The New Amy Rose

By Pingerzuprulez

It started out as any other day for Amy. She was on her way to Tails' house.

(flashback: "Hey Amy?" "Hi Tails! What's up?" "well," Tails started to turn red, which made Amy blush as well. "Yes Tails?" Amy said in a soft voice. Tails blushed even more. "Amy? I have to tell you something to tell you, but I don't know how to put it..." "Tails, you can tell me anything. You've got to believe that!" Tails took in a deep breath and started to tell Amy his feelings for her. "OH AMY!I CAN'T HOLD IN THESE FEELINGS! I HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU AMY! I'M IN LOVE

WITH YOU!I KNOW YOU LIKE SONIC BUT I JUST CAN'T HOLD THEM IN!I'M SO SORRY AMY BUT I LOVE YOU!" Tails ran away from Amy, leaving her shocked as ever! End of Flashback)

But before she could even knock on the door, she heard an explosion, then Rouge's scream. "Amy! you have to come! quick!" So Amy followed Rouge into the downtown museum. "There! Dr. Eggman has some of the paintings!...and Sonic and Tails!" "Tails! Oh no!" So she ran up towards Eggman, But Rouge stopped her. "Wait Amy! How about this, I will distract Eggman while you save sonic and Tails, Okay?" Amy nodded. Rouge ran up to steal a chaos Emerald and Eggman saw her. "Robot, get her!" So the giant robot followed her into the woods while Dr. Eggman followed them. Then Sonic and Tails saw Amy. "Amy! What are you and Rouge doing?" "We have to hurry!" So she broke the cages lock and they broke free. "C'mon Tails, we have to help Rouge! Are you coming Amy?" "No, I'm good..." Sonic shrugged and ran off "Are you okay Amy?" 'He DOES care!' Amy just smiled. Tails smiled back. "Go on ahead Tails, I'll be there in a minute." Tails nodded and ran off. " "Well Amy, you've done good." Amy spun around to see Dr. Eggman right in front of her. "Eggman! What do you want?" "Do you want to attract Tails' attention? Because IcanHelp." "How? What's the catch?" "No catch! I needed to try my permanent beauty ray anyway!" So he pointed it at her. "Wait! I'm not sure if I wan-AHHH!" Only Rouge heard this. "I'll be back in a minute!" She flew off. When she saw Eggman shooting at Amy she almost fainted. "Amy! Nooo!" Eggman stopped and said "Farewell Amy! Enjoy your new look! Hahaha!" He disappeared. Rouge immediately ran over to her and she looked different. "Amy! Is that YOU? You look like a fox with two tails!" She Helped Amy up and she felt different. "I have WHAT?" "Two tails! Look!" She looked and saw she did. "This calls for a makeover!" "Rouge! You don't have to..." "Amy! Trust me! Okay?" Amy nodded. Rouge got out her cell phone and started to call Sonic! "C'mon! Please pick up." "Hello?" "Sonic? It's me! Rouge! I need you and Tails to meet me and Amy at the mall for lunch!" "Okay, why?" "because something happened to Amy..." "What happened? I'm putting you on speaker phone!" "Well, Eggman shot her with some kind of ray gun and She looks TOTALLY different!" "How different?" "Eggman better have NOT have hurt my Amy!" Tails said. It shocked Rouge so much that she stopped running. "What's wrong Rouge?" "I'll tell you later Amy. Sonic? Is that okay?" "Okay. See ya then." They hung up. "Tails, what did you mean by your Amy?" Sonic lifted an eyebrow. "Okay sonic, I'll admit it..." Back with Rouge and Amy, They were in the mall and every boy in the mall wolf-whistled at Amy. "Amy, I'm going to change your name to Fiona Fox. What do you think?" "I love that name!" "Okay! Done! Your new name is Fiona Fox!" At the store, Amy tried on an orange Dixie shirt and a VERY mini skirt that was orange also. "How much for this outfit?" "For the lady, free." Fiona was so happy with this look. 'It has to impress Tails. It just has to!' Fiona thought to herself. "Thank you very much!" "No problem pretty lady." Fiona blushed at this comment. "C'mon Fiona! Tails and Sonic are waiting!" Oh, right! thank you again!" they ran out of the store and everybody started to follow them. Rouge saw this. "SORRY EVERY ONE, BUT SHE'S TAKEN!" Everyone sighed. Back at the food court, "Really Tails? You actually said that?" "Yeah...sorry Sonic..." "that's okay bud!" Then they saw Rouge. "Hey Rouge! Where's Amy? " "Well, from now on, can you call her Fiona Fox?" "Why?" "C'mon out Fiona Fox!" Sonic and tails were shocked! Sonic wolf - whistled while Tails' mouth hanged open. "She has two tails! Wow tails! You must really like her now!" Fiona walked over to tails and shut his mouth. "You're gonna catch flies with your mouth open like that." "hehe...sorry..." Tails blushed "No problem Tails. By the way, I want to talk to you for a minute, okay?" Tails looked at Sonic. "Go ahead bud!" "Okay." Fiona and Tails walked outside to talk. "What's up Am-I mean Fiona?" "Well, did you really mean what you said the other day Because I wanted to correct one thing...I don't like Sonic anymore." "R-r-really?" "Yes Tails. If you still love me, then my heart is yours, because, I love you too." Tails smiled widely, then looked down. Fiona lifted his chin up and kissed him on the lips softly. Tails kissed her back softly. Back in the food court, Sonic was ordering a chili cheese dog. Rouge was outside, invisible. Espio, her boyfriend, taught her how to become invisible so she could spy on Eggman, but this was important too. 'too good!' Rouge thought to herself.