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Part 11 –

Promise Me Forever

(Sunday, June 4th) 9:53am

Quinn watched from her small guest bedroom as Rachel snored lightly, cuddled up on a puffed out air mattress on the floor. The brunette's hair fanned out in waves against the pillow that she clutched between her one normal, and one casted arm. The blonde had just woken up only ten minutes earlier, but the shock came on as quite the early morning surprise as she laid hazy eyes on a sleeping brunette on her floor whom most definitely hadn't been there when she relinquished herself to bed the night before.

And so it had been – for the last ten minutes Quinn simply watched. She followed the way Rachel's chest rose and fell with her breaths, she smiled at the sound the diva made as she inhaled large whistling breaths in her sleep. She swooned when the diva buried her face farther into the down pillow, and she drooped her eyes at the fact that she deserved none of it. For every second that Quinn watched Rachel, the blonde fell even farther for her – she was inebriated solely on the brunette – and as her heart bat faster and faster, her eyes widened, because she was finally realizing what it could all possible mean.

For weeks now, Quinn and Rachel had been affectionate, if not overly so. They kissed, and cuddled, and swooned over one another but that wasn't a realrelationship, was it? They watched movies cuddled together on the living room couch, fingertips intertwined – but that didn't mean jack shit did it?

Really, Quinn and Rachel were in the middle of a very heightened and glorified friendship with emotions and romantic feelings - that had no rules or way of legitimate boundaries. How far were they willing to commit to one another? Did Rachel even want to fully commit?

And so Quinn sat up in bed and now watched the brunette forlornly – happy of course to wake up to her surprise presence, but now more conscious than ever before about their recent closeness. And before any solid thoughts could truly sink in and pave way for unwelcome actions, Rachel began to stir.

The brunette opened her eyes and looked around herself – unsure for a few moments about how and why she had ended up on the floor in Quinn's now (guest) bedroom. It took her a few seconds to reacquaint herself, and then she was looking up at the blonde, and smiling sleepily at her.

"Morning sleepyhead."

And now that Rachel was up and looking her directly in the eyes with nothing but warmth – all ill thoughts had vanished from Quinn's mind – yielding to the swell of her heart. She watched as the brunette huffed dramatically before picking herself up to go and move to the large mattress, lying down opposite Quinn now; their knees and hips touching ever so slightly.

"Hi you, if you don't mind my surprise – If I remember correctly when I went to sleep last night there wasn't a large air mattress on my floor. Or an adorable sleeping brunette snoring on it."

She watched as a small smile play on Rachel's lips before quickly descending into a playful huff.

"Quinn Fabray, I do not snore!"

Quinn ran her fingers through her hair and laughed.

"Says the girl who kept me awake all morning with said snoring."

Rachel pouted out her lip and turned her head away from Quinn's on the pillow. The blonde laughed – clearly upsetting the diva even more. But before Rachel could turn her full body over, Quinn took a warm arm and snaked it around the brunette's slender waist, pulling her in closer by the inch. And just as she pulled the small diva into the softness of her own body, she buried her face into the brunette's warm neck. Setting her lips right on the crook of Rachel's collarbone lazily. And just like that - all taunts at indignation were gone, and Rachel was all but putty in her more than willing fingers.

"You're adorable when you're sleeping."

The pout was back – but it was no more than a fading image on now slowly smiling lips. Rachel looked up and kissed the blonde on the forehead – as her mouth was currently occupied. And as she brushed her lips against soft, tan hair – she caught sight of a small scar along Quinn's hairline– one of the many faint remains of their shared horror. She followed it with a soft finger, tracing it as it receded back into the blonde's scalp before kissing it tenderly.

"You can barely see it anymore…"

Quinn looked up at the brunette and saw the soft, far away look in Rachel's warm brown eyes.

"There are still a lot of them left – but they're fading… somewhat."

"I know…mine are fading too. But I still hate that they're there."

Quinn watched as Rachel subconsciously laid a hand on her abdomen, tracing the wrinkles of her shirt there – unbeknownst that she was outlining the small scar from her surgery – marking it warily with her fingers. Quinn quickly stilled her hand, and snuck her own under the hem of the brunette's shirt, lifting up the fabric now, so that it laid over her ribcage but no further. And with the most tender care anyone could ever muster, she leant down and trailed her tongue along the small seam, following it with soft kisses as she went.

"You're beautiful Rach – how could your scars be any less so?" She whispered.

And Rachel bristled, her body tingling from the sudden contact. Her heart falling to her feet as she watched Quinn praise her body and mark it with nothing less than love. And just like that – she knew. It hit her like a freight train in the early morning winter air – and she gasped because it was as if her heart were so full that something had to give. Quinn stopped her mouths praises and looked up at Rachel from the brunette's torso – her face etched with shock and worry.

"I'm s-sorry, I didn't –"

And then a small hand was pulling Quinn's chin up slowly, and warm lips found hers hungrily. Quinn had momentarily lost her mind – after hearing Rachel's proclamation of self doubt, over something far beyond their control – over something that if anything accentuated her beauty – it was ridiculous. Because just then, and really – always – Rachel had been the most beautiful girl Quinn Fabray had ever had the privilege of knowing. And as such, in a moment of lapse she simply turned the reins of her overactive brain over to her eager and willing heart. And she just felt the brunette. She felt. And suddenly as her senses came to – she realized the gravity of her actions, and she shied away – unsure if they were warranted, or even wanted. And now, with Rachel's warm lips claiming her own – she was glad that she finally let her heart take over for once.

And now as the sun flitted in through the blinds both girls were lost. Lost to the physicalites of their own blossoming emotions. Rachel had finally really given in to Quinn – she was opening herself up for uncertainty and failure perhaps – but wasn't that the definition of a leap of faith? And so as she marked Quinn's lips as her own her hands found purchase at the small of the blonde's back.

Quinn was utterly captivated by all things Rachel Berry. She was gambling with her heart here – she knew. But she couldn't – no she wouldn't stop, because life was about taking chances and succumbing to will, and embracing freedom. Did she not deserve any of those things? And suddenly a memory crossed her addled mind, and she settled on it, sighing contentedly as the brunette beneath her stroked the warm skin of her back. It was something about Dr. Seuss, a memory of her and her sister in far less complicated times. Her baby had yet to be born and in an uncharacteristic show of compassion Frannie had sent her a card. Inside it held a single dried white lily beneath the words:

"When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams. – Dr. Seuss"

I've never told you how much I really do love you Quinn. And this is much to late for any type of rehabilitation of our sisterly bond. But know, that I'll always love you. I can't wait to be an auntie!"


At the time Quinn had burst into tears because however distant her and her sister were, she realized that at least one person cared. And while she didn't have the heart to tell her sister then that she wouldn't be keeping Beth – the thought was the real prize. And now, as she lay atop Rachel Berry those famous words flowed on a continuous stream through her brain as she kissed first Rachel's collarbone, and then her earlobe, and finally after darting her tongue into the brunette's ear she whispered there – sealing her heart's fate.

"Am I dreaming? Because how could I ever deserve someone like you?"

Rachel simply fell further. And then she was pulling Quinn's tank top over her head slowly – wary of the blonde's still tender ribs and her cast. She watched Quinn shiver before her before re-attaching her arms around blonde's firm (smokinghot) middle. And in a moment Quinn was reaching for the hem of her shirt, trailing it over Rachel's head in return. And for a second, they just stared at one another, both bare from the neck down aside from their bras and sleep bottoms – their eyes connecting through the morning haze.

"Your cast is scratching me."

Quinn whispered. And Rachel smiled, laughing as she brought their bodies closer together, shivering as their covered breasts connected for the first time.

"So is yours."

And then they were both laughing as Rachel turned them over slowly – and carefully. Mindful of the blonde's still healing leg It was supposed to be elevated – but all thoughts of sense had floated out of the window. And now one of her hands rested across Quinn's thigh as she leant in to continue their ravishing.

Quinn grimaced – she had forgotten about her injuries – albeit how conspicuous they were, Rachel was a good distraction. But now that they had switched positions so many times, she couldn't befall the slight throbbing in her thigh, and before Rachel could fully continue their musings, she sighed and smiled before disconnecting their lips.

"What is it? You want to stop, I thought you liked kissing?"

Insecurity on Rachel Berry was unwelcome – because the brunette had no need for it whatsoever, she was perfect. And so Quinn smiled again and pecked the diva's nose once before shaking her head.

"You're delicious."

"Oh – in that case. Why did we have to stop?"

The pout was back – and goddamn it, how was Rachel Berry this insufferably adorable all the time?

"Because firstly my leg is killing me. And secondly… I don't want us to get ahead of ourselves."

Rachel had jumped back off of Quinn in a hurry – her face one of sad panic as her eyes widened, unwelcome to the idea that she could have caused the blonde further pain. Quinn quickly re-assured her by kissing her softly on the lips and curling her arms back around her.

"You didn't do anything – I just need to take my meds. I'm due."

The brunette nodded warily before she furrowed her eyebrows, the second part of Quinn's earlier answer most likely swirling in her head.

"Ahead of ourselves? I apologize but I don't quite understand your reasoning behind said statement. Explain."

Ever to the point Quinn thought as she gave Rachel a small nervous smile in return. Quinn was excellent at portraying things in a way that were protective to her true emotions or intentions. She was manipulative in the fact that she could riddle you with truths, but not once would you be privy to her true motives or emotions. She had to learn to side-step that personality trait of hers, and so with tense shoulders she closed her eyes, and let out with it.

"I…I really like you Rachel. In fact, It could possibly be even more than that. You mean a lot to me, and I never want to see you hurt ever again, nor do I want to be the one to do it. And while I love kissing you and rolling around with you every minute of every day…I don't want to fall into a gray area with you, where you believe that the physical aspects of our relationship are all that matter to me. I want to wait with you. I want to be there with you for everything – and I don't want to completely override all of the possibilities of that by doing something in the heat of the moment. I want all of you – but I need your heart first."

"Quinn…you've always had it."

There were warm tears in Rachel's eyes, but a large beaming smile gracing her face. Quinn exhaled and smiled back - and as Rachel nodded excitedly in her arms she couldn't help the smirk that crept up onto her bright face.

"Does this mean we're…"

"Quinn Fabray, who else would it be? would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"

Rachel never got an answer, she simply swooned as a sweeping tirade of kisses came sailing down from the bright golden, porcelain body above her – giggling all the while, as kiss after kiss after kiss came crashing down over ever-welcoming tan skin.