"W-Why am I hearing voices in my head?" Saya asked weakly as her legs started to give out on her. If not for Optimus's firm grip on her, she might have fallen and hit her head or something. But he did have a firm grip on her, and he used that grip to haul her up so that he could slip an arm around her smaller body and pick her up as she started to hyperventilate.

He placed one hand against the middle of her back and absently rubbed in an effort to try and calm her without words. He knew that he needed to explain things to her about who he really was and what had really happened to her.

To drive home that what had happened back at his ship hadn't been just a dream.

The only problem that he had with telling her these things was that as open minded and curious as she appeared to be- he wasn't sure she could handle the truth. He started walking, not knowing what else to do other than move on. He needed to get Saya to his other temporary home and get her settled in and get to know him a bit better before he told her anything.

He knew that it was a little bit on the cruel side to let her continue thinking that she was crazy- But he felt that once she knew him better and was a bit more relaxed it would help her understand better. Until then he's have to limit his thoughts so that she couldn't hear them.

He got one block, and Saya started crying.

Her mind spinning from everything that had happened today. He kept picking up the words, Too fast! Too much! And wondered if perhaps some part of her truly felt that everything had happened too fast. The obvious destruction of one of his favorite homes would point to yes.

And yeah he could have gone about intergrating himself into her life in a different way. He could have even tried courting her. But well, the last time he'd done that had been over seven hundred years ago, and the female in question had turned out to not be worth the effort since she had mated with four or five other males behind his back.

Still... the point was that he could have done things different and given her time to get to know him first before spiriting her off to his place.

He paused at the end of the fourth block and rubbed Saya's back in what he hoped was a soothing manner as she hiccupped against his shoulder and took several shuddering breaths, then turned left and started walking again. He was almost to his other home.

It was old, but well maintained. Not only that but he had spare money, credit cards and so on in the house safe that he could use to get food and clothing for himself and his little fire bug.

As soon as he reached his destination, Optimus picked the electronic lock on the gate that went with the high iron fence around the yard surrounding the two story victorian mansion. The second the light on the lock turned green, Optimus pushed the gate open and stepped through it and used one foot to kick it closed once he was sure that Saya's head wouldn't get hit by the metal.

Once the gate clicked closed he walked up the imported stone walk way to the front porch and set Saya down only long enough to find the key he'd hidden the last time he had been here before straightened his spine and looking down at Saya.

She had been eerily silent for the past few minutes and now that he really thought about it he should have felt more concerned than he already was. Yet he'd been so distracted by his former home burning down and getting them to a safe location that he had blocked out everything else.

Well he felt them now. The fear, worry, thinking that she had gone crazy- All of the unbearable things that she didn't dare speak out loud but secretly feared the most. These things were in the forefront of his mind just like they were now in the forefront of hers.

How does one comfort another when they think they are mad? Optimus wondered as he reached down and absently brushed his finger tips over her hair to smooth down some of the silken strands. He had no idea how to comfort her and speaking to her telepathically could do more harm than good.

So for the moment he needed to get her inside and find her someplace to lay down while he got his spare credit cards and went and got her what she would need. But he douln't just leave her as she was.

Humans were difficult, even when resting. So he would have to call Jazz or someone to come and stay with her while he ran his errands.