It had been several thousand years since they first crash landed on the blue planet that was later named Earth and in that time they had seen much of evolution. The evolution of the planet, it's animals, and then the creation and evolution of man.

The world didn't hold much promise at first-not to them anyways.

They were highly intelligent beings and trying to hold conversations with semi evolved apes was, well for lack of a better word; frustrating. But time passed and the world changed. Time and time again.

Plants died. Animals became extinct. Yet the apes managed to survive.

Thousands of years passed, and the apes evolved into intelligent beings later dubbed 'humans'. And though they were young to the universe and it's creation, they did not let that stop them from learning, discovering, and building vast civilasations, military bases, defensive weapons and weapons of mass destruction.

Time passed and they were all but forgotten to the apes.

Forgotten, but not gone.


Optimus Prime sat in a chair outside of the cozy little road side cafe with a book of Robert Frost poems in one hand and a small cup of steaming herbal apple and cinnamon tea on the table next to his left hand. His semi long jet black hair hung loosely over his leather clad broad shoulders, his eerie neon/sapphire colored eyes scanning the words on the pages of his book while he subconsciously monitered the people around him.

His sharp ears picking up little snippets of conversation while at the same time pointedly trying to ignore everything without seeming rude.

It had been a little over fifty years since the last time he and his brothers had left the safety and seclusion of their alien ship to mingle with the humans again, and he still couldn't get over how much things had changed.

The scenery was different. The buildings were different. The fashion was different. The music was different. Even the way people conducted themselves around others was different!

There was so many things that were different now that he had developed a nice migraine somewhere behind his optics before he had decided to sit down. But at least before he had gotten his migraine, he had done part of what he had set out to do.

He had secured a loft apartment, food, and had furnished the apartment to suit his tastes since he would be living among the humans for the next twenty years or so before he had to disappear and go back to the ship again.

He sat there for another twenty minutes or so before sighing and flipping his book closed. He was putting off leaving the cafe because he had to go back to the ship and grab some of his personal effects before calling it a day.

He stood up and pulled out his wallet and put several dollars on the table, under his tea cup and quietly left the cafe wondering if he was ever going to manage to finish the book of poems that he'd been reading for over ten years now. It was frustrating to start something and not be able to finish it.


Somewhere outside the city-

The mountains were a lovely and majestic sight to behold from over three hundred and seventy feet over the valley of trees and streams and wild life.

She jammed another hook in a crack in the face of the rock she was busy climbing and felt the earth shift almost as if there was an earthquake. The shift and vibrations were subtle at first. Pausing from time to time and causing her to frown as she pressed her face against the hard rock with a muttered oath and use her arms to protect her head from the falling pebbles and earth that rained down on her head for a moment or so the air cleared and she felt it was safe enough to lift her head and look around.

She didn't understand why the mountain kept shaking like that.

The mounatin didn't rest over a fault line. Nor were there was no real signs of an earthquake having taken place anywhere in the world that would cause tremors so far across the country. And to her knowledge she wasn't trying to scale a frigging dormant volcano.

She looked around the side of the mountain for a moment-the sneaky suspicion that another tremor was about to take place forcing her to quickly secure the hook and clip her rope to it so that if she fell she wouldn't have to worry about falling far.

She sighed and started climbing again, determined to get to the nearest safe ledge before the next tremor started and heard an audible snapping sound a second before her whole body jerked and she found herself falling.