had giving permission. The moment the spell hit Tom, Harry's world stood still. With a loving smile on his face, the future Dark Lord fell backwards and the youngster's heart stopped.

"No!" he screamed out and wanted to run to Tom, but an arm around his waist stopped him.

"Get him!" Alistair called out and Alex grabbed Harry's wrists, snatching the wand out of his hands.

"Tom!" the youngster could only see the dead body before him as he got hauled towards the gate. With a rough shove, he fell through it and bolded up straight in a bed. "Tom!" he screamed with tears in his eyes and his hands got caught in mid-air.

"I'm here!" Surprised he looked at the teen standing beside the bed and relieve washed over him. He pulled the future Dark Lord closer, wrapping his arms around his waist and hid his face in the broad chest.

"All four are awake," other voices started penetrating his clouded mind.

"They got lucky!" That was definitely Dumbledore and the first one must have been Ms. Gomple. "Those books could have been their death!"

"What were you doing there anyway?!" Dippet sounded displeased.

"We got out," it was a whisper that made Harry's face leave the safety of Tom's chest a little. His mind supplied that the room he was in was the infirmary and it clicked that his friends were lying in the beds around him. His eyes found Alistair's tired but glad ones. "We got out," Stromay repeated and smiled. Harry's lips also turned upwards and with a relieved sigh he looked at Tom.

"How are you feeling?" the older teen asked concerned as his hands started tracing soothing circles on the youngster's back.

"Great, just great," Harry smiled and hugged the future Dark Lord close again.


Harry stared out of the window of the Hogwarts Express, seeing the landscape move passed him for the last time. He looked up when Tom squeezed his hand before getting up and leaving the compartment. Alistair entered five minutes later. "I was hoping the see you alone," Stromay closed the door behind him and sat down opposite the brunet. The youngster knew what this was about. "Are you all right?" Alistair asked worried and the other nodded, but Stromay didn't look convinced. "We pulled you out with force and the last thing that happened…"

"I killed Tom," Harry continued and sighed. "If you hadn't pulled me out," he was shaking his head. "I don't know what would have happened."

"The books would have gotten you," Stromay stated just above a whisper and the youngster could only nod. "What made you do it?" Another sigh escaped from the brunet's lips.

"Everyone I ever loved and lost," he answered cryptically and Alistair gave him a look full pity. "It was a moment of weakness," Harry brushed it off and the other slowly nodded.

"Just know I'm here if you need me." Stromay's eyes gave him a penetrating look that got too serious for the brunet's taste.

"Ignatius isn't going to like that," he knew which buttons to push to get him to back off.

"He-he'll have to deal with it," Alistair huffed and his cheeks slightly coloured.

"Be honest, what's going on between you two?" The colour darkened.

"I… don't really know," Stromay avoided looking in the other's eyes.

"You like him, don't you?" Nothing coherent came out of Alistair's mouth. "Would you have slept with him otherwise?" Harry pressed and Stromay bit his lip.

"There's something about him," he mumbled in the end and a giant smile broke through on the brunet's face. "But we probably just like the idea of having someone," Alistair quickly defended himself. "We're not in love." The smile turned teasing.

"You don't have to admit it if you're not ready," the youngster waved the other's protests away, but Stromay was having none of that.

"No," he shook his head, "you know all too well that I like you, but I realize that you don't see me like that," Alistair quickly added seeing the apologizing look on the other's face. "It's kind of clear when you're not the least bit jealous after I sleep with one of your friends." Harry pulled a sorry look. "And let's face it, Ignatius and I don't have a future together." The sorry look turned into a frown.

"You can't know that."

"Yes, I can," Stromay nodded his head. "Both of us need to deliver the next generation of our family. We can't really do that together, now can we?" The brunet sadly shook his head. "It's just the world we live in," Alistair shrugged and something came to the youngster's mind.

"Does that mean that if we had gotten together, at some point we would have had to break up because you were going to marry some girl?" A frown settled on Harry's face and the other gave him a half smile.

"Some things are worth fighting for," he answered and blue charmed eyes narrowed.

"Ignatius isn't?" A sigh and a roll of the eyes was the immediate reaction.

"Not to be crude, but you don't have a family, a pureblood family," Alistair clarified, "Ignatius does. We both do."

'I guess you don't want two pureblood families against you. Not in this time at least,' the youngster reasoned, missing the freedom that the future brought with it. 'Neville and Draco would never have a change in this time.' The memory of his friends brought back the fake death created by the books. 'Thank Merlin that never happened!'

"You're lucky with Tom," Alistair pulled him out of his grim thoughts and he smiled.

"I am, aren't I?" The door suddenly opened and their previous subject threw himself inside. Stromay stiffened, expecting an outburst as Ignatius' eyes swept over him to stop on the brunet.

"Marvolo! My parents are driving me insane!" he whined and flew to his friend. He slumped down on the seat beside Harry and dropped his head on the youngster's shoulder.

"They're just worried," the brunet assured his friend with a pat to his head and Parkinson let out a sigh.

"At least I got away," he mumbled as he closed his eyes. "You should have heard Alex's parents."

"You could hear them through the wall?" Harry felt the head on his shoulder nod.

"Be happy they're here," Alistair mumbled to himself, but the others had heard him. Ignatius sat up straight, giving the other a pitiful look and wanted to say something when the door opened again. Tom stepped back inside, looked around the compartment and Ignatius immediately jump up. He turned around and sat down beside Stromay. The older teen simply sat down on the newly available seat and Harry automatically entwined their fingers.

"We'll be arriving in London in fifteen minutes," Tom stated in a bored tone and the youngster turned to Alistair.

"How are you getting home?" If his parents didn't look after him, who did? "Tristan's waiting on me," was the short reply accompanied by a shrug.

"Oh," the brunet nodded and glanced at Tom before quickly looking away again when their eyes barely met. The man before him gave him a piercing look as Ignatius was looking uncomfortable at the door and the future Dark Lord eyed him with a thoughtful look. 'He must have noted that I'm not looking him in the eye,' Harry realized, but every time he met the other's eyes, he saw the dead body. After five minutes Ignatius couldn't take it any longer and declared he should return to his parents. He mumbled something about keeping an eye on his mother, who was just too excited to be riding the Hogwarts Express again. Alistair was quick to follow him, leaving the couple alone again. Silence hovered around them until Tom broke it.

"When are you going to tell me what happened?" Harry couldn't ignore such a direct question and he knew it.

"You can guess, can't you? My fear and my desire," the youngster clarified. The future Dark Lord looked at him with a piercing look before answering.

"Me and Voldemort," he said in a more quiet voice than Harry was used too. The brunet nodded before looking out of the window again. "What did I do?" Surprised blue eyes meet brown ones.

"Nothing! Nothing really, well nothing I wasn't used of Voldemort." The older teen gave him a puzzled look. "It's something I did," he confessed and brown eyes narrowed at him.

"What could you have done that's so bad?" Harry requested him not to ask that with the expression on his face. After a silence battle between their eyes, Tom sighed and pulled the youngster close. "You won't lose me to the dark side," he kissed the top of the brunet's head and Harry felt his heart drop.

'That's what he concluded?' One side of him was happy the other didn't guess correct, but on the other side he was sad that Tom didn't know him that well. Slowly the train pulled in the station and Tom got up. The youngster immediately noted all of the people waiting on the platform. "There are reporters outside," he said surprised and the older teen briskly bowed towards the window.

"They knew we would be here." Harry gave the other a confused look until it suddenly clicked.

"Of course, they all know I graduated." He shook his head at his own stupidity and Tom eyed him.

"Do you want this kind of publicity?" Blue eyes looked up in surprise.

"This is kind of a one deal package with your job," he shrugged and got up. "Come on, let's meet your fans." A smile coloured his face and entwined their hands again before pulling the politician out of the compartment with him.

"Mr. Riddle, Mr. Remus!"

"Over here!" Outside the mass immediately got drawn to them and Harry's eyes almost fell out of his head when he heard the new nickname Tom had gotten.

"Dark Lord!" Briskly, he turned to look at the older teen.

"Dark Lord?" he questioned and got a smirk as answer. Tom wrapped his arm around his waist and manoeuvred him through the crowd.

"How does it feel to have graduated?!"

"What are you going to do now?!"

"Are you going into politics?!"

"Are you still going to become an Auror?!" Questions kept piling around them but Dark Lord kept his smirk in place. Blond hair pulled the youngster attention and his eyebrows rose as he saw Abraxas waiting on them with his nose in a paper. As they got closer the paper descended and Malfoy smirked back at them. The politician merely held out his hand and got supplied with the paper, which he held out for the youngster. Harry accepted it with a frown and the huge title of their article immediately pulled his attention.

"The new Dark Lord!" he read aloud and scanned the bold sentences. 'The political sensation! You can be mine Dark Lord anytime!' "I did it," the brunet looked up with large eyes and the older teen gave him a nod, his smirk still in place. The journalists kept shouting for them and Tom signalled he would address them.

"Please, one at a time," he smiled encouraging and the people before him quiet down as he pointed at one.

"Are you still planning on becoming an Auror?" the question was directed to Harry, who nodded.

"Why not go into the politic?" the second question followed automatic.

"That's Tom's area, not mine," the youngster answered with a polite smile and turned his attention on another journalist, signalling he was next.

"Who are you suggesting to become the next Head Auror?" the older teen got addressed.

"Mr. Zanal," Tom stated, clearly revealing the name for the first time.

'Never heard of,' Harry's mind supplied and he wondered who this man was who got the Dark Lord's approval.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but we've got to go," Abraxas broke up the interview as he stepped before the couple. Quick a couple more photos got taken before Tom could Apparate them away. Dizzy, the brunet clutched to the older teen's robe.

"You could have warned me!" he yelped as he tried to stop the world from spinning against the other's chest.

"Apologies," a chuckle resonated through his body as a kiss got pressed to the top of his head. He shot the Dark Lord a glare without heat before looking around. There was no doubt.

"This is our new home!" he called out as he stared at their own couch in the new living room.

"I took the liberty to start the move," Tom wrapped his arms around the youngster from behind and pressed himself against the other's back.


"Yes, just the essentials are already here."

"Like the bed?" Harry asked with a twinkle in his eyes and the older teen turned him around in his arms.

"Of course." Lips got rid of the smirk accompanying those words and feet carried them to the stairs. They bumped against the wall just before the steps and Tom was all over Harry. He raised the youngster's arms and held his hands captive above his head with one hand as the other was roaming freely over the body underneath them. A moan escaped the brunet's lips, breaking the connection between their mouths and the now free lips quickly attached to the youngster's neck. Moans ran freely and Harry couldn't take the obstruction of clothes any longer. He wanted to feel the Dark Lord's naked skin on his. One pull at Tom's robe made his intention known and the older teen moved backwards. Rapidly the older teen started removing his clothes, an example the youngster all too gladly followed. Once naked they flew against each other again, brushing their penises together and all too quickly Harry's back was pressed against the wall again. The youngster raised one of his legs and wrapped it around the other's waist to increase the friction between their lengths. He heard Tom Accio his wand and attacked the other's neck, making certain he left hickeys as the older teen started preparing him. His muscles started to relax and the first finger penetrated him under the guiding of lube. He groaned at the discomfort and Tom kissed his lips.

"It's been a while," he panted and another kiss got pressed to his lips in understanding. A second finger entered him and he bit his lip as they made a scissoring motion. The older teen pressed one kiss after another to his face and suddenly pushed his two fingers as deep as he could, aimed at the youngster's prostate. A loud moan got released between them and Harry was losing it as those fingers kept attacking his pleasure spot. The familiar tightening in his balls warned him he had almost reached his limit. "Tom, I'm...Ah!" He came on both their stomachs and his hold on the other lessened. Tom kissed him through his climax before wrapping the youngster's other leg also around his waist.

"Are you ready?" Lust clouded his voice and Harry slightly wondered how he had been able to hold back. He nodded and bit his lip in anticipation as the Dark Lord's cock swiftly entered him. A moan slipped out from his lips and he felt the penis inside him twitch. He loved the effect he had on the other. Lazy he raised his butt a little before dropping down again and Tom lost it. The older teen's hips started thrusting as his hands grabbed hold of his buttocks pushing them up and down in time with his thrusts. Harry's hands tried to find anything to hold on to on the wall as his back started to bump against it, but found nothing and eventually ended up the older teen's shoulders as that was the only place they could clutch on too. Moans and groans filled the air around them and the brunet felt himself harden again as his prostate got abused.

"Tom," he called for the other's attention and sloppy kissed his lips when he got it. Just having come made him more sensitive and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer. "Tom, Tom," he started chanting and the thrusts lost the last bit of rhythm they had. A gasp escaped the older teen's mouth and Harry knew he was also close. Three more attacks to his pleasure spot was all it took to pull him over the edge and the tightening of his muscles was Tom's trigger. He felt himself being filled and deliberately kept moving his hips until he had milked every last drop out of the Dark Lord. Tom's knees suddenly gave out and both tumbled to the floor. Entwined with each other they caught their breaths and shared a couple of lazy kisses.

"We didn't need the bed," Harry eventually chuckled and got a radiating smile from the other. "I guess we've baptized this hallway." The smile turned into a smirk and the youngster couldn't help but laugh.


Tom watched the movers use their wands to float in the dining table, expanding the door opening for a moment before passing through it. Next he walked through the kitchen where he found Dopper busy with opening one box after another and placing all of the kitchen utilities in the appointed cupboards with the wave of its hand. His feet carried him to the living room where he found Harry sitting between boxes. He moved towards him, stepping over the hindrances and the youngster raised his head as he reached him. His hand moved under the brunet's chin and he pecked the lips directed at him. "Everything under control?" The hand removed itself and Harry nodded.

"I've never been so glad for magic," the youngster joked. "Just imagine putting this entirely away manual. We would take ages!" Tom's lips moved into a smile. The excitement of his boy was so contagious.

"Says the one who was going to paint everything manual."

"Yes! Magic is a godsend!" The brunet raised his hands to the ceiling like he was thanking God, but redirected them and grabbed the Dark Lord down by the collar. He pulled him on top of him and the older teen gladly let him. Their lips met and Harry pushed a couple of boxes away before laying down on the carpet. "This is soft," he chuckled when they broke for air.

"Hm," Tom nuzzled his neck and his boy let out an approving sound. One of the movers bumped against the wall in the corridor and the Dark Lord let out a sigh. "Sadly enough, we've got company," he planted a last kiss to the other's lips before getting up. Harry pouted but went back to his boxes. The older teen walked out of the room to check up on the next one.


"Abraxas!" Tom raised his voice and the blond's mouth slammed shut. "I'll be meeting with Lestrange and the minister, reschedule the appointment," the Dark Lord waved his hand in a definitive manner. Reluctantly Malfoy nodded, clearly not happy with the prospect of having to call Madam Prince. A knock sounded on the door and the older teen called his boy inside.

"Sorry for interrupting, but Spave's on the Floo." The brown head popped inside and Tom nodded.

"I'll be right there." The youngster disappeared back in the corridor and brown eyes turned back to their guest, who was looking funny at the fireplace in his office.

"We're finished," the Dark Lord stated and Abraxas nodded before getting up.

"I'll see you tomorrow at Maison Purus?" Tom nodded. He had taken enough holidays with the move. Tomorrow it would be back to the office. He guided the blond out of the room to the living room where the central fireplace was located. His mood lightened a little as he heard Harry's laugh and found the boy kneeled down before the green flames.

"Good afternoon, Arte," the older teen greeted the man in the fire as his hand slid between brown locks. Harry let out an approving sound before getting up and giving his attention to his cousin.

"Good to see you again, Tom!" Spave greeted back with a radiating smile. "You have such a pleasant partner," he continued with a compliment to the youngster.

"Which I know all too well," the Dark Lord smirked.

"How's Lysandra?" his ear caught his boy making small talk with Abraxas.

"Good..." the rest he zoomed out as Spave announced why he had contacted him.

"I've been meaning to invest in something new and wanted to hear your suggestion." Tom's eyebrows actually rose in surprise. He wasn't surprised that Spave wanted to invest, but that he was going to do whatever the Dark Lord suggested.

'I have to use this to my advantage!' "I'll research different companies and get back to you," he decided and Arte nodded happily. 'He knows I would only choose to benefit the Group. Always the politician.' "Next time contact me in my office." Spave's eyes widened for a moment and wonder settled in them. He was clearly asking himself why he hadn't thought of that. The older teen smirked as the flames before him turned normal again. Next he turned around and looked at his boy. He took in how Harry was giving Abraxas a polite smile and frowned. Somehow the brunet had been acting different. It wasn't very notable but Tom knew him all too well and realized the youngster was acting more docile than normal. Once he might have thought that he would like a more docile Harry, but now that he was acting like that, the Dark Lord missed the challenge his boy always presented him with. Ever since he had graduated - ever since his adventure in those books - his boy had seemingly been trying to be the perfect boyfriend. No matter how much he liked certain parts of that act, it wasn't Harry. 'Whatever happened in those books has made him feel guilty.'

"I'll be leaving then," Abraxas pulled him from his musing and he gave the blond a nod. Malfoy walked by him and disappeared through the fireplace.

"Oh, I almost forgot," his boy pulled his attention, "this morning we got the invitation for Harold's wedding." At that Tom raised his eyebrows and got an odd look from the youngster. Okay, they were expecting an invitation, but still... not so soon.

"That's fast. When is it?"

"Next month." The eyebrows rose again.

"That's really fast." Harry shrugged.

"Yes, but I think they wanted to keep it small, making it possible to arrange everything so fast."

"You're probably right," the older teen stepped towards the other. "Have you met your grandmother yet?" Charmed blue eyes widened at that.

"No, not yet. Would she even like me?" It was cute to see the youngster so insecure.

"Of course, she would."

"Even with all those rumours?" Arms wrapped around the brunet's waist.

"I'm certain she knows those are just that, rumours." Hands crossed each other on the youngster's back before pulling the boy against the older teen. "And if she doesn't, she'll just have to see us together to know that we belong together." A smile bloomed on Harry's face before Tom's lips got claimed.

"You're right," his boy admitted and the politician could just see the stars in those blue eyes.